How to plant and grow strawberries from seed yourself?

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garden plant depends on the quality of seedlings. Therefore, it is very important to plant the seeds, carefully monitor their watering and feeding. Planting strawberry seeds is becoming more and more popular, but since this plant is very capricious, sowing strawberry seeds for seedlings requires very close attention.

The necessary knowledge about growing strawberries from

seeds Before you grow strawberry seedlings, you should equip yourself with the necessary knowledge so that the seedlings grow together, the seedlings are strong and not overgrown, and were transplanted to the ground in time.

For growing strawberry seedlings you should know:

  • Sowing time
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    .Right when sow strawberries for seedlings? Begin to sow it in late February - early March. At this time, while the seedlings are still at home. Care for her will be permanent and complete. With the beginning of the garden season, at the end of May - the beginning of June, the seedlings will already be strong enough to land on a permanent place of growth.
  • Soil Preparation .In order to grow strawberry seedlings, it is necessary that the type of soil must be mixed - fertile, and at the same time light. Such qualities arise from the mixing of the following ingredients: peat, sand and turf.50% of the turf land adds 25% of the remaining components.
  • Differences in Seeds :
    1. There are many varieties of small-fruited strawberries on the seed market. Their cost is not very large, so they are available to the average consumer;
    2. For planting strawberry seeds for seedlings, you can use seeds of your own production, which are harvested from varieties that are not hybrids. Then the offspring will be the same in quality as the parent bushes. But before planting it is necessary to conduct tests, and choose the best varieties and specimens;
    3. The stores also feature large-fruited strawberry varieties, but their cost is quite high. However, the desire to have strong and healthy plants with large and tasty berries attract gardeners and gardeners.
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Preparing and sowing strawberry seeds, and increasing the germination of

Planting strawberries with seeds for seedlings requires preparation. It includes such activities as pre-germination. This allows you to control seed germination and screening of defective.

Water is used for soaking or rain, or thawed snow, and it must be changed several times a day.

This contributes to the destruction of germination inhibitors, which affect the growth retardation of the embryo. Seeds are laid out on a toilet paper or filter cloth with a thin layer on plates, which must be put in a plastic bag to create a special moist microclimate. This design must be installed in a warm place accessible to the sun. When peeling seedlings of strawberries from seeds need to start the process of planting.

You can grab the spiked seeds with a toothpick or a ground match. Tara for seedlings can serve as a common box, plastic cups or peat pots, filling in which should be loose soil. Strawberry cluster seedlings are convenient for use, at which there is no need to measure the distance between the seedlings. Seeds sown in a container should be moistened and refrigerated for a period of several weeks, and only then can they be placed in a warm place.

The sowing process can be performed in two versions:

  1. The prepared soil should be poured into a container, leveled and compacted with a plank. Then the grooves are cut into which you will need to place the seeds with a wet match or tweezers. The distance between the seeds should be at least 2 cm. If several varieties of seeds are planted in the same container, the rows should be signed.
  2. A layer of snow about 1-2 cm thick is laid on the soil poured into the container. The seeds that have been hatched with strawberries are laid directly on it. In this case, the law of physics works, snow melts into the water and melts the seeds with it. If a certain number of seeds remain on the surface, they can be sprinkled with earth on top.
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Further care in both options does not differ. In order to eliminate the erosion of the soil during watering, it should be produced from a spray bottle. After thoroughly moistening the soil, the containers should be closed with cellophane or glass so that the evaporation of moisture is reduced. But do not forget about airing. Which must be carried out periodically.

The main care for germinated seeds is adequate light. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that there should be more light at a higher temperature. This applies to rooms in which the sun's rays penetrate and heat only one side of the tank, turned to the window. For better lighting, you must use special lamps that mimic the sunlight. And of course, the more heat and light there is, the more moisture will evaporate, and therefore it is necessary to ensure that the soil with the seedlings does not dry out.

Planting strawberry seedlings at a permanent place of growth.

. As the seedlings grow, some measures are necessary to keep the shoots strong and strong. Periodically, it is necessary to undermine the shoots and shorten the overgrown root system. If the seeds were planted in a common container, they must be planted in separate pots so that the roots are not intertwined with each other.

Two months later, after growing strawberry seedlings from seed, you need to think that it is time to plant the sprouts in open soil. But before that, they need to be hardened so that the plants do not start to hurt from the unusual climate. In advance, they start carrying containers with seedlings to the open air and leaving them for a few minutes, and then hours.

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The landing options may vary, it can be produced at the end of May, but then in greenhouse conditions, i.e.under cellophane. Well, if planted in June, then in open ground, without any heating.

The strawberry seedling bush is ready for planting in open ground, if it has at least three leaves, two of which must be well developed, and the third may be in its infancy.

We already know how to plant strawberry seedlings correctly. The next step is to land in open ground. To do this, you need to make indentations in the soil up to 10 cm deep, which should be several centimeters more than the height of the cup.
If the seedlings are in a plastic cup, then it is better not to shake it out. And cut the side and gently get the whole sprout with the root system.
Well, if the seedlings are in a peat cup. Then it must be soaked before disembarking. After dropping the sprout into the hole, the earth gently sprinkles the roots of growth and compacted from above.

In the event that the landing in open ground was made in early spring. That gardeners will be able to try the berries from the new harvest this summer. Although it will not be as abundant as in subsequent years. In general, it is possible to transplant seedlings until the end of summer, i.e. AugustHarvest, of course, this year will not be then, but next year, all efforts will be rewarded with abundant fruiting.

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