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The appearance of a child is a joyful event for the whole family. But, along with positive emotions, there is the problem of how to decorate a room for a newborn. Decor options may vary depending on the gender of the child, the taste preferences of parents and their financial capabilities.

Planning a room decor for a newborn

. To choose the best option for decorating a room for a newly born baby, it is worth exploring a significant amount of ideas. It should be borne in mind that in most cases this decor is not intended for long-term use, so after a while it will have to get rid of its individual elements. For this reason, you should opt for those decorations that will later be easy enough to remove to minimize the risk of damage to the wall coverings.

Particular attention should be paid to lighting: it should not be too bright, it is better to give preference to the natural option.

It is best to have a room for a newborn near the room for parents. Another option is to arrange a corner for the baby right in the parent’s bedroom. The fact is that the child at first wakes up very often to eat or to inform others about health problems with the help of crying. And it is much more convenient for mom( and more importantly, calmer) if the toddler is as close as possible and she can approach him at any time.

Psychologists believe that in the first months of a child’s life, he feels most comfortable in the parents ’bedroom.

But if a separate room for a newborn is planned, the first thing that is necessary for the peace of the whole family is a small sofa or a folding place where mother can sit down or lie down to feed the baby. This piece of furniture does not take up much space and will save parents from the need to continually move the newborn to his room and back. It can be placed next to the cot or changing table.

How can a decor affect a baby?

Parents should be aware that the design of a newborn's room should not include too large and bright elements that negatively affect the psyche of the child. That is why the baby from the moment of his appearance should be surrounded by objects made in soothing neutral colors. Such an environment will not overload attention, cause overexcitement and anxiety. But the bright colors will necessarily have a negative impact on the general condition of the child and will interfere with normal healthy sleep.

Interior design specialists recommend using no more than three colors for decorating a newborn's room. Otherwise, the child may behave restlessly, have problems with sleep and appetite.

Nevertheless, the designers claim that children's rooms for newborns should include in small quantities and bright spots on which the baby can focus his attention during waking moments. Too many toys will not be needed, because at this age the child will not be able to use them. In addition, soft toys accumulate a significant amount of dust, which can cause allergies in the baby. For this reason, when decorating a room for a newborn, it is worthwhile to give preference to decorative elements that are easy to clean and are safe for health.

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What should I look for when decorating a room for a newborn?

When building a living space for a baby after it is discharged from the maternity hospital, you need to pay attention to the following:

  1. The safety of the materials used - everything that is used to decorate a room must be made of environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, the purchase does not need to be shy, and demand from the seller a corresponding certificate, which confirms that the thing is made from safe raw materials.
  2. The gender of the child - the room for the newborn baby will differ significantly from the room intended for the newly born boy. Therefore, before decorating the room of the newborn, it is necessary, first of all, to decide on the color scheme.
  3. General Design - if the dwelling is made in any one style, then the decor of the children's room for the newborn should blend harmoniously into the overall interior.

An important point is that conditionally all the elements of the decor can be divided into permanent and temporary. The first ones are those who will remain in the use of the baby after the happy family marks the discharge from the maternity hospital. The second ones are those that will help make the room festive, but will be superfluous the next day after the solemn event.

Parents need to remember that the nursery for the newborn should be perfectly clean.

For this reason, it is better to abandon jewelry that will collect dust on itself. All decorative elements should be made of environmentally friendly materials. And before discharge from the hospital, it is necessary to do a general cleaning.

How to decorate a room for a newborn son or daughter?

Wondering how to decorate a room for a newborn girl, you first need to decide on the color scheme. In the decor of the first dwelling for the baby traditionally used:

  • white;
  • pink;
  • peach;
  • light beige shades.

It is better to refuse indoor flowers and an abundance of toys: both of them can provoke the development of allergic reactions. But all sorts of bows, ruffles and frills will be an excellent option for decorating the room of a little princess.

And if parents and other relatives are faced with the problem of how to decorate a room for a newborn boy, then you can stop at a more restrained design. In this case, the “boyish” subject is more appropriate: it could be cars, boats, balls and other elements.

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As for the color palette, for decorating a room for a newly born boy they use:

  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • light green.

In this case, you should also stop the choice on soft soothing colors. White and beige are considered universal, therefore they can be used to decorate living space, both for a boy and for a girl.

If parents do not know how to decorate a room for a child, and want to do it in an original way, then you can use a certain theme.

For example, if relatives want to see a baby as a sailor, then an anchor, a blue-white stripe, ships and other elements will be suitable as decorations. For a little princess, pink weightless ruffles, bows of various sizes, flowers from balloons would be appropriate. You can use the idea from some fairy tale or cartoon.

Those who think how to decorate a newborn's room with their own hands, to be discharged from the hospital, should be stocked with decorative elements:

  • balloons - they allow you to create a festive atmosphere, can be used in various combinations( different sizes, types, colors);
  • vinyl stickers - they look great in any interior, they are easy enough to wash and clean the dust;
  • special stencils - they can be used to make various patterns on the walls;
  • posters, drawings - they can be made personally

You can take all that is usually used to decorate the living room for any solemn event. The main thing is to dream up a bit and turn on the imagination.

The main nuances of the design of the crib

Since the baby will spend a significant part of his time( in the first months of his life) in a crib, then this piece of furniture should be given special attention. It is not necessary to resort to the services of professional designers, in this case, it is quite possible to do on their own.

So, if we decorate the bed for a newborn with our own hands, then, first of all, we should get a mobile. It can be purchased at the store of children's goods or make yourself. Attach such a toy in the upper part of the bed, so that the newborn tot can watch the elements moving under a certain melody. Mobile develops attention and musical ability of the baby. Instead, these devices can be used hanging toys, fixing them on the side of the bed.

An important role in this issue, the design of cots, plays a canopy, which not only acts as an exquisite element of decor, but also performs a protective function, preventing dust from entering the baby’s skin and preventing insect bites. You should stop your choice on translucent, almost weightless fabrics, its color should not be too bright.

Additionally, the bed can be decorated with stickers, applications, homemade bumpers( the latter will also protect the baby from drafts and dust particles).You can draw funny pictures on this piece of furniture, but for this purpose you should take water-based paints that do not smell.

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In addition to the crib, the design of the room for a newborn, photos of which can be found on various websites, should include a changing table and bedside table( dresser) for children's things. These two pieces of furniture can be combined by replacing them with a chest of drawers with a changing board, which can be purchased separately. The chest of drawers is successfully used for children's clothes and cosmetics for baby care, and the board is on top. This is an excellent option for smaller accommodations.

The changing board( or table) must also be made from natural material. Although the skin of the child will not be in direct contact with him, it is better to be safe in order to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

How to arrange a corner for a newborn in the parents' room?

If the size of the housing does not allow the child to allocate a separate room or it is more convenient for parents when the child is next to them, then it is worth considering the design of a separate corner for him. Often, a children's corner for a newborn includes a cot, a changing table, a bedside table or shelves for accessories designed to care for the baby. The number of pieces of furniture directly depends on how much space parents can allocate for the baby. It is important that the room is spacious and bright.

Sometimes, in order to make room for a corner of a newborn, you have to make a serious rearrangement. It is desirable that the interior of the room for the newborn and parents was the most functional. If the living space is large, it will be quite easy to do, but if there is not enough space, you will have to try. Nevertheless, it is quite realistic to allocate enough space for a baby in a small bedroom.

In the first months of life, your child will need a bed and a changing table, which will not require too much space. But after six months, when the baby begins to crawl, he will already need more space.

If you want to make a corner of the newborn in the parents' room, the interior design in this case should be close to neutral. Often, a cot is placed in the immediate vicinity of the parent's bed. It is convenient for both children and parents.

In this area you can place several decorative elements, but they should not be too catchy, but rather harmoniously fit into the overall design of the room. As a rule, most often preference is given to vinyl stickers in the form of cartoon characters or funny little animals. Over time, they without special difficulty can be replaced by others that will suit the child in age.

If there is a place to use additional decorations in the form of balls, posters, toys, then you should not miss this opportunity. These elements of decor can be removed a few days after the discharge of the mother with the baby from the hospital.

Arrangement of a children's room for a newborn - video

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