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You can find garlic in almost every backyard. Each year planting garlic in the spring in the open ground, this is a whole event for any summer resident. Root crop is often used to prepare various fragrant dishes, as a medicine for traditional medicine and for other purposes.

How to properly plant, care for the plant, see in the article.

Varieties of garlic

In nature, there are two main types of vegetables - spring and winter. They differ significantly in appearance, landing time, and storage conditions.

Winter garlic

For winter varieties, early ripening is also characteristic. Garlic is planted in the ground in the fall, and by the end of spring you can enjoy the fruits of your work. But, use it, in most cases, for cooking. This species is stored badly.

Winter varieties throw arrows, and will have to spend extra time removing them. But, having done such a simple manipulation, you will get large and fragrant heads.

Spring Garlic

The spring variant is planted in the spring, along with all other vegetables and root vegetables. The heads are formed in such a way that the extreme teeth are much larger than those in the middle. This garlic is stored for a long time, until the next harvest. To do this, simply place it in a cool place.

Each of these species has its advantages, positive and negative sides, but our article will deal with planting garlic in the spring in open ground.

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How to prepare the beds?

Many gardeners believe that garlic is an unpretentious plant, and wherever you plant it, it will grow. This is not so; in order to get a good harvest, you need to carefully prepare the soil for planting an aromatic vegetable.

At the preparation stage, one should take into account such simple tips:

  1. Planting garlic in spring in open ground presumes an even and sunny patch. If you plant a plant in the shade, or in a valley, it will grow poorly, often hurt and rot.
  2. Garlic will grow best on loam, or in soil that is oversaturated with organic fertilizers.
  3. When selecting a place to plant, do not use the beds on which tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers grew before. Perfectly fit the territory in which they grew potatoes, beans, or cabbage.
  4. An excellent solution would be the cultivation of garlic in the open ground next to strawberries, raspberries or roses. With its sharp aroma, it will scare away insects and pests, which are happy to taste delicate plants.

It is strictly not recommended to grow garlic on the same bed for more than two years in a row. It is better to give the site a rest for at least four years. So you get the best harvest.

Planting Garlic

As garlic does not form seeds, it multiplies either with its own teeth, or with the help of a small bulb that appears at the top of the arrow.

To plant garlic in spring in open ground, teeth must first be prepared:

  1. Carefully retrain the prongs. You need to choose only the largest, without damage and signs of rotting. Even if there is one sore tooth in the head, all the others are also not suitable for landing. This is very important, especially if it is planned to plant garlic in the spring in the open ground in the Urals, where the soil does not differ in plant benefits.
  2. To protect the seed from the fungus, it needs to be soaked for a few minutes in Fitosporin. If there is no such drug on hand, the usual weak solution of potassium permanganate will do.
  3. To improve the yield, soak every tooth in the liquid from the ash. For its preparation, you need to take 500 grams of ash, pour it with a liter of water, and boil for half an hour. Then cool. This solution is an excellent fertilizer for the plant.

Separate the teeth and carry out all the manipulations right before landing. If you do this in advance, the cutting will dry out and the root system will not develop.

When to plant garlic?

Many gardeners argue when planting garlic in open ground. The best time for sowing is the end of March and the beginning of April, when the warm spring sun begins to heat the earth, and the cold winds stop blowing.

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But, these are general characteristics, and every owner should be guided by climatic conditions. So, planting garlic in the ground in Siberia occurs somewhat later than in the southern regions. But, as soon as the snow completely disappears, and the earth dries out a little - you can get to work.

Rows are best located from north to south. So the plants will be evenly illuminated by the sun. The distance between two cloves of garlic should be at least 8-10 cm, so that they can fully develop, and not interfere with each other.

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Plant Care after Planting

After the garlic has been planted in the spring in open ground, you need to wait for the shoots, the first two leaves. Then you need to loosen the aisles to give the root systems an oxygen supply, as well as to peat or humus.

Watering should be abundant, if the root crop suffers from a lack of moisture, the heads will be small or they may not form at all. Therefore, if spring and summer in your region are dry enough, then watering should be ensured every day. For example, planting garlic in the spring in open ground in Transbaikalia provides for the start of watering from the time that the earth dries out.

At the end of June, the moistening of the soil should be stopped, and the heads should be allowed to dry well for harvesting. At this time, active growth stops, and the root system dies off. When the top is dried, the vegetable can be harvested.

Harvesting of root vegetables begins depending on the variety, but most often this period covers the end of July and the beginning of August. It is enough just to slightly pry the head with a shovel, put it in a basket, and place it in a cool place.

If you do everything right, then planting and caring for garlic in the open field will not cause you difficulties and troubles, and the harvest will be the best reward for your work.

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