Original landscape design solutions, embodied in the country garden and garden plots

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Each owner of the garden or cottage land plot always uses it in order to grow vegetables for future consumption. However, in modern times this obsessive goal for the soul was not enough. Many summer residents and gardeners embody fantastic ideas of garden design on their plots, enraptured their neighbors and many fans of fantastic natural originality, from which their eyes diverge.

A photo of the original landscaping options for a vegetable garden in the country house.

A vegetable bed fits nicely into a garden lawn, delighting with the richness of grown spicy crops, cabbage, parsley in combination with flower plantations.

An ordinary constructed greenhouse, which eventually turns into a hill of beautiful clubs, at the base of which will grow low-growing flower plants, and vegetable seedlings will take shape in the green top of the flower garden with beautiful mature fruits.

The original solution for arranging garden beds within the lawn with the use of a beautiful wooden design created by vegetable beds, which are very easy to care for. This option involves the cultivation of onions, celery, herbs, lettuce, dill, parsley, and even beets - a bright summer green attracting vegetable oasis near the house.

A well-cultivated garden plot with the use of paving slab decor, implying consistency. In such an interesting figure landscape format, you can change the position of growing vegetables annually, giving the flowerbed a completely different look.

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A similar composition can be performed with the help of building bricks.

This is a surprisingly comfortable option for arranging a large garden plot, several wooden beds are planted annually with a variety of vegetables, the order of which can be alternated, ensuring efficient crop rotation and fertilizing the soil. The aesthetic arrangement of the seedlings will result in a beautiful result before harvesting.

The garden plot is not necessarily smooth and flat, often slopes are suitable for growing and processing. Here is a vivid example of the successful execution of the original planting of vegetables with a combination of colors of growing plant foliage, creating an amazing garden beauty, causing a brutal appetite.

And this is another clear example of how vegetable crops look great in combination with flowers on decorative flowerbeds.

Vegetable beds can be successfully decorated with flowers and shrubs, creating neat curly green fences.

A vegetable garden is a territory where you can grow everything - trees, shrubs, vegetables and flowers, which in one single tandem create a real green flowering tale. Timely care for all cultivated plants throughout the growing season gives the land an attractive rich look.

Landscape garden design is a real art, depending directly on the fantasy of the land owner, who, thanks to his wit, agrotechnical knowledge in the cultivation of vegetable crops can transform their work into a real creative process.

Bold ideas come to life in homestead and garden plots thanks to skillful hands and the desire to create around you a unique cozy corner that warms the soul with its attractive look. Creating non-standard garden landscape projects, I want them to be durable and retain their original appearance. To this end, for the improvement of the planned plots, it is necessary to carefully select the material that is not too cumbersome, it will be easy to tolerate the effects of external climatic factors and will be pleased with its quality for a long time.

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The main materials with which you can create are gravel, paving slabs, wooden logs, pegs, plastic bottles, and natural stone.

How to start and how to make a garden design with your own hands?

  1. First, in order to translate ideas into reality, a paper project should be made up of locating the entire set of crops in certain areas of the garden or backyard.
  2. Secondly, to give these areas the desired form, that is, the boundaries in which they will pass the entire vegetative period of development. It can be completely various squares, rhombuses, petals of various dimensional characteristics, as well as their original combination.
  3. Thirdly, you need to think about how to ensure that these areas are approached in order to care for the beds, watering and use of the crop. It’s not always sunny weather outside, which allows you to get to the garden without getting dirty in the dirt. An excellent option, delimiting the beds, are wooden walkways, walkways of paving slabs or natural stone or brick.
  4. Fourthly, it is necessary to take care of drawing up an estimate for the purchase of all the necessary tools and materials to start the landscaping of the garden plot.
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When all four stages are completed, you can safely get to work. An excellent time of year for early work is the early spring, it is the spring gap that will allow planting vegetables in ready-made plots and in the first months of summer enjoy the beautiful landscape design of the garden, made with your own hands.

Features of garden design in the country house

The design of a small garden is much easier to perform compared to a huge plot of land. A small area perfectly harmonizes with all sorts of homemade figurines, fences, vines, handicrafts, which can be made of clay, stones, rubber tires, wooden log cabins and ordinary stumps left on the site after the removal of old dried trees.

A country garden does not do without a recreation area, which has the most direct relation to landscape design. It is a shop made with your own hands that will allow you to distract a little from hard work and get the fullest satisfaction from the surrounding beauty.

There is a huge amount of examples of garden garden design in the country. But, equipping their land, each owner always adds its own individual zest to its design. Human imagination has no limits, create with pleasure, because only work in soul brings true enjoyment of life.

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