Planting watermelon seedlings in the ground

In order to grow a large and sweet watermelon, you first need to decide on the variety. It is very important to find a variety that is most adapted to the climate in your area. Watermelon is a thermophilic culture, but there are already hybrids with a short growing season that can be grown even in Siberia, so you will not have problems with the choice of variety.

Soil preparation and transfer of seedlings to the

garden bed In northern latitudes with a short summer, watermelons are best grown through seedlings. For growing seedlings need to prepare a mixture of sand and humus 1: 1, as the plant loves loose fertile soil. The age of seedlings ready for planting in the open ground is about 30 days. As soon as one true leaf is formed, the seedlings will need to be transplanted into the soil. Planting seedlings is best in late May - early June, depending on weather conditions.

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Keep young sprouts in cassettes for too long, as there is a risk of damaging the main root when transplanting an overgrown plant.

Before planting watermelons in the ground, it is necessary to prepare a bed. In the soil to make ash at the rate of one cup per plant. After that, fertilize the ground with superphosphate - one tablespoon per sapling, and also sprinkle the compost on the bed - one three-liter bucket per plant. Watermelon loves nutritious soil.

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bollard of the bed should be 60 cm, the distance between the watermelons is 50 cm.

It will be necessary to prepare the holes for planting plants, their depth should correspond to the height of the tank for seedlings. Before planting, pour half a glass of potassium permanganate solution into each well, fill the rest of the well with water. Once the water is absorbed into the soil, you can begin handling the plants. Planting is done very carefully so as not to damage the roots. Plants planted in such holes will be less sore and get stronger faster.

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Watermelon care after planting

In the first month after planting, greenhouse conditions should be created for seedlings. Over each bed to put the arc and cover them with agrofibre, then watermelons better take root. For watermelon at the growth stage, abundant watering is very important. It is necessary to remove all side shoots and leave only the main lash, because the plant will need strength to form a large berry. When the watermelon begins to form scourge and grow, process it with phytophthora preparations.

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