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In our suburban areas, carrots are grown everywhere, it is a fairly well-known vegetable. With the best varieties of carrots you can get a rich harvest that will please the avid truck farmers with their taste, usefulness and ability to be stored for a long time. Summer residents prefer to grow varieties of carrots of different maturation periods in order to get a vitamin vegetable fresh all year round.

Early varieties of carrots

  • Variety "Lagoon F1".Hybrid, obtained by breeders not so long ago. It is the root of the so-called "Nant" type. With a very short period of maturation, which is 80 days. The root is a burning orange color, the average length is 18 cm, a cylindrical shape. Such carrots are recommended to be planted both during the pre-winter sowing season and in early spring for a plentiful harvest.
  • Variety "Alenka".Its distinctive feature is high yield. The root crop ripens quickly enough, from sowing seeds to harvesting is only 90 days. The vegetable has an orange color, 10 cm in length, very juicy and sweet. Excellent storage in a dry cellar. When growing requires loose fertile soils and constant watering.
  • Variety "Amsterdam". The best variety of carrots, reviews on which have been obtained through numerous consumer studies. It has two distinctive features - early ripeness and high yield. Between sowing and harvesting of ripened roots undergo a period of 80 days. The color of the carrot is orange, the fruits are distinguished by their smoothness, smoothness and cylindrical shape. The tip of the carrot is blunt. It prefers to grow on well-drained soils and loves regular, but moderate watering.
  • Grade "Golandka".Early ripe carrots, which fully ripens in 90 days. Fruit is orange, up to 18 cm long. Smooth, cylindrical, smooth, with a blunt tip in the root. It is not particularly cautious, therefore it is used only for fresh consumption. He likes fertile land and good watering.
  • Variety "Tushon".Refers to varieties for open ground, high yield, early ripening. Has a beautiful appearance, ripens in 80 days. The root itself is rich, orange-red, shiny, smooth and cylindrical. The average length of the carrot is 20 cm. It grows on loose and well-watered soils.
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Medium-ripeness is the best varieties of carrots for open ground

To the middle-ripened, popular in our strip varieties, it is possible to carry the following:

  • Sort "Top Type".It refers to the mid-term, ripens according to the "Nantes" type. Roots are orange-red, up to 20 cm long, having a cylindrical shape, blunt end, even. Very sweet and juicy variety. Cultivated only on loose, fertile, well-fertilized soils, with abundant watering.
  • Variety "Vitamin".It is classified as a sort of medium-term maturation, characterized by high yields. From the moment of the seeds' penetration to the time of harvesting, an average of 110 days passes. It is good as a sort of carrot for winter storage. The fruit is very bright, 15-17 cm long, smooth, even, cylindrical in shape, with a blunt root tip. Sweet and juicy, provided that it was grown with good watering and on drained soil.Variety "Losinoostrovskaya".Under such an unusual name is hidden mid-ripening variety, the fruits of which ripen in 120 days. It is characterized by increased yield, color saturation, and high carotene content per 100 g of vegetable. Has a cylindrical shape, juicy and sweet. It grows on any soils, except loam and sandstone. Requires enhanced irrigation with a lack of natural moisture.
  • Variety "Nantes".The most common variety of medium-ripened carrots. Fully ripens in 95 days. Root is bright, orange, up to 19 cm in the din. The shape of the carrot is elongated-cylindrical, and in this it is different from other middle-ripening varieties. Very juicy and crunchy. You can use it fresh, or store it in a dry and ventilated room as winter supplies. Like all medium-sized varieties. Needs regular watering and good fertile soil.
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Best medium-late variety of carrots for storage

Among the mid-late varieties there is no such seed variety as in the early and mid-ripening varieties. However, these varieties are perfectly preserved, both in the conditions of the apartment, and in the conditions of summer or burial storage:

  • Variety "Shantane."Mid-late, giving, with due care, abundant harvests. From the moment of sowing seeds, to the collection of ripened root crops - exactly 140 days pass. The fruits of this variety have a conical shape, length up to 16 cm, smooth, smooth, tip dull. A distinctive feature of the variety is that carrots do not crack.
  • "Royal Shantane" sort.Like the parent variety, it is high-yielding and is a favorite among the medium-late varieties. Ripens about 110 days. The color of the fruit is closer to red, they have the shape of a cone, sweet, juicy, with an elastic core. To grow, you need loose soil and moderate watering. Ideal for storage in subfloor conditions, with good ventilation and low humidity.
  • Variety "Perfection".New medium-late variety of domestic selection. Characterized by high yields. With regard to germination, these are the best carrot seeds, from the moment they are planted to harvesting, 125 days pass before harvest. The root is a saturated orange color, up to 21 cm long. The shape of the carrot is cylindrical, the tip is neat, not blunted. Can be stored for several months under acceptable humidity conditions. Absolutely not capricious in cultivation, grows on any soils and tolerates a moderate drought.
  • The variety is Sirkana F1.Hybrid carrots, which was introduced to the general public relatively recently. Mid-late variety with fruits of the "Nant" type. Like all medium-late varieties - high yield and well kept in the bins. This variety ripens during 135 days, after which it is possible to collect orange root crops, up to 20 cm long, with a neat root tip and a cylindrical shape. Like the previous grade - can be grown on any type of soil, and is not exacting to the irrigation regime.
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Late grades of carrots, presented in our gardens

Such varieties are grown with one purpose - storage of harvested fruits until the ripening of the next year's crop:

  • Vita Long variety.High-yielding and late maturing. Such carrots mature for 140 days. The root crop is intensely colored, reaching an average length of 20 cm. The shape of the carrot is dull, conical, the root end is neat. It lies very long, several months under the conditions of winter storage.
  • Variety "Carlen".Late and ripe. From the moment of sowing to digging out the mature fruit, it usually passes from 115 to 130 days. The color of the fruit is bright red, saturated, conical-cylindrical. In this carrot, the content of natural sugar is increased, so the variety is not recommended for canning and eating people who are sick with diabetes. It does not require special conditions for cultivation, it is stored for a long time under good conditions and low temperature.
  • Variety "Red, without core".High-yielding and fast-ripening carrots. Until the full maturation is only 95-100 days. The fruit is intensely red, long, up to 22 cm in length. Smooth and smooth, with minimal root ramifications, does not crack and is stored for a long time. Fresh roots give a lot of juice and crunch. Demanding in care, a good crop can be obtained only with intensive irrigation and on fertile soils.

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