Landscape design cottages from improvised means or how to quickly and easily make a mini-pond

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The presence of a reservoir at the dacha is more an exception than the rule. What to do to those who do not have a river or a lake nearby, but really want to decorate their landscape design with at least a small pond? Do not despair, it is quite possible to do this, and without significant financial costs and minimal effort. It is possible to build a small mini-pond even with the help of available tools, for example, from an old pelvis. And all the work under the force and perform the female half.

Selection and preparation of a place under the pond

First of all, you need to decide where the miniature reservoir will be located. You should not hide it far away - it is better to choose a place so that the pond is clearly visible from all sides. For example, half way from home to the gazebo, along one side of the walkway.

To prevent water from becoming contaminated by fallen leaves, it is advisable to make the pond away from trees.

Now you can proceed to the preparatory work and dig a hole. Its depth and diameter are directly dependent on the capacity that will be used. It is useful as an old basin, and a bath left after the replacement of plumbing. In this case, a miniature pond will be obtained from a deep plastic bowl with a diameter of about one meter. If it has defects( small cracks), a film can be put inside so that water does not leak out.

Experienced landscape design masters advise not to use containers with a diameter of less than 45 cm.

The pelvis should be put on the ground and cut around it in a circle. Then dig a recess to the diameter of the tank. The depth of the pit should be such that the edges of the pelvis protrude 2-5 cm above the soil level. So during the rainy season the land will not fall into the pond.

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«Bookmark» pond

When the pit is ready, put it in the bowl and proceed to finishing work:

  • evenly on the bottom of the bowl put bright, washed pebbles layer of up to 4 cm;
  • cover the remaining gap with the earth around the perimeter of the pelvis and compact it tightly;
  • impose a pond around with large stones, slightly pressing them into the soil and, if necessary, pour the soil so that they are stable;
  • plant around perennials( fern, host, or callas), positioning them so that the higher ones are in the background, and the short ones are in front;
  • fill the container with water.

If you plan to launch fish into the pond, you should use only separated water.

Further care of the pond

In hot summer, periodically it is necessary to top up the water as it evaporates. Once a month the pond is subject to general cleaning - completely select water with a pump or can, wash the basin well and fill it with clean liquid.

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