How to choose a carbon infrared heater: a review of species and tips on choosing

Manufacturers offer a variety of carboxylic appliances for heating. Agree, a variety of techniques in appearance, power, cost, and other characteristics can easily confuse an inexperienced buyer.

We will help you to understand the range of offers. Before you choose a carbon heater, you need to understand the principle of its design and operation, as well as to compare the features of different models of operation.

The content of the article:

  • The design of carbon heating element
  • Structure and working principle of the device carbon
  • Varieties carboxylic heaters
    • Feature wall units
    • Ceiling carboxylic device
    • Features floor heaters
    • Flat or film-type systems
  • Is it possible to build such a heater myself?
  • Tips for choosing a carbon heater
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The design of carbon heating element

Consumer desire to buy a device for heating, which does not desiccate the air, well warmed, using a minimal amount of energy - is feasible. These requirements are able to perform a carbon heater, which is one of types of infrared instruments. It is based - carbon fiber heating element.

Carbon - Carbon is, of which the strands forming the basis of the heater. They are twisted into a spiral, placed in a vacuum tube made of tempered glass. The thickness of the helix depends on the power of the instrument - the higher the power, the denser and longer the carbon filament.

carbon fiber

The yarns of carbon fibers are the carboxylic heater. They firmly intertwined to form a kind of tape, twisted into a spiral

This type of heater capable of delivering infrared rays length of 1800-2400 nm, while having a negative temperature coefficient. This means that an increase in temperature, it will need less power.

carbon spiral

Carbon fiber yarns constituting a spiral heater, are of different lengths. The thickness of the spiral sections and repetition frequency depends on the expected power of the device

Spiral of carbon enclosed in a vacuum tube, when heated or burnout. This is a significant advantage over tungsten heating elements.

This feature lets you use the heater for a long time, adhering to the rules of operation of the device, containing carbon fiber.

Structure and working principle of the device carbon

Devices that operate by heating carboxylic spiral different performance, appearance, fabrication material. The common feature is the device equipment.

Base - tube with carbon fibers, twisted into a spiral. This heating element. Depending on the power of the device and its pattern of such tubes can be 2, 3 or more.

vacuum tube

Vacuum tube with carbon fiber heating element have different shapes, which depend on the producer. They have in common - the constituent components - carboxylic filament enclosed in a glass case airless environment

Carbon heater body is enclosed in a reflector made of anodized aluminum. From the outside world, for security purposes, the tube enclosed by a lattice.

Depending on the model, the device may have a control panel, a stand with rotation function, built-in temperature sensor, which is controlled by a rotary dial.

After the device is switched on in the carbon network of filaments passes electric current heating them. Going long-wave infrared radiation easily penetrates through the glass. Harm him not, because «carbone» - «carbon" in essence, the same coal.

The main feature of the radiant heat is that it heats the objects in the field of action. The air in contact with the device and objects begins to heat up already from items that received a portion of the heat.

As carbon infrared heater distributes heat

Heat radiated carboxylic heater is not used for heating the air. It is targeted at warming objects in the work area. And then the heated objects are divided into heat with the ambient air ()

Infrared rays falling on the surface of the objects and the human body is heated to a depth of 2.5 cm. Heating occurs on the one hand - from the heater.

Working area depends on the power of the device. On average, 100 W can spread the heat on an area of ​​1 m2. But this figure is largely dependent on the device model - some manufacturers guarantee with a power of 900 W Heating area 20 m2.

insulation spiral

Ribbons of carbon fiber is securely isolated in a vacuum environment. It is fully protected. The operation of the heating element to avoid interference with foreign objects

The heating element is the most reliable part of the device. Solid carbon filaments constituting carboxylic spiral may operate 100,000 hours or more.

The only problem - vacuum quartz tube. While tempered glass is used, the risk of damage is high enough. That glass is the most vulnerable part of the appliance and the main drawback.

On the other hand, hydrocarbon plexus filaments firmly sealed in the vacuum container shielded from external influences - microparticulate dust, water droplets, accidental entry of foreign objects.

Varieties carboxylic heaters

For carboxylic infrared heaters are characterized by a variety of forms, size, weight, power and cost. These characteristics are due to a specific feature of the model. The main criterion for the classification of carboxylic instruments can be called a method of installation or assembly.

All heaters of this type can be divided into the following groups:

  • wall;
  • ceiling;
  • floor.

In a separate group can distinguish flat film type deviceIt is also used as a heating element carbon. They can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or floor.

varieties heaters

Manufacturers of heating appliances offer a variety of options. Most mobile and compact from the low - floor models. They can be placed in any room of your home, because the operation of the device does not tied to a specific location

Each of these groups speaks for itself - a way of mounting or have radically different. From this it depends directly on the effectiveness and use of space.

Heaters carbon type can be installed in the apartment, in the country, in a private home, in the car, on summer areas cafes, in production areas with high ceilings in the office.

If the heater is placed in the street, it should be borne in mind that the heating area in this case is 2-2.5 times less than the inside of the building.

image gallery

Photo of

Mobile heaters

Installation and mounting type heaters are divided into mobile and stationary. Mobile intended to solve local problems

Options for the use of portable devices

Portable infrared heaters are mounted on the floor or on the supplied tripod. Their thickness is inferior stationary systems

Permanently mounted infrared heater

Permanently installed ceiling systems and the majority of the wall units. Power stationary heaters substantially higher than that of mobile

Operation of stationary heaters

Permanently installed heaters are used for local heating, and to the general. With the success of coping with maintaining the temperature in the low-rise buildings

Mobile heaters

Mobile heaters

Options for the use of portable devices

Options for the use of portable devices

Permanently mounted infrared heater

Permanently mounted infrared heater

Operation of stationary heaters

Operation of stationary heaters

Feature wall units

The main advantage of wall models carboxylic heaters - saving living space. Due to the fact that the heater special mounts provided for mounting on the wall, it can be placed even in a small apartment, without prejudice to the residents.

After all, when every centimeter of the room is important, the wall structure will be the most sensible option heater.

wall construction

Wall-mounted infrared heater can not only heat the residents of the apartment, but also seamlessly fit into the interior. Selecting the most successful model of the device can thus bring to the design of the room a kind of zest

The wall unit heater no peculiarities. You can install it on their own, without resorting to the services of specialists. Attachment provided by the manufacturer, reliable. They are able to leave the device having such a light weight - up to 4 kg.

The cost of the wall model largely depends on the famous producer and its reputation in the market.

Also the price directly affects the power of the device, the warranty period of service, additional features and functionality provided by the device developers.

image gallery

Photo of

Radiant heaters in the form of paintings

IR with an external device side, decorated with crisp photographic images, perform aesthetic and heating function

The structural specificity-paintings heaters

The image is applied to the FRP plate, equipped with an ultra-thin carbon fiber heating element

The use of devices with a decorative surface

Made in the form of bright prints devices serve only for the local heating due to low productivity

Mobility heaters due to lightness

They belong to a variety of wall heaters, but thanks to its light weight and ease of attachment can move freely from one room to another

Radiant heaters in the form of paintings

Radiant heaters in the form of paintings

The structural specificity-paintings heaters

The structural specificity-paintings heaters

The use of devices with a decorative surface

The use of devices with a decorative surface

Mobility heaters due to lightness

Mobility heaters due to lightness

For proper installation of the heater wall is necessary to determine which items must be in its operating area. It is advisable to mount the unit so that it had the maximum viewing angle.

If you select the wrong place, it would have to outweigh. For these models it is important that was bundled remote control.

The main disadvantage of wall carboxylic devices is the complexity of service - to wipe off the dust, it is necessary for him to get even. Second - this is a high cost, compared with outdoor options.

This is due to the presence of mandatory features for adjusting the temperature and the power operation of the device by remote control.

wall konstruktsiya_2

Infrared device, located high above the head, will be located a safe distance away from small children. Of course, to wipe it off, it is necessary to make efforts

On the other hand, the mounting location above the head, some consumers are considered to be one of the advantages. Namely wall and ceiling model is very popular among families with children. Conveniently, the device is out of reach of the child.

Ceiling carboxylic device

Carbon heaters can be mounted on the ceiling. Manufacturers offer a variety of models that can be easily integrated into any interior without compromising it. There are options, mounted in the ceiling design.

Before installing the ceiling heaters carboxylic important to correctly calculate the required power and choose their place of installation. Such variations are most often used for heating of industrial premises with high ceilings. Here will suit high power models with more than one heating element.

Small appliances 800-2500 watts installed as an additional heating equipment in suburban homes. It is very convenient - just 10 seconds after it starts to work, warming the chilly guests and pieces of furniture on which they are settled.

Ceiling mounted

Ceiling models are easy to install and looks decent. They can be used not only at home but also for heating the visitors cafes and restaurants

When using the ceiling heaters should not be placed too close to objects, devices with plastic housing, cloth. Due to excessive heating of plastic may appear an unpleasant odor.

Ceiling instrument equipped with a timer and a thermostat, is able to maintain a comfortable temperature, once configured by the user. Also, there are models, who can remember a few options of temperature modes.

Ceiling model_2

Carbon ceiling heater can be installed directly into the design of the ceiling. It all depends on the model. There are options, fully merging the color of the ceiling material

Carbon devices do not desiccate the air, because the heating element is not directly in contact with the air. Therefore, in areas such heaters do not have to worry about additional moisture.

Features floor heaters

The most common model of carboxylic heaters - floor. They come in different sizes and shapes - all depends on the imagination of the designer. Their main advantage - portability and light weight. Such a device can be loaded into the car and take with you to the cottage.

Floor heaters appearance is divided into horizontal and vertical. Depending on their capacity, allocate fixed and rotary devices. The angle of rotation depends on the individual characteristics - from 90 ° to 180 °.

This feature has pleased a large number of buyers. Also in great demand models with remote control, despite the higher cost.

Floor heaters

Interior design carboxylic heaters differ opportunity to turn the work surface in the desired direction without moving the device itself. Function is provided thanks to the swivel mechanism

Ease of use outdoor equipment speaks for itself - set and can be switched on. No need to install. The variety of forms allows to choose for your home the best option, harmoniously combined with the interior.

Carbon heater creates a special cozy atmosphere in the room, as if used for heating fireplace.

Floor obogrevateli_2

floor-type appliances should be placed strictly on the horizontal surfaces. Moreover, the heater must be located on a hard surface in a horizontal position to avoid an accidental fall

For security reasons, carbon heaters, floor type equipped with automatic shut-off function. It is activated when heated above the permissible temperature or when the instrument is inverted. If the owner accidentally dropped a working heater, automatic switch off your device.

To maintain a comfortable temperature without human intervention, can be used when connecting the heater thermostat to the wall outlet.

Flat or film-type systems

One variety of heaters may be mentioned carboxylic film type devices that operate on the basis of carboxylic yarns laid parallel to each other. To carry out the installation of such films can be their own hands.

This will require carefully calculate the required heating area, carefully cut the film without damaging the strip with a heating element.

Carbon film

With self-assembly film heater should be carefully measure the area for installation, then carefully cut the desired size of the film, taking care not to damage the heating strips. Otherwise, a spoiled piece to be replaced by a

at installing infrared film it is important that the segments do not overlap. On their location can not be placed furniture. Such a system of warming copes with heating function of the loggia or a separate room area.

Device efficiency is high enough - because the heat generated is not wasted, it is directed at things.

Carboxylic install heating film can be on the ceiling, wall or floor. Manufacturers offer improved versions of a film-type devices, designed in the form of paintings. In plasterboard frame applied decorative finish. The main condition - in this design should not contain metal parts

Is it possible to build such a heater myself?

Homemade device, functioning on the principle carboxylic film can be built on its own from scrap materials. In carrying out this work is important to all work well to dry, check the power to make it safe to connect to the network and pay special attention to insulation.

According to the masters, heater, collected his own hands is not inferior in the purchased peers.

For its production need:

  • epoxy adhesive;
  • copper terminals;
  • wire with a plug for connection to the network;
  • graphite powder;
  • 2 sheets of plastic laminate paper.

For graphite conductor will mix epoxy adhesive with graphite powder. Stir the mixture - that it will serve as a heating element.

graphite powder

The graphite powder can chop yourself by searching for it a suitable waste material

On sheet prepared will cause zigzag conductor obtained. Then it is necessary to interconnect adhesive plastic sheets, attaching terminals to the conductor copper from different sides.

You can still connect a thermostat to help regulate the temperature regime after the end of the heater assembly.

carboxylic homemade

The device is assembled by the hands, easy to use. For its assembly does not require any special details that are impossible to get. It is important to isolate all well and be sure to test the possibility to create homemade

All carefully fastened, will leave a blank for the complete drying. All contacts, wires and part of the conducting current, should be qualitatively isolate. After drying apparatus is required to measure and calculate the impedance of its power. Without these tests, you should not connect the device to the network.

Tips for choosing a carbon heater

Carbon heater is one of the secure devices, capable of a long service life. Of course, when it is used properly.

It does not burn oxygen does not reduce the level of humidity in the room, safe for children, do not emit any harmful gases, vapors, toxic substances.

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Options - choice of landmarks infrared heater

When selecting a heater last place should be given additional options, for example, the system of protection against overheating

Protective system of floor heaters

An important argument for choosing outdoor portable device is a rollover sensor, the shut-off device in case risky

Function adjustment period and mode of operation

For many users is very important additions are a timer and a handle that allows to choose the mode and power the device works

Control panel for ceiling and wall systems

The complete wall and ceiling options is considered to be important for the presence of the remote control

Options - choice of landmarks infrared heater

Options - choice of landmarks infrared heater

Protective system of floor heaters

Protective system of floor heaters

Function adjustment period and mode of operation

Function adjustment period and mode of operation

Control panel for ceiling and wall systems

Control panel for ceiling and wall systems

Security carboxylic heaters proved their successful use since 2000. More than 15 years of practical application to the carbon fiber heating element devices prove that they do not cause harm to health. Read more about the myths regarding the infrared emitters is written in this article.

types of heaters

Housing many consumers prefer to buy the floor model heater. Also, choose her to have the rotation function, power adjustment, automatic shutdown, tilt protection

To use carboxylic heaters brings only positive emotions, you need to choose the right model, the right for an individual customer.

When you select it is important to consider a number of features:

  • where the device will be used - in the country, in an apartment, office or other type of premises;
  • area, which will be heated;
  • what type of device is most suitable in a given situation;
  • necessary power;
  • the presence of additional features and capabilities;
  • size of the budget allocated for the purchase.

For buyers who appreciate the fame and reputation of the company's equipment manufacturer, the cost will be slightly higher - for the brand will pay extra.

types obogrevateley_2

For office space are choosing ceiling and wall models. This design allows you to create an optimum temperature pattern for good health personnel

Among the manufacturers of carboxylic heaters are the most popular the following devices:

  • German model Zenet;
  • French Noirot Royat;
  • Turkish UFO, Maximus, Sinbo;
  • Chinese Polaris;
  • Russian BiLyuks.

Power devices, their structure and the heated area depends on the model and manufacturer. Also, the warranty period heaters ranges from 12 months to 6 years. It all depends on the manufacturer.

Devices of different brands of the same power are able to cope with the heating of various sizes. This fact should be considered when selecting an appropriate model, to scrutinize the accompanying documentation liked model.

As for the price, it is traditionally the cheapest options offer Chinese firms. They are many and most of them are of high quality. Therefore, buyers prefer to buy equipment well-known manufacturers.

One of the trusted brands of heaters, made in China, are devices Polaris. They enjoy the confidence among buyers.

types obogrevateley_3

Positioning the heater you need at a distance of 1 m from the furniture. If the room is not enough space for proper installation of the heater, it is best to choose a model with wall or ceiling mount

What company give preference to - the private affair of each buyer. Most importantly, to the heater met all the requirements for it.

The most popular model, controlled by the remote, equipped with rotary mechanism and a timer. Users prefer the comfort, even if for it to be a little to overpay.

Interesting, but many buyers carboxylic heaters talk about the beneficial effects of the infrared rays generated in the process. This applies to improvement of blood circulation, facilitating the flow of colds and diseases of the joints. It is important to use a heater that does not hurt.

If you have not yet decided on the choice of a home heater, read the article - What is better to choose a heater for houses and apartments: a comparative review of units

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Video instruction on the use of carbon fiber heater:

Videos about installing infrared film:

Carbon heaters emit infrared rays, capable of qualitatively warm furnishings and the people who are within range. They are very economical consumption of electrical energy, the maximum transfer heat to the surrounding objects, not wasting it on a heated air.

Lifetime carbon heating element is more than 100, 000 hours quality work. The main thing is to choose the right model you want, given the characteristics of its premises and personal preferences.

You look for efficient infrared heater? Or have experience in the use of carboxylic plants? Leave, please, comment on the article, and share your impressions about the operation of such heaters.

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