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Experienced beekeepers have a problem with antsknow firsthand. Often the fight against ants in the apiary is delayed for a long time, since it is impossible to quickly deal with them. There are many methods of getting rid of unwanted inhabitants, but the most suitable option should be chosen taking into account the specific situation.

What is most often used in the fight against ants

The following recommendations have been verified by experienced beekeepers. More than once they helped to cope with the problem:

  1. It will not take long to fight ants in an apiary, if you use supersulfate. This method will not only scare the ants, but also completely destroy them.
  2. Modern insecticides, such as DDT and hexachlorane, have proven themselves well. Means should handle ant walkways. Alternatively, the mixture can be mixed with various mineral oils and coat the legs of the hives with this.

During specially organized observations, it was revealed that hexachlorane is very effective in fighting ants in the apiary. This method is good because it allows the most radically cope with unwanted guests in the apiary. He quickly eliminates ants and eliminates their place of offspring and wintering. The method is often used by experienced beekeepers, because it quickly kills ants, and not just disperses them.

The efficacy of the toxic components of hexachlorane was proven in a mixture of DDT.After applying the tool, the question of how to deal with ants in the apiary for a long time became irrelevant to the beekeepers, because the insects immediately died.

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Popular methods of dealing with ants

Much has been written about how to get rid of ants in the apiary, but it is not easy to choose an effective way in a particular case. What had an instant effect in one situation could be inactive in another. Therefore, beekeepers often study folk methods. Sometimes they are much more effective than others:

  1. Onions. It should be crushed and decomposed throughout the apiary. He is able to eliminate all undesirable inhabitants
  2. in a short time. Another proven and simple way is sulfur. With her help, you can make the ants not only move, but also completely destroy them.
  3. Tomatoes are quite effective in fighting ants in the apiary. They should be planted near the hives, because they scare away unwanted guests.
  4. To get rid of the ants, you can use fine salt. It is poured near the hive. As a rule, ants do not return after this.
  5. The easiest way is to dig up an ant's nest and move it to another place. But he has one drawback: there is no complete guarantee of getting rid of the uterus, since it can hide very deeply.
  6. Using sharp odors to scare away ants is very effective. You can put smoked herring next to insects, chopped garlic, tomato tops or parsley leaves.
  7. Good hot ash helps in the fight against ants in the apiary.
  8. Sprinkle cinnamon on the burrows and wait for the insects to disappear forever.
  9. Vegetable oil also helps eliminate unwanted guests from the apiary. Do not even have to endure an anthill.
  10. Loosen the ant's nest and sprinkle tobacco dust on it.

The described methods are most effective when applied in early spring. After that, you can forget about insects forever.

Why ants are harmful in the apiary

Insects are located in the apiary, as there is a warmed place. More often they are arranged in the space between the walls of the hive. The phenomenon is especially often noticeable during a cold snap. It was at this time that the ants made their way to the apiary in order to lay eggs and breed in a warm place. In addition, insects do not have to worry about food, as in the hive it is enough for ants.

Ants in an apiary are especially dangerous in that they can carry various infections and bacteria when they crawl from one hive to another.

Even if ants in an apiary do not build their homes in hives, they are no less harmful. Insects regularly transfer honey to their anthills.

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Tips from experienced beekeepers in the fight against ants

For a long time, the fight against ants in the apiary can be delayed. Preparations in a large assortment are presented in pet stores. In order not to spend a lot of time and effort to eliminate unwanted insects, you can purchase a special tool. It consists of poison, which instantly kills ants. Modern drugs quickly act on pests. Within a few days, no trace will be left of them.

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Often the fight against ants in the apiary with folk remedies gives good results. Previously, one of the common methods was gasoline. Due to the lack of special preparations for sale, beekeepers had to let in the improvised means. Even now, experienced beekeepers claim that their efficiency is much higher than some purchased ones. Alternatively, you can use the diesel, if it lights up. Apply this method with extreme caution so as not to burn the apiary.

Tricks in the fight against insects in the apiary:

  1. Starting a fight with quirky insects, it is important to remember that they will first of all save the queen. To do this, they are ready to climb into the fire themselves.
  2. If you use more humane methods, such as pouring boiling water, it is important to completely erode the anthill so that the uterus is cooked in it.
  3. If the anthill is located close to the hive, it is useful to grease its legs with garlic or Alt glue. These smells quickly repel insects.
  4. Useful to make a ditch with water on the territory of the apiary. Ants will not be able to crawl it, and the bees will drink water from it.
  5. You can make a sweet puddle next to the anthill, in which you should chop up candy or spread some jam in it. When enough insects gather in it, they are poured over with boiling water. This method is characterized by temporary efficiency. After some time, guests can again welcome to the apiary.

Video about the benefits and dangers of ants in the apiary

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