Choosing a street heater to the country

  • Parameters for selecting a heater for street
  • Types of street heaters
  • What is better gas or electricity?
  • Rating the best models

Outdoor heaters are indispensable devices when it gets too cold for evening gatherings on the terrace of a summer house. A properly selected device will heat the rest area and provide an opportunity to comfortably watch the end of warm summer days. Such heaters are suitable not only for a warm pastime on the street, they are also used in gardens to protect the crop from sudden changes in temperature. Basically, the market offers infrared heaters for the street, but there are other equally popular types of heating devices.

Parameters for choosing a heater for the street

Before you buy a device for heating a porch or gazebo in the country house, you need to pay attention to such an important parameter as the power of the heater. The higher the power, the larger the section the heater will be able to warm up, however, if the necessary zone is about 7-10 meters, then you do not need to buy a device with a capacity of more than 10 kW, this power will be enough for a section of this size. Independent calculation can be made according to the formula, according to which 1 kW of energy is sufficient for every 10 square meters of space. But for heating a large area, over 60 square meters, a sufficiently powerful heater has not yet been invented and several pieces may be needed.


Usually, the heater body is very hot, which is traumatic. Therefore, first of all, it is better to pay attention and choose models, whose case is additionally protected from accidental tactile contact with it, or which are mounted on the ceiling or wall. You also need to highlight the following security settings:

  • device emergency shutdown system;
  • in heaters-columns presence of a sensor responding to the angle of inclination;
  • wide and stable stand in mobile models;
  • removable reflector( reflector) of rays in infrared heaters;
  • in gas - the function of automatically turning off the gas supply when the fire goes out.

Design and materials

Heaters body is made of iron. It is better to pay attention to models made of stainless steel, since even with the declared high quality of ordinary metal with spray coating, corrosion cannot be avoided. According to the appearance parameter, street heaters are divided into three types: mounted on the ceiling, on the wall, and mounted on a table or chairs. Heaters mounted in the table are usually infrared heaters - low columns in which the reflector of the rays performs the function of the table.


According to the parameter of the power source, heating devices are divided into four types:

  • gas heaters;
  • electric heaters;
  • liquid fuel powered devices;
  • solid fuel powered heaters.

Electric heaters are the most popular, they do not pollute the air and are fireproof if they are connected to a powerful electrical network. Outdoor gas heaters are also in demand among buyers, as they are portable and will work without electricity. They are used to heat the terrace, or put in the garden if it is necessary to save the plants from sudden frosts. Oil-fired heaters usually have the appearance of a cooker and perform the same function aside from space heating. Solid fuel devices are the cheapest among street heaters, as they have a simple design.

Types of street heaters

As a rule, these are infrared heaters, since this method of heating is best suited for outdoors. The principle of operation resembles the spread of solar heat - infrared rays, like the sun, do not heat the air, but the objects and surfaces they encounter. Such heaters work on liquid or solid fuel, on gas and on electricity. Buyers prefer electric and gas heaters, since oil-fired heaters usually perform the function of a stove in the summer kitchen, and solid-fuel devices are not of high quality.

Electric street heaters

The heating element in an outdoor electric heater is a filament coil, which, under the influence of electricity, heats up to 800 degrees. Such heaters will be able to heat the desired area to a temperature of 10 degrees above the temperature outside this area. This type of heater is divided into three subspecies: quartz, metal and ceramic. Quartz devices among them are the lowest in price, this is due to the fact that they have a short lifespan, and they are not suitable for heating gazebos or terraces - they can only be used in open space.

Gas street heaters

Heaters are powered by gas cylinders with a capacity of up to 30 liters, which means that the work does not require reference to electricity and can be used not only in the country, but also on forays into nature. On one full cylinder, the heater can operate non-stop for up to 24 hours. However, it is better not to leave the device unattended, since devices that use open fire in their work always have an explosive risk.

What is better gas or electricity?

An electric heater should be chosen if it is connected to a good network and energy interruptions are not predicted. However, its significant disadvantage is the lack of mobility, which can be compensated by connecting to additional extension cords. Although it is more powerful than gas and, therefore, it will be more efficient to warm up the territory. Gas models are cheaper and more economical to use. Their main plus in mobility, and a minus in less qualitative heating.

Rating the best models

In our ranking, we have collected the top 3 most high-quality models of street electric heaters that will help you make the right choice.

ChillChaser NEPTUN

This heater not only heats the area, but also acts as a source of light. It is energy efficient and almost silent in operation. An essential advantage in favor of this device is the motion sensor, which turns on the device only when there are people in its area of ​​operation, this function makes it economical. As a nice bonus to the heater, the wheels are mounted to facilitate its movement.

Kvimol KM05

This heater has a wall mounting method. The main advantage of this device is its degree of protection IP 65, which means that it is resistant to moisture and can work in the rain. The advantages are also democratic price of the device. The disadvantage is a small heating area, but it can heat a small veranda up to 15 square meters in size.

Alexander Rose Appollo

This model as well as the previous one can be purchased at an affordable price. The main advantage of this device in the presence of emergency shutdown of the heater in the fall. Also in it there is a motion sensor. An energy-saving lamp is mounted in the device case and there is a remote control heater in the kit.

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