11 best electric toothbrushes according to customer reviews

  • Choosing a brush correctly: what to look for
  • Types of brushes
  • Electromechanical brushes
  • Sound electrobrush for cleaning teeth
  • Ultrasonic models of toothbrushes
  • Models for children

Beautiful smile is great! And no one will dispute the fact that when we first communicate with a person, we involuntarily look at his teeth. Along with standard care products, advanced technologies offer us quite new, more effective solutions. These include, in particular, the electrobrush for cleaning the oral cavity. How to choose such an accessory and which electric toothbrush is the best? About this and not only today's article.

Choosing a brush correctly: what to look for

First of all, let's talk about how to approach the issue of choice. A little lower we will make a small rating of the most interesting models.

So, regardless of the product of which brand you decide to buy, take a look at the following:

Power supply

Electric brushes can run on a battery or a simple AA or AAA battery. The first are much more expensive, but the acquisition of the second - only the apparent savings. Each battery costs money, and they will have to be changed quite often.

Type of movement of the working head

The cheapest brushes use 1-D technology. This means that the nozzle can only move in a circle and in one direction. Reviews of owners of such accessories tell us that such brushes are not much more efficient than regular ones.

It is better to choose the model that has at least two directions of movement( 2-D).The ability to perform reciprocating movement significantly improves the operation of the device.

The best electric toothbrush made with vibration technology 3-D.That is, she not only “walks” back and forth, but can pulsate. This allows the most effective removal of pigment and bacterial plaque.

Number of operating modes

Even the cheapest toothbrush for teeth will have at least one mode: “everyday use”.By and large, that's enough. But if you are ready to overpay for options, you will be interested in such modes:

  • deep cleansing;
  • gum care;
  • whitening;
  • language cleansing;
  • program for very sensitive teeth.

The best electric toothbrushes have all these modes and more. True, it is all much more expensive.

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Replacement nozzles

As a rule, budget models have only one nozzle. An additional set of others can be purchased separately based on the number of desired functions or the number of family members. It is good to acquire cleaning “heads”, already marked in various ways, for example, with colored rings. Otherwise, in order for households not to confuse their “head” with someone else's, they will have to be marked on their own.

Control Systems

The best electric toothbrushes of 2017–2018 are equipped with built-in sensors to monitor the process. Some models can track the pressure of the working "head".This helps prevent excessive erasure of tooth enamel. Others offer a special timer, showing how much it is necessary to clean a particular area.

Types of brushes

Depending on the arrangement of the mechanism that sets the bristles in motion, the electrobrush can be of three types:

  • with the usual mechanical principle of operation;
  • sound;
  • ultrasound.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before acquiring a particular model, you should still consult a dentist.

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Electromechanical brushes

In such accessories, the bristles move by means of a miniature electric motor. The device actually simulates the usual manual cleaning, only in highly accelerated mode. Closest to the “manual” brushes in 2-D technology.

Such devices effectively clean plaque, have almost no effect on fillings and greatly reduce the time spent on cleaning. Among the shortcomings, the following can be noted:

  • cannot be used in the exacerbation of gum diseases, since the risk of injury in this case increases many times;
  • may cause damage to the enamel if used improperly;
  • is not recommended for those who have caries at least in the first stage( white spots on the teeth).

To help you make a choice, we have compiled the TOP 3 of the popular 2018 dental brushes.

Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean

The Oral-B trademark is one of the recognized leaders in the production of this type of product. Practically in every known rating the devices of this company occupy leading positions. The Vitality – Precision – Clean model is one of the simplest, but, nevertheless, the most effective. This is the case when there is nothing superfluous.


  • battery power( working time - 20 minutes, full charge - 16 hours);
  • has a bristle wear indicator;

The negative aspects include the presence of only one mode of operation, the absence of all kinds of “bells and whistles” and “bells and whistles”.This very high-quality and simple model has become one of the leaders of 2017, precisely due to its simplicity and accessibility. The cost in retail outlets ranges from $ 25 to $ 40.

Oral-B Professional Care – 5000 D34

If it’s not just the price that matters to you, but technical filling, you should definitely take a look at this toothbrush. Professional Care – 5000 D34 is literally “stuffed” with various possibilities. True, it costs about $ 200.In the set there are as many as 4 tips for all family members. In addition, there is a nozzle for polishing. With its help you can significantly whiten tooth enamel.

Other benefits:

  • 5 modes of operation;
  • pressure level sensor( if the signal is pressed too hard on the brush);
  • charge –12 hours;
  • uptime - 40 minutes;
  • has a gum massage function;
  • travel case, case for storage of nozzles;
  • timer;
  • bristle wear indicator.

Slightly spoil the mood can only lack of features such as "addictive", as well as the very high cost of the device.

Panasonic EW-DS90-K Compact

If you travel a lot and want to enjoy all the advantages of electric brushes on the road, you cannot do without this model. Only one AAA battery is enough and the device will perform about 16 thousand movements per minute. You do not need any socket or recharging, you can use the Panasonic EW-DS90-K Compact even in the deep forest. The cleaning head has 3 types of bristles and at the same time provides high-quality cleaning, massage of the gums and removal of plaque. And now attention! The price of the device is only $ 18–20!For the money he has no flaws.

Sound electric toothbrushing brush

These accessories are arranged a little differently. Inside the case is a small sound generator. It forces the bristles to move with a frequency of about 20–30 thousand repetitions per minute. In addition, the dynamic flow of fluid formed by the villi, can effectively remove the smallest food particles from the gaps between the teeth and the gingival sulcus.

Such models do an excellent job with hard-to-reach places from the oral cavity, remove pigmented plaque and have no effect on the preservation of fillings and crowns. However, it is necessary to use such a device correctly. You can not press on the brush, stay in one place for more than 1-2 seconds, apply a paste with a high degree of abrasivity.

CS Medica CS-262

First one of the most budget models in this category falls into our rating. The cost of this brush is only $ 25–28, which is partly due to the fact that instead of expensive batteries, simple batteries are used here. On the one hand, it is necessary to spend money on "consumables".On the other hand, thanks to this, the brush weighs three times lighter than its counterparts. If you are in a hurry, the battery can be changed with one hand movement, but the battery will be charged for several hours.

Among other pleasant moments, the following can be noted:

  • two nozzles;
  • bleaching mode;
  • excellent build quality;
  • continuous battery life - 150 hours;
  • weight only 45 g.

A little grief will be lovers of a large number of nozzles and modes. You better pay attention to another option.

Remington SFT-100 Sonicfresh

This model has as many as three modes:

  • standard cleaning;
  • sparing;
  • gum massage.

Pulse technology with a pulsation rate of about 31 thousand revolutions per minute is used in the work. There is also a built-in timer that controls the process. The signal reminds of the need to change the location of the cleaning head, and also notifies about the end of the procedure.

This very nice device is equipped with a cover for storage, convenient and easy to use. The only unpleasant moment may be the cost of the device - about $ 65.Afford a toothbrush for the money can not all.

Hapica Minus – iON

And this model costs only about 25–27 evergreens. But she got into our rating is not why. The first is the difference between Hapica Minus – iON - the highest build quality. This is not surprising, since the brush is collected by meticulous Japanese. There is absolutely nothing superfluous. But an interesting point is present: the device can be successfully used even without the use of toothpaste. Of course, at home it may seem unnecessary or a bit unusual, but for travelers the most it.

In addition, working without interruption from just two conventional Hapica Minus – iON batteries will take as long as 5 hours. Yes, and replaceable nozzles are quite reasonable money.

Ultrasonic models of toothbrushes

And now let's talk about how one of the new products works - ultrasonic toothbrush. In the middle of such a device is a special generator. It converts electric current into an ultrasonic wave. At the same time, the frequency of movement( oscillation) of the bristles increases to 100 million, and the amplitude decreases. It may seem that the bristles do not move at all.

Ultrasonic wave transmitted to plaque. Due to the difference in physical properties, this effect is not uniform. This leads to the fact that the plaque and microorganisms simply break away from enamel. Thus, ultrasonic toothbrushes clean the oral cavity with high quality, destroy microorganisms, and effectively affect soft and hard deposits. The procedure time is minimal.

There is one more positive quality. Ultrasound slightly warms up the fluid in the mouth, and this contributes to a better penetration of the components of the cleaning paste into the tooth tissue.

But all advantages can instantly turn into disadvantages. Ultrasound devices negatively affect unhealed teeth, destroy fillings and veneers, and may cause exacerbations of gum disease. In addition, these toothbrushes are contraindicated for pregnant women and those with a pacemaker.

In general, only people with perfectly healthy teeth can use this miracle of technology. And we present to your attention the best ultrasound models according to user feedback.

Emmi-dent 6 Professional

This is one of the most effective and sturdy models. The maximum speed of the bristles is more than 80 million pulsations. One of the highest results among competitors! True, this is almost all that this model can please. There are no other "bells and whistles" in Emmi-dent 6.

Included is a case and two additional nozzles. And thanks for that.

Yes, and the price leaves much to be desired. For more than $ 210 grade could be more. But it does not stop buyers, because such a quality of tooth brushing should also be looked for.

CS Medica CS-333

This brush creates so soft vibrations that it suits people, even with very sensitive gums. This is a 2-in-1 brush: there are 31 thousand sound vibrations and more than 95 million ultrasound pulses. Powered by conventional batteries, and for quite some time. Bacteria on the bristles do not accumulate, so the bristles do not need to be further cleaned in the ultraviolet. Very effective against tartar and chronic plaque. And the price is much more attractive than the previous model, about 155 "green" units.

Donfeel HSD-008

And this model, with a more than pleasant price of about $ 60, has one of the most complete sets. There is:

  • travel case with battery charger;
  • recharge station with UV disinfector;
  • three nozzles for various purposes, including for easier penetration between the teeth and in other hard-to-reach places;
  • battery status indicator.

Donfeel has 3 modes of operation, among which are whitening and massage. By the way, there are no particular flaws in this model.

Models for children

On the market there are also models that were released specifically for children. True, many dentists do not recommend the constant use of such devices for at least ten years. But the prospect of teaching babies to the right, and most importantly, regular dental care inspires many parents.

Hapica Kids

One of the most popular in this market segment is the children's model from the Japanese company Hapica. This bright and comfortable brush will be an excellent friend for children from 3 years and older. You can use it without the use of toothpaste. The quality of the process will not suffer from this.

The advantages of this device are obvious:

  • soft bristles, made of ceramic, not only do not hurt the baby’s teeth, but also prevent bacteria from growing;
  • weighs only 58 grams even for the smallest user;
  • device type of device - sound, which provides the highest quality cleaning, while not destroying the delicate children's enamel;
  • runs on batteries, up to 5 hours of continuous cleaning on one battery;
  • quite reasonable price will please parents( about $ 25-28).

There are no particular deficiencies in this model. Is that a little strict for the children's version of the design, but it is quite fixable. You can stick your child’s favorite sticker on the handle.

Colgate Spider-Man

And this model will please not only an excellent price( about $ 8), but also a bright design. The Colgate company offers kids a choice of models with Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Princess, Little Mermaid, and, of course, the friend of all children with cute Spongebob. Together with their favorite characters, kids will willingly brush their teeth as often as necessary. The soft bristle does not traumatize the baby’s mouth, and a light buzz will turn the hygienic process into a fun game.

The brush from ordinary batteries works, the thin shape of the handle is conveniently placed in the hand of a child. Electromechanical head, vibrating. Colgate Spider-Man is an excellent choice for teaching your baby to hygienic procedures.

Now you know exactly which electric toothbrush is the best. Therefore, to make the right choice in 2018 will no longer be any difficulty.

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