A selection of photos of interesting ideas for the design of a porch of a country house

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The one of the same way, the one of the most one of the most reason a one thing. It carries several practical functions. First, the porch allows us to rise to the level of the floors in the house. All the dust and dirt remains outside, settling on the steps.

In addition, the porch can be equipped for a rest area, sunbathing there or having dinner with the whole family. Design ideas that we have chosen for you will help determine what type of design you like.

Features of the location of the porch

As a rule, when a house project is prepared, a plan of the porch is developed. However, expansion or modernization of an already finished structure is often required. For example, you need to increase the area of ​​the home, creating an improvised veranda, or build a place for summer breakfasts.

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To be in the countryside, but not to lose in comfort - almost all summer residents strive for this. On the porch you can place a couple of comfortable chairs and a small table. A set of such simple furniture immediately creates comfort and a desire to spend time sipping tea in the fresh air. The canopy protects from rain and scorching sun, so being here is a pleasure.

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Improvement of the porch

The desire to increase the area of ​​their home is quite natural and logical. Therefore, many owners of country houses are not limited to the construction of a small area with a canopy. The construction of a veranda or terrace is a popular option for expanding the functionality of the porch.

Living room under a canopy

The recreation area located under the roof allows you to relax in the fresh air without fear of rain and wind. For arranging such a comfortable corner is quite comfortable furniture and a table. At the same time, the porch does not cease to perform the function of communication with the main part of the house.

Wicker furniture works best. It is light and inexpensive, and there are many design and color options. Weaving fits into any environment and looks very beautiful.

For greater unity with nature used wood furniture. It costs more and needs special treatment against moisture. Decorated with pillows and soft seats, wooden chairs and rocking chairs beckon to sit down.

Often an open veranda is surrounded with a mosquito net. So you are protected from mosquitoes at any time of the day. You can safely turn on the lights and stay on the porch all night. Sometimes curtains are used instead of mesh. They give less protection, but they look much more attractive.

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Flowers play a big role in decorating the veranda. Choose such species that can grow in pots, boxes, or climb vertically vertically.

Trapeze bee the projection in the pots, boxes, or climb vertically. Placing a meal area on an extended porch under a shed allows you to dine outside, enjoying the birds singing and the smell of flowers. The roof reliably protects from rain, and the platform elevation does not allow dust to enter the house.

Materials forFurniture can be very different: metal, plastic, rattan, wood. The choice depends on the covering of the porch and the estimated weight of people. For example, it will be practical for children to install plastic chairs that can not withstand a lot of weight, but are cheap and mobile. Metal legs can damage the floorfloor, so it is better not to choose such furniture, if the floor is not lined with ceramic tiles, or is not made of solid wood. Otherwise, steel furniture is durable and durable, but it is cold to sit on it without pillows.

Garden furniture is perfect in any case. A simple rectangular long table and two benches. This design allows you to comfortably accommodate all those present and serves for many years.

As the happy owner of a large house, you can combine a recreation area, a refectory and a barbecue area.

Glazed porch

The porch is often glazed, increasing the space of the house and getting additional room for rest, sleep and food. As a rule, this occurs after several years of living in the house. Good waterproofing and ventilation are required.

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Surely you plan to be on the veranda all year round. In this case, the installation of a heat source is mandatory. Fireplace copes with this task, however, it is better to choose the electric version for safety reasons. In addition, the presence of fire in it is only simulated, so do not worry about the chimney and fuel.

Often after the erection of a veranda, interior decoration is not required. Using the original flooring and walls of the building looks advantageous. Sometimes the walls are veneered with siding.

In case the room of the veranda is quite small, it is better to paint the walls white. So the space will visually seem more, but you can not worry about claustrophobia.

Improving the porch and creating a full-fledged residential or dining area out of it is an advantageous solution in terms of increasing the comfort of a country life. It does not matter whether you have a big house or not, but a well-modernized construction at the entrance will significantly expand its functionality.

Private House Porch Design Ideas - Video

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