Winter garden in the house: interesting, beautiful, original

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The winter garden is an opportunity to feel the fragrance of flowers and enjoy the luscious greenness of dwarf trees all year round, and, right inside the country house or villa. Unlike a greenhouse, a winter garden implies the presence of a microclimate in which a person will be comfortable to be, and which will positively influence his physical condition.

In this article, we will talk about what a winter garden is, and we will offer design options for this engineering innovation.

Why do you need a winter garden?

The number of designers ready to design your personal winter garden is increasing every day. This fashionable trend allows the owner of the house to take a step closer to nature and get into the illusion of living in a wild environment. From how trees and flowers will be placed, with what elements of the interior they will be combined, and what furniture you choose, the design of the winter garden in the house will depend.

If the greenhouse, as a rule, is located outside the building, and in it plants are grown that require high humidity, temperature and other conditions, the winter garden complements the space of the house, and it is possible to stay in it constantly.

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Examples of winter garden design

There are a lot of options for decorating green spaces, but among them there are basic ones. With the most popular styles we will introduce you further.

Classic style

The main features are a glass roof and the presence of a bay window. High stained glass windows with decorative tapestries and walls in pastel colors complement the picture. Furniture is better to choose for antiquity, while avoiding unnecessary pretentiousness.

Japanese style

According to Oriental philosophy, the presence of the four main elements in the garden is mandatory:

  • water;
  • Earth;
  • air;
  • stone (or tree).

This variant of the interior will suit connoisseurs of strict geometric shapes and natural materials. Create comfort conditions with minimalism in detail - the task of the designer of the winter garden in the Japanese style.

A full body of water in the building can not afford each. Alternatives are mini-fountains or small waterfalls.

High-tech style

If you want to feel like a passenger of a space ship carrying plants to colonize another planet, this style is for you. High-tech is distinguished by even geometric shapes, plenty of free space and chrome-plated steel elements (furniture, shelves, pots). It is a modern and practical design that people like absolutely different social groups like. Due to its versatility and functionality, the design of the winter garden in the style of high-tech is one of the most popular today.

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Country style

Flowering plants and village spirit are the main features of the winter garden in the country style. There are all kinds of wicker furniture, tiled floor and a huge amount of greenery. Ceilings should be high and rough plastered. This style is often chosen by amateur gardeners.

Style Modern

This design option is suitable for those who are not used to saving on materials and interior details. The location of plants and luxurious elements is subject to a single idea. Modernity is built on a game of contrasts, enclosed in repetitive geometric outlines. This is the most expensive of all variants of modern winter gardens.

Where to arrange a winter garden?

Being an excellent way to expand free space, a winter garden can be an ideal addition to any living room, or kitchen, living room or cabinet.

Winter garden in the living room

If you attach a transparent structure with vegetation to the main room of the house, you can completely change the stay in this room. In addition to a significant increase in free space, you will create a cozy and atmosphere of unity with nature. The originality and comfort of such a reconstruction of the usual premises will make the living room a place for family and friendly gatherings.

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Winter garden in the kitchen

Thanks to the light-permeable extension to the kitchen, you can have breakfast and lunch surrounded by natural surroundings, enjoying the sun's rays. In the evening, you can get together with the whole family for dinner and watch the sunset warm and cozy. This is an excellent solution that completely changes the idea of ​​traditional meals.

To plants have become accustomed and pleasing to the eye, carefully study the features of growth and create all the conditions for their life. Place light-loving crops closer to the glass, and those that like the shadow can be placed in the depth of the composition. Larger plants distribute in the first place, then flowers and dwarf varieties.

Pay special attention to the requirements for the growth of citrus plants and palms.

The means and forces invested in the creation of the winter garden will pay off handsomely, completely changing your idea of ​​home comfort. If you give plants the proper attention and care, they will delight you every day for many years.

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Winter garden in the house: interesting, beautiful, original

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