7 best Philips irons according to customers

  • What is the rating based on?
  • Philips GC 3320
  • Philips GC 9222
  • Philips GC 4410
  • Philips GC 2965
  • Philips GC 4510
  • Philips GC 4926
  • Philips GC 8620
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Choosing the technique using a GD 8620The extent to which conscientious and efficient equipment in our house depends to a certain extent on our daily activities. For example, the constant preparation of clothes for work, school, etc. Of course, ironing is an integral part. Sometimes this process can turn into a real fiasco if, for example, an iron performs its function in bad faith.

Therefore, most people with practice are no longer scattered on dubious firms and their products, but choose only the technique that they trust. Sometimes it happens that a number of household appliances for the home is chosen fundamentally by only one particular firm.

Actually, Philips, which has long conquered the market, belongs to this. It is one of the best manufacturers of small household appliances and electronics. In particular, it represents excellent quality irons, which we will talk about today.

What is the rating based on?

Frankly speaking, the choice of iron is really not a simple matter. This is a device on which the proper condition of our clothes will depend. Apparently, everyone has repeatedly come up against the fact that the iron is simply not adapted to one or another fabric, which is why it almost spoils the clothes by clinging the plate to the fabric, burning it, and the like. Sometimes a cheap iron model is purchased at a price, does not at all justify the cost and value of damaged items.

Of course, no technique is perfect. However, one should pay attention to its main characteristics. This article provides a ranking of the best Philips irons, compiled on the basis of feedback from the consumers themselves and expert opinion.

Philips GC 3320

On Olympus, according to numerous positive consumer reviews - Philips GC 3320. It looks compact and simple. It is noted for excellent quality and reliability. In addition, the functions incorporated in it are encouraging.

This iron has a long lifespan. In continuous operation, it serves up to 5 years without any special comments. Effective heating of the sole to the maximum temperature, which is easy to handle even with starched linen. The steaming function works perfectly and allows you to stroke sensitive fabrics without iron marks. The quality of the work is explained by the corresponding perfect technical assembly.

Key Features:

  • The ideal SteamGlide sole plate.
  • The power output is 2.3 kWh.
  • Perfect steam - 100 g / min.
  • Used for ironing things with steam even in an upright position.
  • Anti-scale System.
  • Auto cleaning function works well.
  • Does not cause water droplets during steaming, anti-drop function is embedded.

True, there are lonely negative reviews, and this concerns the following:

  • The possibility of burning cases on the sole.
  • Imperfect auto-off feature. Only when the iron is in a vertical position, then the shutdown is triggered.
  • Large consumption of water, though - this is more like an exaggeration.

For most, these cons are little things that do not make the weather a choice.

Philips GC 9222

Wonderful steam iron, which in this case is quite powerful and along with its fundamental function. Through a powerful steam ironing system, the iron has increased dimensions, that is, not the iron itself, but a complete set in the form of a steam regenerator. Such an attribute is a real helper in the house, because steam is a very auxiliary and effective function for various purposes. In addition to ironing, steam often disinfect things and smooth complex bends.

Key Features:

  • Power 2.4 kWh.
  • Ceramic SteamGlide Base.
  • Suction hose with a length of 170 cm, sufficient for comfortable stripping.
  • Steam power 5.5 bar.
  • Steam supply 120 g / min;steam blow 300 g / min.
  • Ideal for vertical steaming.
  • Anti-scale function.
  • The water tank is very roomy - 1500 ml.

This model of iron has long been on the market and has good reviews, in particular: perfect ironing and more than one year of service( up to 5 years).With such an iron things will be beautiful and neat always. In addition, the system itself regulates the temperature, depending on the need automatically increases or decreases.

Among the inconveniences noted:

  • Poorly copes with cotton things.
  • The need to press the button for steam every time.
  • Large size.
  • high price.

Philips GC 4410

This model has established itself as a good device for use for its main purpose. The iron is not a powerful steamer, although this function is provided and is sufficient for everyday simple steam. The model is distinguished by its ability to penetrate into hard-to-reach places: small folds, under a button, and the like. By weight, the model is quite heavy, so it guarantees effective ironing. Although it slips easily, maneuvering is surprisingly easy.

Key Features:

  • SteamGlide outsole type.
  • Powerful 2.4 kWh.
  • Uninterrupted steam supply 40 g / min;steam blow 130g / min.
  • Equipped with self-cleaning function.
  • Anti-drip system - eliminates the appearance of drips.

Among the shortcomings, according to

  • reviews Magnet things( stick to the sole).
  • Can not see how much water in the tank.
  • High price for simple functionality.

Philips GC 2965

The modern model of iron, with a rather stylish design. The functionality is simple, and does not differ much from the previous models. However, it is characterized as a fairly high-quality device, and copes very well with its main purpose. Effectively iron the most folding bends of various fabrics. It copes well even with very dry laundry.

Main features:

  • Moderate power 2.2 kWh.
  • Modern plate type SteamGlide.
  • A moderate steam output of 35 g / min, with a steam boost of 110 g / min.
  • Enables self-cleaning and anti-scaling.

Iron is easy to operate. Characterized by a perfect assembly of quality materials. Special attention deserves auto shut-off not only in a vertical position, but also in a horizontal form. This security measure is very relevant for forgetful persons.

Among the minuses:

  • A thoughtlessly short cord. But this is easily solved with an extension cord.

Philips GC 4510

Iron, which has a simple but effective functionality. In addition, it has a very modern design. Very easy to operate, because it is noted for light weight and maneuverability.

Key Features:

  • Improved SteamGlide Plus plate.
  • High-quality assembly and accessories.
  • Steam flow 45 g / min;powerful steam blow 170 g / min.
  • 300 ml water tank.

This iron is an ideal quality for a reasonable price. Without additional privileges and special additional functions - a simple reliable iron.

Philips GC 4926

A trendy model of an inexpensive iron. Absolutely acceptable option for daily and effective use. Includes standard features and some enhanced features.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 3.0 kWh.
  • Sole type T-ionic Glide.
  • Sprinkler and steam.
  • Technology Optimal Temp.
  • Self-cleaning function.
  • Anti-drip system.
  • Auto Shutdown.

This iron is considered quite safe and reliable during use. Technology Optimal Temp controls the level of temperature, and will not allow to burn clothes. The type of sole makes it easy to stroke things that require great effort in the process. High-quality functionality for a reasonable price.

Philips GC 8620

Concludes Philips top-best irons expensive, but very thoughtful model of iron with a steam generator Philips GC 8620. An iron that is easy to operate, slides easily and provides high quality ironing. Such an iron has a high price, because along with the main function there is a steam function, which is quite powerful.


  • Average powerful power 2.4 kWh.
  • Sole type SteamGlide.
  • Uninterrupted steam supply of 120 g / min, and with a steam boost of 180 g / min.
  • Efficient vertical stripping;
  • Not leaking( anti-drip system).
  • Self Cleaned.

It slides easily during ironing, so it is quite easy to maneuver. Does not require temperature control, the system itself selects the desired temperature. This allows you to keep things in proper condition. This model has a lot of advantages. However, not without drawbacks:

  • Poorly copes with cotton, through the temperature control system.
  • Sometimes a steam supply problem occurs. Therefore, you should press the steam supply button a couple of times and hold it for a few seconds, so to speak, to pump water into the hose.

Despite the fact that it can be noted that the model is in demand and famous for its good reviews, even with its high price.

Let us sum up the results of

Having reviewed the selected models of Philips, it can be noted that all, without exception, are marked by good performance. High-quality and sufficient functionality is present absolutely in every model. Depending on the needs, specific species are characterized by certain features: temperature control system, high-quality steaming, and the like. And also depending on the technology and their price.

Depending on your needs, you can buy a more expensive model with a powerful steam generator, or a simple high-quality iron for a low price. In any case, the company is famous for its high-quality equipment, regardless of the features of its functionality.

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