We will please your beloved cat and make it a hammock for the battery

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Fluffy and not very pets like to play pranks and relax on the owners' bed, as well as in their wardrobe. Why not make a luxurious hammock for a cat on a battery. Such a secluded corner immediately attracted her attention. When there is a blizzard and frost outside the window, the window sill and radiator will become the favorite habitats of pets.

Why is it needed?

Before making such a simple construction, you should find out why this thing is so necessary for animals. If you analyze their behavior, they are often looking for a cozy place. This could be a pillow, a laundry basket, and a wardrobe, but not in a sleeping bag specially made for them. Yes, and teach your "independent" pets to the place - it is not easy. They are always looking for soft and warm abodes, choosing what is comfortable for them, not for the owners. In this regard, the hammock for a cat will become the present invention, since it:

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  • is made of a pleasant material;
  • repeats the position of a sleeping animal( most often it is a tangle);
  • is mounted near a heat source.

In this area, your pet will not interfere with kids or dogs. Calm and peaceful sleep provided to him. Now it is important to get acquainted with some varieties of such unusual lodges.

Variants of home-made hammocks

With such a suspended structure you can save enough space in a small-sized apartment. When planning to make a hammock for a cat with your own hands, it is important to consider its dimensions. For castrated cats, such a bed is not a good idea, because they are too large. Among other things, the rookery must be removable so that it can be cleaned.

Veterinarians recommend making such facilities only healthy cats. Regular heating provokes the development of cancer and other diseases, as well as reduces immunity. Also, the wool becomes dry and can crumble.

There are about a hundred variations of this product. For its construction using the most simple and available items. Here are some simple ways to make a hammock for a cat with your own hands and at the same time avoid unnecessary expenses.

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Hammock for a cat from hangers and fabric

In order to make such a rookery for a mustache friend, it is necessary to determine the location. It can be attached either under the table or under a chair. If the old-style radiator, then it is also suitable. The manufacturing process is as follows:

  1. High-quality wooden hangers are selected so that they can support the weight of the pet. In this case, the base of the metal hook should turn.
  2. Find a rectangular strip of terry or fleece fabric. Width depends on the size of the hanger.
  3. Bend the fabric on a hanger and stitch in this position. An alternative to this may be several loops.
  4. Hooks hook on the cross bars under the table. Moreover, you can attach a hammock for a cat on the battery. To do this, you need to find a small bar and pass it through the bottom to fix the hangers on it.
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Of course, the bottom of the lounger can reach the floor, so this option is suitable for miniature breeds or toddlers. But this is not a problem for the baleen with a playful character.

Frame Models

The first step is to prepare the frame of the required size. Standard it should be rectangular in shape, although exclusive models are made in the form of an oval or circle. Much depends on the capabilities of the host. Can he find such a workpiece or bend the rod( wire) in this way. Choosing the dimensions of the bed, the master repels from:

  • weight and size of a cat;
  • radiator parameters;
  • the desired height of the object.

You can purchase ready-made frames. If they are not, then you should bend metal rods. The corners are fixed with special elbows or well-drawn wire. In this case, the edge should be hidden so that the animal does not hurt. The width of the fixing hooks of the hammock on the radiator for the cat must match the thickness of the heating object. They can be made square or rounded. In addition, a good stock is needed. As a result, the lounger will not fly off if the pet spins on it.

The interior of the kitchen will be a great hint for choosing the color and texture of the material. The fabric can be in the tone of curtains, wallpaper or furniture. Too contrasting colors can ruin the whole design.

Wooden structures

Some owners of luxury breeds prefer to use bulky loungers. They believe that pretty pussy needs space for its bath procedures and relaxation. To make such a hanging corner, the master needs the following:

  1. Two planks: a wooden stand and a back. Other materials can be used, but they should be light and reliable.
  2. Sew a bag( according to the size of the board) from a nice fabric. Gently insert a foam or padding layer into it and put it on a wooden frame. Edge to close up.
  3. Use chain, rods or wire as fasteners. These parts are attached to the back or base with screws and other devices.
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You can also buy a pipe of sanitary purpose of large diameter. Sheathe her coat on both sides( external and internal). Attach the rods along the rims of the pipes and close them with fur inserts.

Need to be especially attentive to the size of the rookery. It should not cover the entire radiator. This will prevent heat from entering the room.

It is rarely practiced to use a hammock for a cat on the window. It keeps on powerful suckers. To create it, you must find two holders on metal cables that are attached to the rookery. Then make a frame of the pipes and sew the fabric litter. Screw two other suction cups to the holes on it. Fix the device on the window. So, the refined kitty will be able to watch what is happening on the street.

A few simple tips will help to build a fashionable hammock for the cat on the battery, thereby providing her with a proper place to rest.

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