Apple juice benefits and harm in excessive use

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With all the variety of exotic fruits on the shelves, apples are a daily product in families with any income. Apple juice, the benefits and harms of which have been studied for a long time, is recommended by doctors for many diseases. However, a drink rich in healing elements can be harmful. Some aspects of proper preparation, storage and use of the product are described in the article.

The chemical and energetic composition of the drink

It is considered that if a person eats 2 apples daily from childhood to old years, he is free from diseases. But do many people remember the healing power of the fruit? The harm of apple juice is negligible, the benefits are enormous.

Energy content per 100 g of product:

  • fats - 0.1 g;
  • carbohydrates - 10.1 g;
  • proteins - 0, 5 g;
  • energy - 46 kcal.

In a ruddy, filled with solar and earthly energy, an apple contains in one or another concentration all the elements that a person needs. Especially a lot of vitamin A, iron and potassium. Only black currant has more vitamin C than apple. But fresh currant is difficult to maintain, and the apple lies, and in the winter it gives natural, not synthesized vitamins C and B.

The benefits of consuming apple juice are indisputable, acids can be harmful during inflammatory processes in the digestive tract. But the moderate use of diluted juice without preservatives will remain without undesirable consequences.

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The effect of an apple drink on the human bodyYou need to understand the benefits of apple juice. Saturating the body with active substances, it makes it strong, able to cope with diseases on its own.

Result of drinking:

  • bones are strengthened, lungs are cleaned even in smokers, the cardiovascular system is toned;
  • improves the biological composition of blood;
  • reduces the risk of stone formation;
  • strengthens immunity;
  • surge of energy on a high emotional background.

That is why doctors advise you to replace your morning cup of coffee with a glass of juice. The effect of concentration will be the same, but the effect is longer. At the same time, the skin cells rejuvenate, the hair shine increases.

Curative effects of apple juice are manifested if, during cultivation, the fruits have not been subjected to repeated chemical treatments and have not accumulated toxins and poisons in the pulp. Better to take apples from your own gardens.

It is necessary to know that an excess of trace elements and vitamins in the body has worse consequences than a deficiency. With long-term use of more than 1 liter per day, the harm from fresh apple juice will exceed the benefits. The juice contains copper and boron, which are beneficial to the body in micro doses.

The use of apple juice for medicinal purposes

The use of healing juice to enhance the biochemical processes in the body is associated with its rich composition. The organic stimulators of apple juice present are beneficial and harmful to the liver and kidneys. The manifestation of a diuretic effect relieves the kidneys and the circulatory system. But if there are stones in the bladder, their movement can cause an attack. Therefore, suffering from urolithiasis, the juice can be consumed slightly and in dilution. The same applies to the cleaning of the biliary tract. To get rid of sand and small stones there is a special three-day program of purification with apple juice, carried out under the supervision of medical professionals.

People with obesity need to know that the glycemic index of apple juice is high. The liquid product is rapidly absorbed, insulin is produced, there is a strong feeling of hunger. For the same reason, apple juice for diabetics will not be harmful if used moderately in a 1: 1 dilution.

In oncology, scientists from all over the world investigate the benefits and harms of apple juice. American experts were able to prove that the constant intake of fresh drink slows the growth of tumors in the intestine and prostate. Freshly squeezed apple juice can protect against Alzheimer's disease, help in recovery after heart attack and atherosclerosis.

Drink apple juice through a straw to reduce the effect of fruit acids on tooth enamel. Dentists warn you can brush your teeth no sooner than after 30 minutes. Immediately you need to rinse the mouth with warm water.

The benefits and harms for the stomach of apple juice depend on the existing diseases. So, with gastritis sour undiluted drink will lead to heartburn and increased gas formation. But with a healthy stomach, a morning cup of a healing product will help relieve constipation. However, in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, to maintain balance, it is better to start taking juice after consulting with your doctor.

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Pregnant apple juice should be used with caution. The drink can cause swelling, diarrhea, and heartburn during this period. A nursing mother should also limit herself in this drink, babies may experience colic. But already from seven months in fresh foods, squeezed juice is diluted 1: 1, starting with a dessert spoon. Freshly squeezed apple juice is good for children, the harm may be due to allergic manifestations. Therefore, for people at risk drink should be prepared from the fruits of green.

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How to prepare fresh juice and product for storage.

In the air, when in contact with metal tools, during grinding and pressing, useful substances quickly deteriorate. Therefore, fresh juice should be drunk immediately after preparation. An hour later, a third of the vitamins have already been lost in the juice. The remaining product can be sealed, stored in the refrigerator, used within 24 hours. Canned juice can be clarified, but with pulp more useful. The resulting product is brought to a boil and poured into sterilized dishes, sealed.

In order not to experience health problems from childhood to old age, a person’s daily menu should contain a glass of juice or 2 apples. If you already have the disease, you should start taking the healing drink after consulting a doctor. Children give only diluted nectar, controlling the cleaning of the oral cavity.

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