15 best overlock for home

  • The best low-priced overlock
  • The best universal models
  • 5 best semi-professional models

You like to sew, and this occupation brings you a good extra income? Or are you just happy with new clothes of all family members? Then you just can not do without high-quality auxiliary equipment. To make the work even faster, and the products come out beautiful and neat in addition to the traditional sewing machine, you need to purchase a good, high-quality overlock.

We have prepared for you a rating of the best overlock for your home or a small home studio. Among the presented models, you can choose the equipment for every taste and financial capabilities. The rating was based on feedback from experienced users and sewing specialists. Carefully read our review, and you can easily buy exactly what you need.

Best Cheap Overdlock

Brother M-1334D

Opens the TOP-best overlock for home use really inexpensive and fairly easy to manage model. There is all the necessary set of operations, but at the same time - nothing superfluous. Despite the democratic cost, the overlock is able to play the role-based seam, it is completely undemanding to the quality of the threads. This model will be an excellent "training base" for those who previously used only the traditional sewing machine.

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  • convenient and incredibly simple refueling system;
  • differential feed;
  • the ability to obmuyat edge with the option "free sleeve";
  • high stability( does not "jump" on the table);
  • foot mode adjustable;
  • in a complete set the removable hose platform is provided;
  • is “omnivorous” about threads;
  • performs 8 different operations;
  • copes well with knitted fabric;
  • powerful.


  • is not equipped with a garbage can.

Janome MyLock 205D

Excellent sewing equipment from the company "Jan" - one of the leaders of our review. Overlock performs 4 operations, works with 3 and 4 threads. Edge processing speed - 1.3 thousand stitches / minute. The width of the trimmed material can be smoothly adjusted. If desired, the knife can be turned off altogether.


  • simplicity of the control system;
  • wide functionality;
  • good quality seams;
  • works easily with different types of fabrics;
  • small size;
  • ease of learning;
  • reliability;
  • workspace lighting;
  • affordable price.


  • quite noisy.

Juki MO-654

A good overlock with excellent factory settings. If you do not sew too often and do not want to suffer with reconfiguring the device "for yourself" - this option is the best possible way. The manufacturer initially envisaged everything so that a beginner seamstress can immediately get a near-perfect seam “like from a shop”.This inexpensive overlock is completely undemanding, neither to the quality of threads, nor to the thickness of fabrics.

Positive aspects:

  • ease of refueling;
  • "omnivorous", the absence of critical requirements for the material and thread;
  • good speed;
  • copes with a variety of tissues;
  • lower looper “charges” automatically;
  • "gives out" a beautiful and thin seam;
  • has a handle for easy carrying;
  • great price.


  • for beginning masters of the manual instruction may look incomprehensible;
  • does not provide a case;
  • waste bin is missing.

Comfort 150

One of the most reliable models among household sewing equipment. It has quite traditional characteristics and a lot of positive reviews of masters. Overlock carries out a role seam( 4 - 3 threads), the height of the foot raising - 7 mm, the stitch length - up to 5 mm. The tension of the thread may be controlled manually if desired, and the fabric supplied differentially.


  • interesting design;
  • detailed and clear instructions;
  • neat beautiful seam;
  • good functionality;
  • convenient and easy to refuel;
  • tissue clamp adjustable;
  • differential feed;
  • factory settings are provided;
  • is not noisy;
  • good price.


  • no looper gas station;
  • not very good lighting.

Aurora 600D

The review of low-cost models is completed with a fairly powerful overlock. The seams made on this unit look quite professional. So if you are going to open a mini-atelier and do not have the means to buy expensive equipment, this is what you need.

Performs neat shading, 3-thread role-playing, effective bending on almost any material. Stroke length up to 4 mm, width - 7 mm, clamping and cutting of the matter is adjustable.

Positive points:

  • ease of use;
  • differential feed;
  • customizable presser foot;
  • obmetochny edge width is continuously adjustable;
  • looper gas station;
  • wide range of operations;
  • hose platform available;
  • bright lights;
  • "omnivorous" material;
  • chain stitch;
  • quiet operation;
  • storage case;
  • great price.


  • awkward design of the front cover of the looper, requires frequent cleaning;
  • at high speeds can “dance” on the table surface;
  • there is no container for garbage.

Best Universal Models

Pfaff HobbyLock 2.0

An excellent universal overlock for frequent home use. The unit can perform up to 13 stitches. There is a LED-desktop lighting, the flow of matter is differential. Overlock has adjustable presser and foot lift and removable hose platform. Suture edges two and four filar. Work speed up to 1300 stitches / min. The tension of the threads is adjustable, there is a stabilizer of the puncture force.


  • wide equipment;
  • neat straight line;
  • build quality;
  • is quite quiet;
  • has very detailed and clear instructions;
  • easy threading;
  • good value.


  • insufficiently strong spring;
  • engine requires careful handling.

Brother 555D

A robust and quality overlock from Brazer. The model is quite professional, and its parameters are appropriate: getting three and four thread seams, the speed of work is 1,500 stitches per minute. Overlock able to do the role of seam with bending, there is a simulation of flat stitching. The thread tension control is provided manually, the fabric clamp is adjustable. Interestingly, the overlock function is provided to disable the knife. For ease of use, the kit includes a bag with a variety of accessories.


  • management and configuration do not require special skills;
  • comes with a disc with training materials;
  • color coded;
  • is “omnivorous” in fabrics;
  • compact size;
  • attractive design;
  • good power;
  • is very quiet;
  • affordable price.


  • very sensitive pedal;
  • happens that the needles break.

Elna 664PRO

Incredibly popular overlock. This model is used even by experts of the Burda Academy. Safe, convenient, very reliable device with quite wide functionality. Enough undemanding to the quality and type of thread. Able to perform role seams, processing knitwear and thin materials, decorative flat seams. For beginners on the front panel there is a scoreboard with current tips on the correct setting of the seams.

Main advantages:

  • performs 12 operations;
  • small size;
  • excellent speed;
  • differential feed;
  • has a bulletin board with tips;
  • easy to clean and refuel;
  • converter for 2-thread use;
  • flatlock and role seams;
  • is undemanding on the quality of threads;
  • security system is provided( will not work with the lid open).


Judging by the feedback from users, there are no significant shortcomings.

Brother 1034 D / 929 D

Popular model from the Japanese manufacturer. Overlok carries out the 2nd and 3-thread seam, differs in high reliability and productivity. Using the device, you can handle any type of matter. It performs well flat and role seams, great for delicate fabrics.

For convenience of operation, a convenient handle is provided by which the overlock can be transported to the right place. There is a detachable hose platform, a pre-installed trash bin( scraps) and a protective cover made of soft material.


  • high-quality assembly;
  • wide functionality;
  • stylish design;
  • tray for the received scraps;
  • good speed;
  • simple threading;
  • 8 types of operations;
  • attractive price.


  • works quite noisy;
  • instruction is poorly readable.

Singer 14HD – 854

This device from a reputable manufacturer performs 2-, 3-, 4-thread stitches. For ease of use, an automatic tumbler of the role seam is provided. There is a controller presser presser foot and the size of the stitch. There is a manual needle threader, and the knife can be easily turned off if desired. The overlock case is all-metal, while the left side is removed. This allows you to form a comfortable hose platform.


  • wide functionality( 10 modes);
  • speed of 1,300 stitches / min;
  • differential matter conveyor;
  • foot two-stage, 4 and 7 mm;
  • standard sizes of a stitch on 5 mm;
  • there is a hose platform;
  • work area highlighted;
  • legs-suckers do not allow the device to "jump" on the table;
  • stitch quality is excellent;
  • has a special handle for transportation;
  • has a built-in dustbin;
  • two color solutions;
  • has an automatic thread trimmer;
  • attractive price for its class of units.


  • threading system is quite complicated;
  • garbage collection is organized inconveniently.

5 best semi-professional models

Bernina 1300MDC

Qualitative model for home use or work in a small studio. The design provides a modern electronic control. Despite the fact that the manufacturer has provided excellent factory settings, the device can also remember the specified user modes. This allows you to work with overlock as a professional seamstress, and novice users. In order not to get confused, you can control the process in the information display.

The power of the unit is quite small, but the user functionality is amazing.


  • 24 built-in operations;
  • speed up to 1 500 stitches / min;
  • 2–5 filament operating range;
  • stabilizer to control the puncture force;
  • copes with fabrics of almost any thickness;
  • looper gas station;
  • chain and flat stitch, role seam;
  • waste bin included;
  • stitch width varies in the range up to 10 mm;
  • is a device for cutting threads.


  • missing refueling threads;
  • stitch length up to 4 mm;
  • is expensive.

Bernina 880DL 4.5

Powerful and high-quality overlock with automatic refueling. The excellent decision for a small home workshop or mini-studio. The device works with almost all types of fabrics and can perform many sewing operations.


  • excellent power;
  • foot lift high;
  • material cutting width adjustable;
  • auto looping loop mode;
  • 2-, 3-, 4-thread suture;
  • performing a role edge;
  • differential feed;
  • is quite quiet.

Negative moments:

  • is not provided with a garbage container.

Leader VS 340d

A small semi-industrial overlock with excellent performance. For high-quality processing of the edge of the product offers 7 different types of seams, among which there are roller and hidden stitches. For convenient material feed, a differential conveyor is provided; there is a presser foot adjuster. Despite the high performance and level of work, the overlock is very easy to refuel and will not cause much trouble even to inexperienced seamstresses.

A distinctive feature of the model is a removable hose platform, which allows high-quality processing of narrow cylindrical items of clothing. With the help of this overlock, thick, dense fabrics can be processed. For this purpose, reinforced rake material promotion and puncture stabilizer. The internal frame of the model is made of metal, which guarantees long and reliable operation of the device.

Positive aspects:

  • 7 types of stitches;
  • 3 and 4 thread seams;
  • convenient migration system;
  • simple system of "charging" the lower looper;
  • marked refueling of all threads;
  • clear thread tension setting;
  • foot pressure regulator and its double lift;
  • differential tissue movement;
  • sleeve platform is removed;
  • steel inner frame;
  • rapid replacement of the foot, if necessary;
  • convenient setting of seam parameters;
  • knife cutoff optional;
  • desktop lighting;
  • "omnivorous" in fabrics;
  • waste bin included;
  • has a convenient organizer for accessories;
  • pedal speed control;
  • is very quiet;
  • case for convenient and safe storage.


  • for incandescent bulbs used for lighting;
  • is missing the thread trimming system and the threader.

Juki MO-6700 D

An excellent overlock for delicate fabrics and medium density fabrics - 3-thread machine. The model has an improved design of the upper looper and threader, which absolutely do not need additional lubrication. There are 4 different modes of stitch width and adjustment of its length.


  • performance of 7,000 stitches per minute;
  • differential material feed;
  • stitch width from 1.6 to 4.8 mm, length - from 0.8 to 4 mm;
  • application of the dry head technology;
  • stable line;
  • excellent sewing speed.

Negative points:

  • impressive weight;
  • installation requires a separate table;
  • initial settings are quite complex.

Janome MyLock 210d

One of the latest developments from the company "Jan" - an excellent unit with a professional approach to work. The unit is able to withstand significant loads. For this purpose, a steel frame and reinforced metal strip of fabric movement are provided. In the model, there is a differential fabric feed mechanism and a powerful engine, which ensures operation at a speed of 1,500 stitches / minute.


  • 8 modes of operation( sewing programs);
  • convenient threading organization;
  • can be used for different types of fabrics;
  • smooth stitch adjustment;
  • knife cutoff optional;
  • convenient switch for roller stitches;
  • electrical lighting of the working area by means of an economical LED-lamp;
  • strong steel frame( internal);
  • reinforced rail and looper mechanism;
  • puncture enhancement function;
  • convenient system for cleaning and lubricating the device;
  • quiet and smooth operation.


  • does not provide an oil can;
  • should adapt to the correct thread tension;
  • is not very convenient to clean the inside of the "filar" dust.

Choosing the right overlock is half the battle. We hope our TOP-15 popular models of 2017–2018 will help you make the right choice.

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