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The fastest and most productive berry crop is raspberry tree. Its fruits are very tasty and healthy, they like it fresh, raspberries are made for the winter, it can be dried. Therefore, raspberries are grown on every household or summer cottage, a lot of positive feedback is received by the raspberry tree.

Currently, there are many varieties of this shrub, which allows you to get fresh products for a long time, picking up several varieties with different periods of fruiting.

Crimson tree - what is it?

For the raspberry tree include standard varieties of this berry, varieties that do not need support in growing. They keep well, the branches of the shrub can bend under the weight of the berries, but they will not fall down, as they are tough with shortened interstices. Raspberry tree - not the name of the variety, and the method of cultivation.

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With this method of growing shrubs, sprout-bearing branches are cut out and pinch the tops of young shoots, which leads to the awakening of side shoots. Leaving only one escape of replacement, you can get an upright, tree-like, non-resident shrub.

The number of lateral shoots of growth in standard raspberry varieties reaches 10 pcs. By the fall, they are about 50 cm long. After the foliage falls, the bush resembles a small tree, which made it possible to call it that. With optimal care, such a bush will yield much more than a plant that has not been formed this way. Increasingly, gardeners grow a raspberry tree in their plot, the feedback on which is usually positive.

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Why choose a raspberry tree Tarusa

One of the most promising modern varieties for personal farming is the raspberry tree Tarusa, he has:

  • High productivity, with proper pruning can produce two harvests per season. The berries are very large( up to 14-16 g), a beautiful elongated shape with a bright red color and shiny. They are easily removed.
  • Berries with excellent taste and aroma, dense and withstand transportation well. The berries of the raspberry tree Tarusa can be used not only fresh, but also for all types of processing, because they have few seeds and they are quite small.
  • The root system resembles the root of a tree and does not give a lot of shoots, that is, it does not “creep” over the area. When raspberries are grown on a berry, and not for planting material, this quality is a big plus.
  • There is the possibility of growing without supports or stakes, as the plant has hard thick and strong shoots that do not have thorns.
  • High winter hardiness and relatively good resistance to many diseases.

Other features of the variety

This raspberry belongs to medium-late varieties. The bushes, with the proper care of a raspberry tree, are powerful, of a compressed type, of medium height and pronounced, with a height of 1.5 - 2 meters. The leaves are very beautiful and large, with a corrugated surface and a dark green color. The plant is very beautiful in general and can be used for decorative purposes.

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Growing a raspberry tree Tarusa and caring for it

Since the repair raspberry varieties continue active vegetation development in the fall, the raspberry tree is planted only in spring. Planted in autumn, the plant does not have time to ripen and dies from frost. In the year of planting one should not expect a big harvest, the young bush will lag behind in development from those previously planted.

The raspberry tree grows thick and wide, so you need to plant at a distance of a meter from bush to bush, and at least 1.8 m is left between the rows. For a raspberry tree to develop well, planting is accompanied by top dressing, i.e. humus or peatwith manure. Repair raspberry varieties need fertile soil.

During the growing season, plantings must be watered abundantly, but they also do not need to be flooded so that the roots do not rot.

If temperatures fall below -30 ° C are possible in winter, then after the end of fruiting, the stalks of the bush should be lowered to the soil, if this is not done in time, the shoots become stiff as a result of which they will become brittle.

The raspberry plantations must be weeded, loosened and mulched. Soil mulching is important:

  • protects the soil from overheating in summer, its temperature remains uniform;
  • mulch interferes with the rapid evaporation of moisture,
  • slows the growth of weeds and increases the fertility of the soil;
  • in the winter it serves as a shelter for the roots and protects them from freezing.
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In addition, the raspberry tree must be fed, otherwise it will not be able to grow to its characteristic size, and it can’t do without disease and pest control. Without carrying out all the necessary agrotechnical measures it is impossible to get such a raspberry tree of Tarusa, as in the photo below.

Pruning a raspberry tree

Forming a raspberry tree is done by double pruning. The first time pinching of the shoots is done after planting in May, when the shoots reach 60 cm. The stems are shortened by 5-10 cm. After pinching in the leaf axils, lateral branches grow, which are subjected to a second pinching next spring. After the danger of frost has disappeared, branching should be cut to 15 cm. Later on the stalk will appear a lot of fruitful twigs, from which in early autumn you can harvest a rich harvest.

Berries from remontant raspberry varieties are also formed during the current season. The method of pruning shoots depends on how many crops it is desirable to take for the season. When double pinching plants give one crop. For two crops, pruning is done in the fall, only frost-bitten or dried twigs are cut in the spring.

Forming a Crimson Tree - Video

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