When to sow lawn grass, dates of spring, summer and autumn sowing

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Tell me when to sow lawn grass? We decided to make a lawn in the country. The site was prepared last fall, but there was not enough time to do it. Is it possible to sow before winter or is it better to wait until spring?

A trimmed green grass lawn always looks beautiful and well-groomed, especially if it grows evenly. To get a really solid grass cover, it’s not enough to take care of it regularly. It is also important to know when to sow lawn grass. Too early or, on the contrary, late sowing can cause the seeds to grow unevenly. Agree that bald bald spots against the background of green islets are a little like a lawn. But at the friendly shoots are more likely to eventually turn into a green thick carpet.

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Timing of sowing a lawn

In general, lawn making is easy. Unlike most garden crops, lawn grass grows well throughout most of the spring and autumn season. But some nuances regarding the sowing dates still exist and should be considered. So, as already mentioned, you can sow the lawn at different times, namely:

  • in the spring;
  • in the summer;
  • in the fall.

Let's focus specifically on each item.

Regardless of what time of year the work will be carried out, it is important to coincide with good windless weather. Small seeds easily fly away from the slightest breeze, and then outline the boundaries of the lawn will be difficult. In addition, there is a risk that some areas will remain unplanted.

When to plant a lawn in the spring?

Spring planting has a big plus: after the snow melts, the soil is saturated with moisture. In such conditions, and even under the warm sunshine, seeds sprout quickly and amicably. The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that the earth must also warm up.

The optimum temperature values ​​for spring planting of a lawn are at least 15 degrees of heat outside, and at least 10 degrees - in the ground. Depending on the region, it is usually April-May.

When to sow lawn grass in summer?

When planning a summer landing, you should consider the weather conditions. If the summer is dry and hot, you should not plant it earlier. Without regular additional watering the grass will not grow. The best time to plant a lawn in the summer is the end of August. The heat usually already subsides, there is enough moisture in the soil from the beginning of the rainy season, and the weeds do not grow so actively. The August grass will have time to grow well and get stronger by winter.

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Benefits and terms of autumn sowing grass

Autumn planting will relieve from the hassle in the spring, when there is something to do without a lawn in the private sector. Admire the green lawn will be in March-April. In addition, the care of autumn shoots in relation to watering is minimal, because at this time it usually rains.

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You can sow a lawn in the fall in two ways:

  1. Beginning of September, so that before the frost the grass grows and it can be processed.
  2. In November, when the earth is already frozen, but not yet covered with snow. In this case, you should pick up the day for work, when the outside temperature will be above zero. Seeds overwinter in the ground, harden and together will sprout in early spring.

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