What crop yields strawberries

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Strawberries are loved by everyone, so many farmers grow it with pleasure. The yield of culture depends on many factors:

  • choice of variety;
  • climatic conditions;
  • optimal care.

With the right choice of berries and the observance of the technology of cultivation, strawberries are well immunized to diseases, pests, unfavorable climatic conditions and gives a grandiose harvest of delicious and fragrant berries.


Features of culture

Strawberries are very demanding. Its seedlings completely exhaust the soil for a few years and take away all the necessary trace elements, so what kind of harvest strawberries yield depends on how many years the fruit grows. In order for the yield to be good, every few years it is necessary to break new beds, and in the old place to fertilize the soil in order to restore the microbalance.

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Depends on the number of berries from bushes and the correctness of their planting. If the seedlings are planted at a distance of at least 25 cm, the root system will have enough room for development and nutrients for growth.

The plant likes moisture, so watering should be sufficient, but not excessive, so that the roots do not rot. Increases yield and timely loosening of the soil after watering or rains, which also helps the development of the root system. It is noted that if moisture is absent for a couple of weeks, this reduces the number of berries.

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That the weeds do not muffle the berry, they must be periodically removed. For good development of culture in the spring it is recommended to fertilize the soil with organic fertilizers, and in the autumn to bring manure.

Compliance with crop rotation

Strawberry bushes grow old and lose most of their crop from year to year. Therefore it is not recommended to grow one bed for more than 4 years. The best option is to plant each year a new row, and after 4 years, remove it. Thus, several plots will be constantly harvested.

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Strawberry refers to crops that are called quick-fruited. Already in the second year of its growth, it yields high yields. With proper care from one hectare you can collect up to 20 tons of berries. In addition to varieties of common strawberries, which fructifies for several weeks, isolate remontant varieties that can bear fruit continuously from June to the end of August.

The taste qualities of strawberries are comparable with its useful properties for the body. Therefore, large berries yield with proper care become a good reward to the gardener.


How to get a good harvest of strawberries - video

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