The device is the gas train for cylinders with their own hands

Autonomous operation of household equipment, of which the principle of action involves the use of natural gas, can be made more efficient. For example, gas boilers, domestic heating systems to operate more convenient if there is gas train for cylinders - collector line, which connect several containers with gas.

ramp design provides the functions required for reliable operation of gas equipment. In this article we will explain what a ramp for cylinders and how, if necessary, to make it their own hands.

The content of the article:

  • What is the ramp for gas cylinders?
    • The apparatus and the circuit gas train assembly
    • The main installation requirements
  • Making the ramp with their hands
    • Installation ramp gas manifold
    • Final assembly and wiring
    • Start-up procedure in the construction work
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

What is the ramp for gas cylinders?

Direct connection from the gas cylinder to the boiler is often accompanied by disadvantages, which can be expressed, e.g., in the form of pressure surges. Such conditions have a negative effect on the operation of the gas burner. As a result, it marked unstable operation of the boiler, the hot water supply interruptions, etc.

It is to stabilize the pressure in the first place is recommended to apply the rail gas cylindersWhich can be done by hand.

Gas train for propane

The ramp provides greater convenience to users of equipment operating on gas. With such storage vessels for propane rational and safe to operate, for example, gas boilers

Overall, however, the device allows the user to more number of operational advantages:

  • work safety in the event of leakage;
  • provision of equipment stable working pressure;
  • getting rid of gas cylinders by effect of "freezing";
  • opportunity to significantly reduce the frequency of references to gas refueling service.

Flowsheet gas train may include a collector unit for connection both of a small number of vessels, and the use of more than ten cylinders.

Ramp for cylinders

The design for the installation of a large number of cylinders. Typically, these facilities are a priority for the industry, where gas consumption is much larger domestic

For domestic use are often made gas ramp into two or four cylinder.

The apparatus and the circuit gas train assembly

manifold design - this is the usual line, equipped with a shut-off the gas tap, endowed with additional elements:

  • gas distribution valve;
  • pressure control devices;
  • filter the gas stream;
  • discharge ducts (high pressure hoses).

Fittings gas supply distribution - it is usually solenoid valves, but such schemes put in domestic rare. Valves with electric switching is performed all the individual lines forming the collector group, connecting or disconnecting individual cylinders.

Group pressure control and adjustment device consists of classic devices - gauges and gas pressure regulator. The filter also uses a standard - for gas systems.

Automatic bypass ramp

Manifold Gas train factory setting. Such products can be purchased if desired in specialty stores or to order on the official website of the manufacturer. What attracts - offers the collector of any configuration

The circuit assembly of simple classical ramp for gas tanks built as follows:

  1. Distribution manifold is created from a metal tube.
  2. On manifold mounted filter input.
  3. After the filter is installed reducer.
  4. Next on the manifold assembly fittings for taps to cylinders.

Industrial designs are usually complementary device leakage control. Its main function - tracking and closing / opening solenoid valves.

Collector industrial use

industrial use manifold equipped with all the necessary automation devices. Such equipment allows to fully automate the control of gas flow and secure the structure

Meanwhile ramp supplying gas equipment power less than 1 kW, is allowed to build without control module tightness. It is this equipment is used in the majority of cases in relation to the domestic sector.

The main installation requirements

Ramps be fitted within the individual (single-storey) Improvement. Also allowed is recommended to perform assembling gas train on the cylinder 2, the cylinder 4 and more by using the metal cases.

If the system is arranged, assuming technology to connect a maximum of 40 cylinders, such ramps may be placed inside the additions to production or service space.

Bypass ramp, designed for connection and installation of not more than 6 gas cylinders can be mounted directly inside a household and industrial premises first floor. The volume of gas in each container must not exceed - 100 m3. conditions for the household sector are somewhat different.

Placing RAPM

Example of the switchgear inside the metal box. Such closed-type structure is allowed placed as an extension to the buildings and facilities, but only if the distance from the hazardous area

It should be remembered that the ramp on the gas cylinder 2 or more may be placed for the domestic boundaries Improvement in places reliably protected from flames and heat sources, including solar radiation.

Place of installation should be selected away from basements and technical communications. Construction of the gas train must be protected from possible burglary, mechanical impacts, etc.

Making the ramp with their hands

Produce design for storage and maintenance of gas cylinders snap.

To build with their own hands will need:

  1. Steel sheet of 2-3 mm thickness.
  2. Corner №45 steel or profiled tube 40 x 25 mm.
  3. Metal pipe under the collector (the length is adjusted for the number of cylinders).
  4. Small metal chain for fixing cylinders.

In addition, the financial security required skills of the welder, fitter, tool and equipment (welding machine). However, the welding work can be carried out and on order.

The scheme is simple ramp

The scheme for the construction of a simple ramp three gas cylinder: 1 - support frame; 2 - collector; 3 - the valve manifold; 4 - pipe diverter; 5 - reducer; 6 - steel chain; 7 - a gas cylinder

Initially necessary to determine the number of cylinders under the gas that will be installed in the rail. For example, 3 cylinder. Based on the value of the diameter of the cylinder size, the initial size was prepared ramp structure and increase its width by 150-200 mm. Size height will be determined by taking into account the height of the gas cylinders, plus 150-200 mm to collector installation horizon.

the supporting frame is made of angle steel or a profile pipe Based on these calculations. The support frame can be assembled by welding or mechanical method to apply fastening parts (tubes) by bolting. The assembled frame has the form of "U" letter.

Further, on the upper crosspiece of the frame to give it a reservoir and brackets attached to the back frame wall inside a metal box, prefabricated steel sheets.

Installation ramp gas manifold

Now it's up to the collector manufacturing, installing and complement all the necessary accessories. Metal tube (d = 32-50 mm) metered by a length equal to length dimension of the support frame and the jumper marked on the housing tube fittings under point (3 pieces).

Collector gas ramp

EXAMPLE manufacture collector gas train. On the offtakes collector pipe placed on equal distance from each other. End stop valve must be mounted downwardly directed outlet

Gently welded on the body of the pipe fittings and bends to set these items together with valves. At one end the pipe stub is placed on the second connector for connecting the reducer. After completing these works are placed on manifold brackets previously mounted on the lintel upper side of the support frame.

Installation of the reservoir should be made in view of the indent above the cylinder valve to 150-170 mm. The collector should be set as accurately as possible on the horizon and secure clamps on the brackets, put it under wraps clamp gasket technical rubber sheet.

Then you need to install on the open end of the reservoir gas reducer, equipped with a filter and add to a stopcock.

ramp manifold assembly

EXAMPLE collector made under oxygen cylinders. The copper tubes are used as a compensation output lines. The same tube is recommended to apply on ramps for propane-butane

The next step - making podvodok for cylinders. They can be, and preferably made from copper tubing to get the effect of expansion of the compensation. But it is also permitted to use High pressure hoses.

Provision one end bolted to the manifold valves will be connected with the other end of the tube cylinder valves.

Final assembly and wiring

At the end of the ramp assembly process for gas cylinders with their hands on the support frame racks, at a distance of 2/3 of the height of the cylinder, making the chain lock.

To do this, perform the following operations:

  1. Take a metal chain.
  2. Measure the length of seizure cylinders.
  3.  Cut and the resulting length of chain secured at one end to the rack frame.

The second end of the metal chain remains free. It will be secured with a locking device on the second rack after gas cylinders loaded into the ramp. Of course, not necessarily used as a fixative is a metal chain. You can use other suitable, but not necessarily reliable fastening.

Fixation chain cylinders

Fixation of gas cylinders with a metal chain. In this case it fixed each separate receptacle. Meanwhile, the steel chain may well be replaced by other fasteners

At the last stage of the work leads the gas pipe from the consumer to the collector gearbox. Technically, there will be only upload to ramp gas cylinders, connect them branch tubes (Hoses) to the collector and this all - the device is ready for a stable domestic gas supply equipment.

But there are still some details of the installation. It is necessary to equip the doors of the steel enclosure, where the ramp is set. Later, when the system will operate, must be equipped with a door lock and reliable box to limit access to it for the children.

Start-up procedure in the construction work

Before the launch of the system is recommended to purge the gas line from the consumer's point to its point of connection to the collector gearbox. After the purge line is connected on the inlet fitting reducer.

Further sequentially perform the following steps:

  1. Charged to the ramp 3 with a container propane.
  2. Cylinders fastened a safety chain.
  3. Attached to the cylinder valves diverting compensatory tube.
  4. Open the valves on the manifold and cylinders.
  5. Check the tightness of all connections.
  6. The desired operating pressure regulator gear set.

When the time comes to replace the devastated gas cylinders filled container, simply close the valves on the vessels and on the collector to replace quickly and safely.

Periodically it is recommended to check the system for leaks. Do the job should be not less than once per quarter. Actually, such a maintenance schedule prescribed by the rules and requirements from those that are used in the gas sector.

Ready to ramp oxygen

Made with their own hands the device grouping gas cylinders - ramp. However, this design is specifically designed for charging oxygen cylinders. But the sense of its action remains the same

It should be remembered that such structures as gas ramp is allowed to serve only to persons who have undergone the appropriate technical minimum. Devices of this type must be kept clean.

Strictly forbidden stored next ramp industrial oils and liquids, flammable components. Naturally, smoke or work with fire on the existing ramp unacceptable.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

As there is an association with gas cylinders via ramp:

Constructions for loading, storage and operation of several vessels are made not only for propane and butane, but also under acetylene, oxygen, carbon dioxide and others. However, the scope for household staple consumption still remains the natural gas. Under this kind of product and are made mostly gas ramp.

Under whatever assignment was not intended design, it basically changes the operating conditions of the equipment - make them more user-friendly, safe for the environment.

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