7 tips for choosing slate and magnetic wall paint


  1. №1. Magnetic paint: features and advantages
  2. №2. Where to use magnetic paint?
  3. No. 3. Slate paint: features and benefits
  4. №4. Types of slate
  5. №5. Where to use slate?
  6. №6. The best manufacturers of magnetic and slate paint
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  • Siberia
  • MagPaint
  • Magnetico
  • Rust-oleum
  • Benjamin Moore & Co
  • №7. Grifelnaya and magnetic paint yourself
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    Is it possible to change the interior and refresh the situation in the apartment without repairing and rearranging the furniture? With modern decorative wall coverings, this is possible. Not so long ago on sale there were slate, magnetic and slate-magnetic paints, with the help of which you can transform your own apartment.The walls will become a place for creativity, drawn and attached images can be changed at any time and create space in the necessary style. The scope for creativity is simply limitless, but first we will figure out how to choose the slate and magnetic paint, which manufacturers should be trusted and whether it is possible to make such a paint on their own.

    №1. Magnetic paint: features and advantages

    Magnetic paint allows you to fasten drawings and notes to the wall without making holes in the surface. Similarly, you can organize part of the wall in the nursery, study, hallway or kitchen. Decorated with magnets, photos and drawings, space will look interesting and non-standard. The secret of magnetic paint ispresence of iron particles in the composition. The basis of the material is a latex based water-based paint.

    It is often possible to find another name for this material -magnetic ground, which appeared after it was used as a basis for other coatings, because the magnetic properties do not decrease. Today, often a magnetic primer is used as abase for slate paint, resulting in a surface on which you can safely draw, and to which you can mount magnets.


    Magnetic paints can be applied on surfaces of different types:

    • concrete;
    • tree;
    • plywood and chipboard, fiberboard, GKL.

    It is recommended to apply the material in several layers so that the magnetic properties are as high as possible. It is still not recommended to use large magnets, but small and medium-colored magnetic wall paint will retain without problems.

    Main advantages of the material:

    • absence of unpleasant odor;
    • High adhesion with different base materials;
    • high level of fire resistance;
    • complete safety for human health, so the material can be used even in children's;
    • ability to muffle electromagnetic radiation from a different kind of technology.

    №2. Where to use magnetic paint?

    The field of use of magnetic paint is the widest. Here are just a few possible examples:

    • In kindergartens and schools, it is possible to cover walls intended for demonstration of visual material or creative work of children;
    • in the cafe;
    • in offices where you can attach the necessary notes, reminders, phone numbers to the wall;
    • in the kitchen it will be possible to magnetize to the wall recipes, notes to household members, a shopping list;
    • in children's rooms.

    Producers of the material say that on top of the magnetic primer you can even glue the wallpaper, and promise that the properties of retaining magnets will remain unchanged.

    . . . .

    No. 3. Slate paint: features and benefits

    Familiar to all of us school boards today are very common in home interiors. You can cover anything with a slate, but in the end you get not just a surface on which you can draw, but a real element of decor. Often today, walls decorated with slate paint can be found in cafes and shops.

    Material is producedlatex-based, it is water-soluble. After drying, the paint forms a solid surface, on which you can draw any number of times with chalk, erase drawings and draw again.

    The main advantages of slate paint:

    • solid, durable and wear-resistant coating;
    • ecological compatibility, safety, absence of smell;
    • beautiful matte surface, which can have any shade, although more often on sale you can find material of black and green colors;
    • fire safety;
    • The inscriptions are easily erased from the surface with water and soap.

    The weight of coating advantages led to the fact that today the paint starts to be actively used andas an independent coating, and not just a way to allocate a separate part of the wall for later decoration with drawings.

    If the magnetic primer is used before applying the slate, you can get even more interesting and a functional surface that can be used for teaching, creativity and decoration interior.

    №4. Types of slate

    Slate paint soldin sprays and in ordinary banks, providing brushing. The first option allows more efficient use of the material, but if it is necessary to paint small surfaces or hard-to-reach places, it is better to use a standard paint format and a brush.

    Available for saleslate paint already finished in different shades. Also on the shelves there areCompositions that can be tinted in any shade, which means that the slate surface can be not only black and green, but also any necessary shade and fully meet the design intent.

    №5. Where to use slate?

    Griffel paint has excellent adhesion with materials such asgypsum board, brick, metal, wood and wood boards, plaster, glass, ceramicsetc., which makes the sphere of use of the material infinitely wide.

    Slate paint is a great optionfor children's rooms, because kids like to paint on the walls and often spoil their creativity wallpaper. Griffel paint can cover the whole wall or most of it so that children can give vent to their imagination.In the kitchenIt is also possible to paint the part of the wall with the slate paint, and write down on it recipes or messages for the household. You can also use the material in the bedroom, living room and hallway,in cafes and shops, supermarkets and shopping centers.


    You can paint with slate paint not only walls, but alsoall kinds of interior items: doors of the old refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, drawers chest of drawers, countertops, vases, cups, jars, boxes for storing small things and many other things. For drawing it is better to use soft chalks without foreign inclusions, which can scratch the material.

    . . . . .

    №6. The best manufacturers of magnetic and slate paint

    Since slate and magnetic paint - a new type of coating in the market of finishing materials, the choice is not so great. When you buy the main guide and the guarantor of quality will be the name of the manufacturer.


    The name of thisFinnish companyis well known even to those who are very far from the sphere of repair. The company for the 150-year history has managed to form traditions and become the European leader in the production of paint and varnish coatings. The high demand for the company's products is due to its highest quality. In the manufacturer's lineup there isslate paint Liitu: in black and with the ability to tint in any color. In any case, the result will be a matte surface, on which the chalk falls perfectly. Also in the assortment of the company there is amagnetic paint Magneticwhite color. To obtain the desired shade, 1-2 layers of water-borne paint are applied over the magnetic paint.


    itdomestic company, which took over the experience of leading European manufacturers in the manufacture of new decorative coatings. Using domestic materials and reducing transportation costs allows the manufacturer to offer the most favorable prices. The assortment of the company isslate, magnetic and marker paints.Numerous positive reviews attest to the high quality of the products. So, for example, slate paint has phenomenal wear resistance, contains antiseptic, so it prevents the appearance of fungus, can be tinted.

    In the assortment there is also a slate paint Siberia PRO black. It is intended for painting of school boards, furniture, surfaces of the big areas in those cases when the raised wear resistance is required. There are also excellent magnetic and marker coatings on sale.


    ThisDutch companySince 2000 he has been producing magnetic paint and until recently specialized only in its manufacture. Now the assortment of the company also has a slate and marker paint. The manufacturer's products are in high demand all over the world, widely represented in the domestic market, and buyers have already had time to evaluate all of its many advantages.


    Magnetico - a brand of magnetic primersGerman production. They are produced only in gray color, have excellent performance, quickly dry and are not very expensive. The quality of the product is the highest, as production is carried out on modern equipment, and control is present at every stage of manufacturing.


    This is the leader in the production of paint and varnish materials forAmerican market. The range of the manufacturer is wide and updated every year with new materials. Among the numerous offers of the company are black and colorable slate paints, marker and magnetic compositions, as well as a lot of other interesting materials that can be useful in decorating his home.

    Benjamin Moore & Co

    Another majorAmerican manufacturer, whose products are on the domestic market. The company specializes in the production of premium coatings, and in the range of other products there is a slate paint CHALKBOARD PAINT, which can have absolutely any color. The coating is as much as possible durable and durable.

    №7. Grifelnaya and magnetic paint yourself

    Slate and magnetic coatings are solid advantages, if not the price for them. Yes, of course, the products of domestic manufacturers are cheaper, but for those who want to save money and are not afraid to spend a little time and effort there is alsoa budget optioncreate an original decor.

    To create a slateYou will need acrylic paint of the necessary shade and in the right amount. In it, add cement or trowel in a ratio of 2 tablespoons to a glass of paint and mix thoroughly until a uniform structure is obtained. Everything, the material is ready for use. It is better to apply it in two layers, each of the layers should be allowed to dry for at least 12 hours.

    . . . .

    If you add a dry magnetic primer to the composition, replacing part of the cement with it, you can getmagnetic-slate coating. If you want, you can do it yourselfmagnetic paint, adding cement and metal dust to the acrylic paint, however, the latter is not easy to get.

    What kind of composition you would not use, ready-made or made with your own hand,coping with the process of staining any surface is very easyand even a novice in the field of repair can do it.

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