Making a hammock in the blink of an eye

With the thought that it is necessary to make a hammock for many, the hunt disappears immediately. However, few people are familiar with a simple and economical way to build such a simple structure. With this, the master will not have to cut, sew and cut.

Such a plan sports goods cost from 1000 rubles in specialized stores. But to create a homemade product will have to spend about 350 rubles. Moreover, simple handicraft will take up to 10 minutes of time, which attracts many busy people.

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“The knot will be tied. ..”

The strength and reliability of the construction is influenced by the material chosen by the owner. In this case, they propose to take the usual lining fabric. It is considered a lifting and calmly withstands weight up to 80-100 kg. Of course, if you stretch it and pierce it with your fingers, then holes will appear on the canvas, as well as puffs. For harvesting take up to 3 meters of matter. The width of the piece is standard - 1.5 m.

Those who are afraid to practice with such thin materials are offered to use oxford fabric. Or take a more dense canvas. It is important to remember that they will be several times harder.

Now in a regular hardware store you can purchase two fire carbines. For fastening take a rope in 6 mm, length in meter. The process of creating a unique hanging hammock is quite simple:

  • fabric edges are cauterized so that they do not crumble;
  • fold widowed fabric( wrong side, preferably inside);
  • collect each end in a tight "harmonica";
  • thread the beam through the carabiner;
  • tie knots.
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The consumption of the rope on one side is 50 cm. At the base of the fastener they make a tie, forming a tight knot. The edge of the cord is thrown in the opposite direction, and then again tied in another loop. Such connections or rings should be from 4 to 10 pieces. They are interconnected so securely that they simply could not be unleashed.

Instead of carbines, you can take a rope tied in a tight loop. Nevertheless, it has a significant drawback. As a result, the traveler will have to attach it to the support for a very long time.

Hammock attached to two trees. The further they are located to each other, the lower it can be located. The trunks are wrapped with a rope in several layers, then makes a knot. There are several ways to properly attach a hammock. Among other things, it is important to know the basic patterns of tying strong knots that will help regulate the tension of the product. Without an understanding of all this, it is impossible to make a homemade design.

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