Features of the composition of feed for quail

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video With any poultry maintenance, good nutrition plays a decisive part of a piece of a piece of a piece of piece, you need to get a piece of a piece of piece, you need to get a piece of a piece of piece, you need to get a piece of a piece of a piece of piece, you can.medium-sized fast-growing quail. Compound feed for quails is an ideal solution that allows not only to simplify the preparation of the menu many times, but also to facilitate the care of pets.

Chicks will quickly gain in height and weight, and adult individuals will rush and breed, if they constantly and in abundance receive the necessary amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

All these components are necessarily included in complete feed for quails, the composition of which is specially selected and balanced in accordance with the tastes and needs of the bird.

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Compound feed for quails

Today there are both universal mixes, and focused on a particular age. This is due to the changing needs of the body of growing chicks, meat chicks or quails.

One of the most important components is proteins, especially necessary for birds until one month of age, while the chick is actively growing, and then for layers, so that egg-laying could not adversely affect the health of the bird and long term was maintained at a high level:

  1. From the moment of spitting from the egg to 30days of life quails should receive feed mixtures containing about 24–27% of proteins, not only of plant and animal origin.
  2. For the next two weeks, the bird is offered feed with slightly reduced protein content. Well, if in the feed for quail will be from 17 to 24% protein.
  3. Adult livestock for meat is fed with a mixture of 16–17% protein.
  4. Layers receive about 21% of proteins from the total amount of feed.
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The amount of carbohydrates determines the energy that poultry receives from food. If the feed is chosen incorrectly, and the proposed diet is low-calorie, it is difficult to expect that young quails will enjoy the growth rate, and adults will begin to actively produce offspring.

Cereal crops are the main source of nutrients and energy in quail feed. Of the common cereals, corn, wheat, millet, and barley are most often used for the production of ready-made mixtures and home-made feeds. With oats, especially unpeeled, it is worth being careful. Rough large parts of the seed coat surfaces can clog the esophagus of a small bird, cause painful conditions and even death of quails.

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Equally important in the composition of the feed for quail are minerals, amino acids and vitamins. In addition to grain, this need is designed to satisfy such valuable supplements as cake and meal, yeast, green fodder, crushed shell rock, salt and chalk rich in vitamins and enzymes.

Feeding domestic quails with

feed. Complete feed for quails is convenient because:

  • is easy to keep and give to the bird;
  • in their composition has everything necessary for the full development and maintenance of health;
  • is easier to control real consumption, without fear that some pets will be hungry.

Extremely convenient and effective are three-stage feed-start-growth-finish systems designed for feeding quails from birth to slaughter.

Perhaps the only drawback to quail feed is the price of the product. It is higher than the cost of individual components or wet food used in the maintenance of this species of bird.

If this factor is decisive in choosing a way of feeding, ready-made feed can be combined with green or wet mash, reducing the amount of dry food.

In farms where chickens are kept, and enough feed for this type of poultry, you can save, because quail feeding with broiler feed is quite acceptable. But at the same time, it is necessary to take into account the difference in protein intake and additionally add 2 grams of low-fat cottage cheese per quail per day to the poultry diet or use other protein supplements.

There are a lot of options for ready-made food for quails today. But when choosing feed, it is better to prefer crumbly mixtures or formulations with the smallest, in the form of crumb granules. This feature is due to the small size of the bird.

Compound feed for quails with their own hands: recipes and selection of

composition If for some reason the poultry farmer does not have the opportunity to use ready-made complex mixtures, you can make feed with your own hands. In the majority of farms engaged in the maintenance and breeding of quail, there is everything necessary for this, starting with the grain, ending with food chalk and yeast.

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As a sample, it is easy to follow the composition shown on the package with the finished feed, focusing on the breed and size of the bird or mix the compound feed for quails according to the recipe shown in the table. This mixture can be considered universal and suitable for feeding birds of different ages.

Preparation of mixed fodder for quails - video

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