Is it worth overpaying for lawn sandals from China?

Lawn aeration is venting the lawn. This process saturates the soil with oxygen and water, that is, rejuvenates it. If you do not ventilate the soil, then the appearance of the lawn will suffer, there will be bald spots, moss, the lawn will not be resistant to cold and moisture.

Aeration can be performed with the following tools:

  • with ordinary forks;
  • vertical calculator;
  • aeration sandals.

Consider sandals. These are shoes, on the sole of which is a huge number of hollow knives. To conduct aeration, you just need to walk on the lawn. The length of hollow knives usually varies from 8 cm to 15 cm. The main advantage of this method of aeration is simplicity. You do not need to make great efforts, you do not need to connect anything to the power grid. You just need to walk on the ground. Everything is simple and clear. But is it worth it?

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In the stores of Russia and Ukraine, sandals for aeration cost 875 rubles. It is quite expensive for such and such sandals.

At Aliexpress, the same sandals cost 1,405 rubles. This amount is even greater than in domestic stores. Is it worth it to overpay?

. Despite the main advantage of this method of aeration, sandals have several disadvantages, namely:

  • high price;
  • if the soil is heavily compacted, the person does not have enough weight to push it with sandals;
  • is used only for shallow lawns, as the piercing depth is small;
  • is sometimes not enough to just pierce the soil - it is necessary to perform different methods of aeration.
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So is it worth overpaying for such a simple method that is not always able to achieve the desired effect? A professional aeration unit will perform the entire procedure as it should, since it has different attachments, the ability to penetrate deep into the soil and at the same time remove moss and felt from the soil surface. He is able to process in one day an area equal to two large football fields. And the price for its use is equal to the purchase of sandals. Even forks, in this case, will be much more effective than sandals, since they can pull the soil out.

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bumps Thus, the use of sandals will not lead to the necessary aeration effect. In addition, mechanical aeration is much longer and more difficult. And there is practically no difference in price. So do not buy sandals for aeration, even directly from Chinese manufacturers.

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