Feeding and maintenance of goslings in the first 3 weeks of life

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Domestic geese - sturdy and unpretentious home goose - the

video Home gooses are hardy and unpretentious home gooses -

video Home goose - unyielding birds that are hardy and unpretentious home goose -

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video. In order for the livestock to grow healthy, the little goslings should be fed and kept for the first 3 weeks according to their needs, since this age is important for the further formation of the immunity of the adult bird.

The first days of life

In order for the yolk to completely dissolve, the first feeding of the goslings should occur as soon as the plumage has dried. Crushed corn mixed with wheat, soybean or sunflower meal with the addition of minced eggs or low-fat cottage cheese is used as food. But the basis of the diet is still the grass that they consume from the first days of life. Chopped green clover, dandelions, onions, garlic, nettle will do here. In addition to the question of how to feed the little goslings at home, you should pay attention to the feeding regime. The first days of the kids eat 8 times a day every few hours. It is better to use for this shallow dishes with bumpers and a dark bottom.

The water in the water for babies should be boiled!

After a week

At this age, it is enough for chicks 5-6 times a day. The ration includes:

  • grated carrots - a source of carotene,
  • crushed peas - a source of protein,
  • fish oil - a source of Omega 3,
  • tremor rich in vitamins of group B,
  • bone meal - a source of protein.
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Before you feed the weekly goslings, you need to prepare for them a drink. Now add water in a small amount of potassium permanganate.

Two weeks of age

In this development period, mash is added to the diet. Cook them from boiled vegetables - carrots, beets, potatoes, etc.

Breeds must be crumbly so that the liquid consistency does not clog the airways of the birds!

It is useful to add feed to the brood ration. In addition, chicks need gravel for proper digestion, as well as chalk, sand, crushed shells,

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Three weeks

In the already formed menu of chicks now add salt, overnightYou can leave a little shredded. The number of feedings is reduced to 3-4 times a day. At this age, kids can begin to let go for walks, preferably on the territory with suitable grass. If you follow these simple instructions, then the breeder will not have problems with how to feed the goslings at home.

Content of goslings

If chicks grow without a hen, it is important to maintain a stable temperature of 28 - 30 ° C.

Goslings lack their own thermoregulation during the first 10 days!

If babies are cold, they keep close to each other and hardly eat, and if it is hot, they drink a lot and keep their beaks open.

The cleanliness of the room plays an important role in feeding and keeping the goslings for the first 3 weeks. Utensils with bumpers are needed so that chicks do not trample food. All food scattered on the floor must be carefully removed, otherwise the kids will eat sour food. It is advisable to update litter twice a week. In the cool time of the year, the house is aired several times a day, and in the warm one around the clock. Newborn goslings are kept around the clock, gradually muffling the light at night. This mode will provide kids a good appetite and normal activity.

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Another important factor when feeding and keeping goslings is the first 3 weeks of life - the feathers of babies should be dry. During this period, the feathers grow in babies, and if they are wet, their weight may shift the joints. In this case, the wing will be turned outwards.

Feeding Goslings - Video

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