Incubator Cinderella will save bird brood in any conditions!

The electric hen solved a difficult problem - how to remove the birds if the eggs are collected, and there is nobody to hatch them. Incubator Cinderella is an inexpensive thermostat developed at the Olsa-Service enterprise in Novosibirsk. The device takes into account the rural reality, and is able to work on 220 V mains, with automatic switching to a 12 V battery or receiving heat from hot water.

Incubator device

The incubator consists of the following nodes:

  • Heating elements in the form of metal plates in the amount of 1-3 pcs.;
  • water baths - plastic jars, metal bottom with elements for attaching a heater;
  • turning device;
  • electronic thermometer;
  • egg grids - 6 pcs.;
  • water tanks with tubules.

The equipment of an incubator for domestic Cinderella is arranged in a foam housing with special thermostatic impregnation. The heating unit is installed in the lid, occupies a large area. The dimensions of the device depend on the number of eggs in the tab. Models are designed for 28, 48, 70 and 98 pieces. Grates for quail and duck eggs are included in the kit.

The correct moisture regime influences hatching. It changes as the embryo develops. Lack of water can stick chicken to the shell.

A large area of ​​heating elements in the Cinderella incubator provides uniform heating of each corner of the brood chamber:

  1. There is an accurate temperature control from 31 to 43 C, with an error of 0.2.
  2. Rolling embryos 10 times a day at 180 degrees.
  3. Power consumption is 75 watts. Power from the network, when disconnected, a transition to a car battery is provided. When the battery is discharged, you can maintain the mode for another 10 hours, periodically pouring hot water into the container.
  4. Measurement and maintenance of humidity occurs automatically.

Functionality and adherence to the incubation of eggs in natural conditions allows for a yield of 90-95%, even in the absence of experience.

Incubators The manufacturer manufactures Cinderella in several versions:

  • no turning mechanism, manual turning every 4 hours;
  • mechanical egg flipping, it is required to control the rotation, correct the position of the handle;
  • automatic lattice flipping.
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The more complex and larger the device, the more expensive it is. Small devices are simple. Automatic coup has an incubator Cinderella on 70 eggs. From household models, it can keep the temperature for almost half a day in hot water.

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With all the positive options, the Cinderella incubator needs to be improved. The body of thick foam requires careful handling - the material is short-lived. Porous surface, heat and humidity - comfortable conditions for the reproduction of microbes. If you do not comply with hygienic conditions, mold will appear inside. A cavity infected with microbes will become a source of brood infection.

Thermostat for an incubator Cinderella sometimes fails, and the egg roll should be controlled. But the low cost of the thermostat and the ability to keep the mode even after a long shutdown of the mains supply compensates for the shortcomings.

Terms of Use for an

Incubator Before you start laying eggs, you need to prepare a thermostat for operation. For each incubator Cinderella attached instruction. It is necessary to check the package, using the list.

The brood material is placed in a heated incubator, assembled according to the manual.

Incubator is stirred in a quiet place. The development of the embryo may stop from a loud, sharp sound, from shaking the box. The temperature sensor must be installed vertically, at the level of the upper line of eggs.

The turning device turns on when the operating temperature in the chamber is reached. Fledged eggs should be labeled to control even flipping. Observation is carried out through a viewing window. There is a vent in the case. You can open the cover for manipulations for no more than 5 minutes.

A fully charged car battery should be nearby. Connection is made with special clips. The absence of voltage in the network notifies the beep and flashing indicator.

At the end of incubation, the temperature and humidity regimes change. The metal grid is removed from the top and the device for the coup is turned off. Chickens peck in silence, you hear a squeak. From a naklev to a full exit can pass about a day. After that, the chicks are allowed to dry and transferred to a brooder.

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The instructions for the incubator Cinderella does not give information about changes in temperature, humidity, need for airing through the weeks of embryo development. For different birds, the mode and timing of hatching differ. Compliance with the requirements of incubation determines the percentage yield.

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