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plum jam recipe for unprotected jams,

.There is already a lot, just a huge number of recipes for various dishes, compotes and jams of everything that can grow in the country.

What kind of plum is needed?

It is necessary to use ripe fruits, those that are already quite large. Their color is maroon, and the raid is bluish-blue. Fruits should not be very soft when squeezed. First you need to make sure of this by pinching the fruit with your fingers, and then pluck it.

Over-ripe plums also do not fit. It seems to many that they are the sweetest. No, they, of course, can be sweet to the taste, but the jam will give a little bit of rot. If you have seen such fruits, then it is better to dump them on the ground: let them rot and enrich the earth with nutrients.

Never use unripe fruit! There were cases when still completely greenish fruits of plums and cherries( especially with stones), from which compotes and jams were boiled, led to poisoning. In the pits and immature fruit contains prussic acid!

Plums choose no signs of insect larvae living inside the fruit. Examine each fruit: are there holes in it? Typically, the skin of the fetus produces a kind of resin, if the cover is suddenly damaged. When the larva gnaws through the shell of the fruit, then it will remain a small hole and a little light yellow resin.

Fruit jam, as they say, “with meat”, will have a modified taste. The feces of the larvae and the larvae themselves, living inside, make the fruit and all of them cooked, bitter.

Tear fruits away from the roads. Believe me, the taste of fruits growing near the roadway is completely different, not to mention the harm to health. Exhaust gases and gasoline residues contain substances that make fruits and berries taste bitter, with a metallic aftertaste. Such fruits can not be eaten, in any form.

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Even if one car passes a plum tree a day, the fruit still absorbs and accumulates all sorts of heavy metals and other harmful compounds for the body!

So, the plums should be:

  • ripe;
  • grown far from roads;
  • without larvae.

Cooking jam

You can get a really delicious dessert only by following all the rules of cooking.

What do we need

Before we cook plum jam pits, we need to prepare everything you need for this:

  1. A kilogram of plum fruits.
  2. A kilogram of sugar( better than beetroot).
  3. Containers for plums, sugar and jam.
  4. A glass of pure water.

The capacity in which it will boil should be enameled. If you cook in bare metal, the taste can deteriorate. Aluminum - you can.

We take out the bones

Before removing the bones, wash the plums thoroughly. The bones can be reached with a small knife, carefully cutting the fruit in half. Special accessories for the quick removal of seeds of various fruits are also being sold. In pitted plum jam recipes, they usually indicate what is best with a knife. Put the halves of plums into one container, and the bones - at your discretion.

Do not break the plum with your hands. The bone, thus, will be difficult to remove, and the fetus will be remembered. Plum jam will be like jam. Also, do not use an oversized knife, otherwise the probability that you will get hurt will be higher.

Cooking syrup

We take a glass of water and pour it into an enameled container. Pour all the sugar there. The fire should be medium, because it will cook for too long a fire, and it will burn on a strong one. When preparing the syrup, gently stir the contents. Reduce heat if you see that the syrup on the walls of the pan begins to burn.

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Cook dessert

Remove the syrup from the heat, let it cool slightly. We take the very halves of the fruits that we have freed from the stones and fill them with syrup. Leave for about two or three hours. This is to ensure that the fruit gave the juice.

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Plums in syrup set again on fire. On a strong fire, bring to a boil and stir. Turn off the fire, interfere. Now all this must be left for about ten hours. During this time, plums are better soaked with syrup. After this time, again put on the fire and bring to a boil. And so two times. The third time we put on a slow fire and interfere. Soon the jam from the pitted plum will be ready. Turn off, the jam should cool down a bit. You can distribute to banks.

To check the quality, you need to take a drop on a spoon and drop it on the table: it should immediately spread.

Cool and pour

Too worth a moment. You can pour the jam into jars of different volumes, but they must be practically sterile. And banks, and covers. Banks and covers can be for rolling or with clips, but it is also permissible to use with thread. If you serve the jam on the table, before that pour the required amount into a beautiful cup.

Do not pour jam into jars when it is cold. The jam must still be hot. When the jam begins to cool in a tightly closed jar, a vacuum is practically formed inside. This will help to keep the jam for a long time.

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