Folk remedies for fertilizing carrots in open ground

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Carrots, like other garden crops, require the timely introduction of nutrients. With a lack of trace elements in the soil it is difficult to grow a bountiful and high-quality crop. In addition, it can significantly reduce the shelf life of the crop, which is important, since most of the grown carrots are intended for long-term use.

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To provide an orange vegetable with essential elements, most gardeners use mineral supplements in the form of various preparations. However, it is possible to fertilize carrots without the use of "chemistry", using organic biostimulants.

According to the recommendations of practicing this method, gardeners for fertilizing carrots in open ground are suitable folk remedies such as:

  • ash;
  • compost;
  • nettle infusion;
  • chicken droppings;
  • pulverized manure;
  • yeast.

For maximum benefit, each tool is applied at a certain stage in the cultivation of carrots.

Fertilizing soil with organic matter before planting carrots.

Applying feedings begins even before sowing seeds. For the future carrot beds in the spring, it is necessary to add rotted manure per 2 square meters.m. 1 bucket. In addition, sprinkle 200 g of ash per square meter, especially if the acidity of the soil is increased.

Poor soil should be composted during the autumn digging of the site.

Fertilizing carrots during the growing season.

If no ash has been applied to the soil before planting, it can be used as a fertilizer for a young carrot. To do this, in June, the ash must be scattered on the beds in a small amount( not more than 1 t. Per 1 sq. M.).

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From the root dressing with folk remedies, the combined infusion of 3 components recommended well:

  • nettle;
  • Ash;
  • yeast.

Add chopped green nettle into a large container, pour water on it without pouring to the top by ¼.Add a small pack of fresh yeast and 2-3 tbsp.ash. Leave for 5-7 days to wander in a well-lit place. The resulting concentrate is diluted with water 1:10 and water carrots under the root.

Carrots respond well to watering with a solution based on chicken manure: 1 part of the manure should be diluted with 10 parts of water, watered strictly between the rows.

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