10 best LG refrigerators according to customer reviews

  • What is the rating based on?
  • LG GA-B499 TGLB
  • LG GA-B489 YVQZ
  • LG GA-B419 SQQL
  • LG GR-N319 LLB
  • ;GR-N309 LLB
  • LG GA-B379 SVCA

In today's world there are no problems with food storage, because there are such appliances as a refrigerator on the market for a long time. These units are represented quite a lot about different manufacturers, who offer their products to the buyer with different functionality and different price categories. But probably the leader in this market segment is LG, which produces high-quality and reliable models of refrigerators, so the products of this brand are in demand. To make it easier for you to make your choice, we have made a rating of the best LG refrigerators.

What is the rating based on?

In this review, LG's top-best refrigerators are compiled, according to customer reviews and expert opinion. All these models are distinguished by their functionality, price category. And also these devices have both their advantages and disadvantages.


This model from South Korea’s manufacturer can boast a large number of useful options. With the help of advanced technology, Smart ThinQ, you can fully transfer the control of the refrigerator to your mobile device. This happens using a wireless Wi-Fi network through a mobile application. For example, this way you can easily change the temperature or get a message that the unit door is not closed. Products in this refrigerator are always fresh thanks to a multi-threaded cooling system. The energy efficiency class of this model is A +++, which consumes 246 kW / year of electricity. Two cameras have a total volume of 360 liters. Special seals block the development of harmful microorganisms. There is no need to manually defrost the refrigerator thanks to the Total No Frost system.


  1. Existence of extensive functionality.
  2. Availability of advanced systems.
  3. The latest modes.
  4. You can control the refrigerator through a mobile device.
  5. You can adjust the level of humidity in the freezer.
  6. Screen Availability.


  • High cost.


Recall that the rating was based on consumer feedback, so this model is located on the second line, thanks to a large number of positive reviews. The refrigerator differs in reliability and resistance to wear. This device works on a productive linear compressor, for which developers provide warranty service for 10 years, which is quite rare among foreign brands.

The refrigerator has separate fresh areas for products. It is possible to store pans or food containers of large sizes in this unit, this can be done with the help of a folding shelf. Work is accompanied by an optimal level of noise.


  1. Long life.
  2. Acceptable cost.
  3. Large capacity.
  4. Works almost silently.
  5. High-quality components.
  6. Powerful freezer.
  7. Availability of required functionality.
  8. The total volume of chambers is 360 liters.
  9. Energy Class - A +++.
  10. Easy to transport.
  11. Control is carried out using the screen.
  12. Interesting design.


  • At first, you can hear the smell of plastic.
  • To extend the trays, you need to open the door quite widely.


This model is the best combination of parameters such as price-quality. The refrigerator is characterized by a high class of energy consumption, thanks to which 286 kW / h are spent per year. The capacity of both chambers allows you to freeze and together with these cool the required number of products. This model of the refrigerator can be easily relocated to the right place or placed in the kitchen of a small size, which was made possible by outweighing the door. A special system will alert you if the refrigerator door is open for a long time. The model quickly cools products to a certain level and retains their freshness for a long time.


  1. Reasonable price.
  2. Excellent technical parameters.
  3. Attractive appearance.
  4. Sturdy shelves made of glass.
  5. Work is carried out using an inverter compressor.
  6. Availability of lighting.
  7. Simple and intuitive screen.


  • You can smell the plastic for the first time.


This model is a built-in refrigerator with two cameras, which combines functionality and performance. This unit is made of high quality metal. The refrigerator works at the invertor compressor.


  1. Silent operation.
  2. Functionality.
  3. Open door alert.
  4. Electronic Control.
  5. In standalone mode( without electricity) is able to work for 12 hours.
  6. System No Frost.
  7. Compact.
  8. Interesting design.
  9. High power consumption class.
  10. There are two freshness zones( dry and wet).
  11. Spacious freezer - 188 liters.
  12. Ease of management.
  13. The price is fully justified by the quality.


  • Small refrigerator - 60 l
  • High cost.


This refrigerator is one of the most silent in the Russian market - the noise level is not higher than 38 decibels. Note that this is a rarity for units with high performance. The refrigerator works on a powerful compressor.


  1. Refrigerator capacity - 570 liters.
  2. Glass shelves.
  3. There is a backlight.
  4. The presence of a temperature indicator.
  5. Handy screen.
  6. Optimum power consumption.


  • High cost.


This refrigerator differs from similar devices with a capacity of 600 liters for two cameras. In the refrigerator there are 3 shelves on which you can place a large number of products. Note that due to the necessary cooling system, products are stored for a long time. Judging by the customer reviews, this fridge is perfect for a large family.

Advantages of this model:

  1. Powered by a compressor.
  2. High energy efficiency class - A +++.
  3. Freezer compartment located at the top.
  4. You can outweigh the door.
  5. It is possible to change the temperature of the refrigerator and humidity in the "freezer".
  6. Availability of freshness zone;
  7. Noiselessness.
  8. Reliability.


  • High cost.


The appearance of this refrigerator is rather laconic. If we talk about the convenience of the main camera, that the developers have done their best here: a special grid is provided for the bottles, one shelf can be pushed and lifted if you need to put a large-sized pan. Control is carried out through the touch panel.


  1. Interesting design.
  2. Availability of the No Frost system.
  3. High power consumption class.
  4. Noiseless.
  5. Convenient storage of non-standard parameters products.
  6. Multifunctional.
  7. Spaciousness.
  8. High-quality components.
  9. Availability of shelves for vegetables and cheese.


  • High cost.


This model of the refrigerator from the South Korean manufacturer has a simple design. Works at the convector compressor.


  1. Electronic control.
  2. Class A +++ electricity consumption.
  3. Presence of fresh zone.
  4. No Frost System.
  5. There is a backlight.
  6. Total capacity of 335 liters.
  7. Child Protection Function.
  8. Silent operation - noise level of 40 decibels.
  9. Reliability.
  10. Wide functionality.


  • This unit can not be called affordable.


This model is a built-in refrigerator, in which the freezer is located at the bottom. The unit operates with the help of 1 compressor.


  1. Electronic control.
  2. Presence of freshness zone.
  3. System No Frost.
  4. In standalone mode, it can work for 12 hours.
  5. Total capacity - 245 liters.
  6. Noise level - up to 37 decibels.


  • Small size.
  • Small capacity.
  • Large power consumption.


The latest model in this rating has an attractive appearance and is an economical refrigerator. Powered by 1 compressor, the capacity of both chambers is 264 liters.


  1. Electronic Control.
  2. No Frost System.
  3. Does not need to be frozen.
  4. You can outweigh the door.
  5. Roomy "freezer".
  6. Cost Effective.
  7. An interesting look.
  8. There are shelves for freezing.


  • No ice generator.
  • No display.
  • Noise during operation.

If you are still facing the choice of the model of the refrigerator, but you have already decided on the manufacturer, we advise you to pay attention to our rating. Only those that are the best according to customer reviews hit the top 10 of these units.

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