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I saw a voluminous picture made from dry roses by my friends at home. Very impressed! Since I have a large rose garden, I also wanted to try to do something like that for myself. Tell me how to dry the roses at home so that they do not lose their volume and shape?

Most women prefer rose to all colors. And therefore doubly sorry to throw them away after the flowers have faded. But why do it if you can dry the roses and prolong their life by this, but in a different form? !Because of the dry plants make a lot of different compositions for decoration, ranging from simple dried bouquets to complex paintings. A simple method of drying flowers( as for herbarium) is not very suitable here. Roses need to be dried so that they do not lose their shape.

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Which roses are better to dry

Only freshly cut roses are suitable for drying. The flowers in the vase for some time, the process of wilting.

Roses should be cut off in dry weather so as not to drop moisture on them.

Flowers with dense petals hold their best shape. It is also not necessary to use fully blooming buds, since after the flower dries, the petals will disintegrate.

Dry the roses at home, so that they do not lose their shape, in two ways: hanging them on a rope or sprinkling sand.

Dry roses on the rope.

Enumerate the roses, trim the stems to the desired length, or simply trim the tips. Bottom leaves are also cut off, but without fanaticism. In a dry place in which sunlight does not fall, pull the rope. Darkness is imperative, because from the sun the flowers will become fragile, darken, twist and disintegrate.

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The stem of each rose is tied with a rope. It is impossible to tie flowers in a bouquet - in this form they will not get enough air and will start to rot.

At the same distance to tie up the roses so that they do not touch each other. Dried flowers will be ready in two weeks. If in the process of drying the rose has changed a little, it needs to be “painted” with nail polish.

Drying roses in the sand

For this method, you need a deep cardboard box or a wooden box. Prepare roses in the same way as when drying on a rope.

Next, prepare the sand - calcine it in the oven or fry in a frying pan and sift through a sieve. Suitable river sand or special quartz sand for chinchillas, which is sold in pet stores.

Pour sand in a box or box with a layer of 5-7 cm, then insert the rose with the flower up( as in a vase) and carefully fill it with sand. In this case, the flower should be strictly vertically.

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Close the box for 2-3 weeks and put in a dry dark room. At the expiration of this period, make small holes at the bottom of the container so that the sand will pour out itself. It is impossible to dig out roses from the sand by yourself, in order not to damage the petals.

To make roses more beautiful and stronger, as well as protect them from moisture, spray hairspray.

How roses dry florists

There is another way to dry roses, which is used by florists. They treat the plants with a special preparation - silica gel. This is a special free-flowing powder that absorbs moisture. However, at home, this method is best not to apply, because the improper use of powder will lead to the complete destruction of roses.

Video on how to dry a rose in the sand

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