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Increasingly, quail grown on private plots, although they are the smallest variety of poultry, but for their living, the poultry will have to create comfortable living conditions. You can build cells for quails from different materials, and the task is not only for professionals, but also for home masters armed with a minimal set of tools.

Varieties and requirements for cells for quails

Before you start working, it is important to know that for different age categories you need separate housing, and in separate cells contain:

  • chicks aged from 1 to 10 days;
  • Young animals up to six months of age;
  • adult livestock;
  • laying hens, giving a table egg;
  • meat quails;
  • parent groups.

A hand-made brooder for quail from other cells is distinguished by a serious protection against cold and draft, necessarily a system of lighting and heating of small, poorly tolerated cooling and overheating chicks. All walls, except for the front, home craftsmen prefer to make from plywood, fiberboard or chipboard. The floor and ceiling of this construction is made of a fine mesh through which the debris and bird droppings easily penetrate, and the quail themselves confidently move and do not risk injuring their legs.

For this age, a brooder for quails built with his own hands is completed with a bird feeder and a water bowl. This equipment, as well as the heater and the lamps are fixed inside the cage.

Telling about making by yourself drawings of a brooder for quail video will not make a mistake even for those who for the first time in their life decided to breed such an interesting bird as a quail.

The older the bird, the larger the cell of the metal grid can be. Adult young growth is better adapted to environmental conditions. He does not need a closed space, besides, to clean the open reticulated cells for quail is much easier.

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For adult birds at home, cells are built from a wide variety of materials available. In the course is not only plywood or chipboard, but also metalized mesh, metal and even plastic. Nesushek placed in houses of a special design with an inclined to the outside of the bottom. Outside, a trough is fastened to where the eggs are taken.

In order to better weight the individuals of the meat direction, the quail cells are made mesh and low enough to artificially restrict the movements of the bird. This method allows you not only to achieve the desired weight faster, but also to delay the onset of puberty. Therefore, the meat of such quails is more tender and juicier than that of those grown in ordinary cells.

Before making a cage for quails with your own hands, we carefully weigh the safety of the future design, the possibility of its sanitization and cleaning, as well as the correspondence of the size of the house of the number placed in it birds.

Calculations of the size of future cells for planting quail can be done proceeding from the quoted norms for the number of 10, 30 and 50 birds.

Drawings of a cage for quails when making by own hands

The most popular and convenient cell design for quails is wood or metal frame, on the outside and floor covered with a net, and from the rest, at the request of the owner accessible to him materials.


A drawing made by the hands of the cell for quail, in the photo, includes:

  • 1 - frame;
  • 2 - drinking bowl;
  • 3 - the door;
  • 4 - feeder;
  • 5 - trough for rolling eggs;
  • 6 - cell floor;
  • 7 - a tray for collecting litter and litter.

A reliable functional design will take more than one generation of layers to be installed on the floor, with It is important to provide legs with a height of 15-30 cm, or be used as a "multi-storey" structure. This way of placing the cells is very helpful for poultry farmers who do not have sufficient space for installing stand-alone houses of feathered pets.

Collected in multi-tiered cages for quail must be securely attached to each other and to the vertical surface of the wall next to which are located.

If you want to save and simplify the process of making a master can abandon the frame. In this case, the cell picture for quails presented in the photo will help to cope with the task, even a novice poultry breeder will do this with his own hands. As a material for the side walls and pallet, you can take a thin metal, strong plywood or sheets of fiberboard.

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To ensure that the egg slipping from the inclined floor does not fall, a gutter with a width of up to 10 cm with a stop is provided from the outside. The bottom is made of a fine metal mesh, suitable for fast and efficient harvesting of cells.

Cage for quails with their own hands: step by step instruction

Homemade designs are simple, affordable and do not require special knowledge in the manufacture. It is important only to consider:

  • number of quails being grown;
  • the need to install heating and lighting systems for chicks;
  • trays for laid eggs;
  • the ability to clean cells for quail.

If as a source material the master chose a tree, a plywood and a metal grid, it is useful to him in work:

  • hacksaw;
  • scissors for metal;
  • Stapler with staples for fixing the mesh;
  • self-tapping screws for carcass assembly.

If you collect the quail cage with your own hands, according to the step-by-step instructions, the first stage cuts the blanks for the back wall, two parts for the sidewalls and the top of the box. The dimensions of the future design are calculated according to the table above.

The frame, which is made of wooden blocks, is fastened with self-tapping screws. To use the quail cage was safe and long, it is better to polish the wood with sandpaper and soak it with an antiseptic safe for poultry.

To continue to work, when the impregnation finally dries. From a material with a large cell, which allows quail to freely use a fixed feeder and a water bowl, a blank is made for the front wall.

The next floor of the bird house is carved from a grid with a shallow cell. The tray for collecting eggs is a continuation of the inclined floor with a curved up edge, which does not allow the eggs to roll. This should be taken into account when preparing the drawings of the cell for quails.

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The grid to the wooden parts of the structure is conveniently fastened with the help of large furniture staples. Below, under the inclined floor make a removable tray for collecting litter and rubbish.

Cage for quail from plastic boxes

An economical and very simple version of the cell for quail is based on the use of vegetable packing boxes made of grating plastic.

Such material is not only easy to process and durable, it is perfectly cleaned and washed, which is extremely important when keeping poultry.

Before proceeding to step-by-step instructions on constructing cages for quails with your own hands, you need to prepare everything you need to work. The master will need:

  • three boxes of equal dimensions;
  • flexible, strong wire;
  • a saw for work on plastic and metal;
  • sharp knife.

The box, which will be in the center of the structure and intended for keeping quails, should have a height of about 30 cm, the remaining boxes can be lower. One of them will perform the function of the pallet, the second - the ceiling and cover:

  1. At the first stage, all the projecting parts on the upper edge are cut off from the main box.
  2. Then, with the help of the available grooves and legs, it joins the bottom box.
  3. The design crowns the second low box.
  4. The resulting design is fastened with a wire, and if it is not, use other materials: strong cord, double-sided or strong mounting tape.
  5. On the cover of the resulting cell for quail mark the future door, convenient for harvesting and seizing or populating the bird.
  6. The hatch is cut on three sides, and the fourth is folded outwards. For ease of use, a wire loop lock is attached to the improvised door.
  7. On the outer wall, several cuts are made for feeding quails in a cage.
  8. A little bit below the chamfer feeder is fastened, a drinking bowl is mounted near it.

The construction of cells for quail on video in all its details reveals all the tricks of the process and will help to acquire for a few hours necessary shelter for the birds.

Making a cage for quail - video

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