How to change the bearing in an Atlant washing machine

  • Symptoms of a malfunction
  • Preparing for replacement
  • Disassembly instructions for the tank
  • Bearing replacement instructions

In spite of the brand of washing machine, its breakdown can become an unexpected and unpleasant surprise for any owner of the washing machine, and other manufacturers. In this article, we'll talk about a particular failure, namely, the failure and replacement of the bearing. Tell you about what are the signs that alert you about the malfunction of this unit, and how the bearing is replaced in the Atlant washing machine.

Symptoms of a malfunction

It is easy to understand that the bearing broke and the repair of a washing machine is required, just listen sound, if it is defective you will hear an unnatural knock, which is amplified during the pressing process linen. There is another way of testing, namely, it is necessary to rotate the drum by hand, and when it breaks you will feel a slight backlash.

In no case should you delay the replacement of the bearing, as tightening the problem can lead to more serious breakages, and repair of washing machines will cost you a decent amount, it will be much easier to buy a new one the machine. We turn to the instructions for replacing the bearings in the washing machine with your own hands. This repair of the stylalki refers to not complicated manipulations.

Preparing for replacement

First you need to prepare a series of tools that should always be at hand while carrying out the bearing replacement, namely:

  • a hammer with a blunt chisel;
  • screwdrivers of both types (flat and cross);
  • nut and socket keys for 19 and 12 mm, and a set of hex keys;

In addition, you will also need consumables:

  • bearing grease;
  • rag;
  • lubricant WD-40;
  • an epiploon for the bearing;
  • a new set of bearings (replacement parts must be original of the same model, you can find them in any company store or order online).

Disassembly instructions for the tank

Now we will tell you how to replace the bearings. In most washing machines from Atlant, the tank compartment is removed through the top of the machine, which complicates the task a little. The steps for dismantling will be as follows:

  • take out the powder hopper;
  • detach the top cover of the washing machine from the fasteners;
  • remove the front panel, neatly as there is a control panel;
  • unscrew the counterweight slab from the fixtures and remove it.
  • unscrew the screws, and remove the water supply hose together with the powder receptacle;
  • now it is necessary to disconnect the nozzles;
  • remove the back cover and disconnect the hoses and all the wiring from the TEN and the engine;
  • remove the bottom shock absorbers of the tank;
  • gently remove the control unit;
  • remove all drain and supply hoses;
  • dismantle the cuffs;
  • Grasp the springs and pull the tank compartment up.

Bearing replacement instructions

Now it remains only to dismantle the old bearing, and install a new one, it all looks like this:

  • remove the front counterweight;
  • unscrew the bolts that hold the front of the tank;
  • turn the tank upside down, that is, the pulley up, and unscrewing the bolt in the center, then remove the pulley and belt;
  • after which the drum can be safely removed from the tank, which we do;
  • Now when using a chisel, knock out both bearings;
  • After dismounting the two bearings, the landing site for new parts must be thoroughly cleaned. Just for this, WD-40 grease was needed, when you remove all the dirt, wipe this place dry;
  • Now gently install both bearings, first external, then internal, clogging them with light hammer blows;
  • from the inside, install the oil seal after lubricating it. It will prevent water from entering the bearing itself.

The replacement is complete, it remains only to collect everything in the reverse order. However, before that, it is desirable to look at other parts of the main compartment of the washing machine, and make sure that they need to be changed or cleaned, such as for example TAN from scale and other trifles.

We told you about how the bearing is replaced in the Atlant washing machine, this operation is not that difficult. However, if you do not wish to repair the washing machine yourself, or are afraid of something to damage during replacement, it is recommended to call specialists who will do everything quickly and efficiently.

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