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Grow vine passionflower seed at homenot difficult. But a young plant in nature is gaining strength for a long time, flowering occurs in a few years. There are varieties of vines that are easy, satisfactory and difficult to grow. They behave differently in captivity. At home, passionfruit grown from seeds sometimes thrives, entangling a place with a liana, but does not want to bloom. With proper care, you can get fruits in the room.

Conditions for obtaining seedlings

The first thing you need to buy fresh seeds. This is important, as they germinate in the first year to 30, in the second - 2% of seeds. The most unpretentious in breeding blue passionflower. It is most often and can be found as a home ampelnaya culture.

Preparing the substrate, mixing in equal parts:

  • peat;
  • sand;
  • humus;
  • leaf ground.

Place the soil mixture on a pallet in an even thin layer and keep in a hot oven for 10 minutes. Pour the cooled, sterilized soil into a dish for germinating seeds.

Seeds without additional processing can sprout up to a year. It is difficult to create the necessary conditions for long-term germination. Fans use the methods of accelerated germination. With any method, the seeds need to be scarified, destroy the upper dense shell:

  1. Soak the seeds for a day with the addition of stimulants Zircon, Appin and the like. Seeds are buried by 0.5 cm, germinated in the light at a temperature of 28-350 C, with the bottom heated. Shoots will appear after 2 weeks for easily germinated varieties and after 3 months for such as passionflower edible.
  2. Keep seeds in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution until germination. Soak the seeds in distilled water for a day. Pop up delete. Put swollen seeds into the solution. The upper shell should burst. Transfer the seeds to another tightly closed container with a solution of peroxide, put the jar before germination in a warm dark place. You can open the jar when the seedlings appear. Remove them with a sterile instrument. For the remaining seeds, change the solution. Germinated seeds are sown and groomed in the usual way.
  3. If you cover the box with the seeds sown in the usual way with a film and create a constant temperature difference during the day up to 30 and at night up to 10 degrees, even the tightest viable seeds will sprout in 1-2 months.
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In the future, seedlings are planted in individual cups 7 cm in diameter.

Care for passionflower seedlings at home

The cups with passiflora need to be allocated a place on the illuminated east or west subgrid where the cones are illuminated in the illuminated or Western subgrid where the cones are not illuminated. They are often watered little by little, so that there is no stagnation of water. The temperature is maintained in the summer of 22-24, in the winter of 10-13 degrees. In the winter in the cold content spraying on the leaves is not required. Feed for the summer can be 2 times. In the first year the main branch is formed, the skeleton. At this time, you need to substitute the support to the flower. If there is no support, the central shoot will stop growing, the side will develop rapidly. Therefore, on the passiflora from seeds at home in the second year, you need to choose another 2-3 side shoots that are attached to the guides. The rest should be formed by gradual pruning each year. It is necessary to know that flowers will appear only on young annual shoots.

If passionfruit grown from seed does not bloom at home in the fourth year, cut twigs should be grafted. The passion fruit obtained by this method will bloom quickly.

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Rules for caring for passiflora at home

Liana loves bright straight color, but at noon on the south window requires shading. At the same time, the pot should always have moist soil, the leaves watered from a spray bottle and a lake in the form of an aquarium or a wet pan with moss and pebbles should be nearby. In the shade of flowering can not wait. A constant supply of fresh air to passiflora must be ensured. In the stuffy room she will wither. But the draft tropikanka not stand.

When buying seeds, you need to know where the birthplace of this passionflower. If the plant is from humid subtropics, they impose special requirements on moist air. High mountain varieties do not tolerate heat, tropical - require sun and heat.

After winter low light, the plant is gradually introduced into the summer. Later, it can be kept on the street, on the open balcony. However, in winter compulsory lighting with cold lamps for up to 12 hours.

At rest, the temperature comfortable for passiflora will be 14-18 degrees. In the summer, it is kept at 20-260 C.

During the period of growth of vines and shoots, the plant is fed weekly with organic fertilizers. Liana grows quickly, clings to the provided support and it can be wound, creating the necessary forms, until the escape is woody. Scourge can reach 10 meters. Therefore, systematic pruning will help keep the passion fruit in the given dimensions. However, you need to cut 10 cm from the trunk, otherwise the plant will die. Pruning is done gradually, by 1-2 branches. The liana itself can be shortened to length. After the procedure, the leaves themselves will turn to the sun.

The roots feeding the twig die during pruning. They remain in the pot, giving food to the bacteria. So do not abuse pruning. Flowers develop only on young growth. Later a fetus may form. But this will occur in artificial pollination, if there are at least two plants of the same species, since the pollination is a cross.

Passion flowers themselves fighting enemies. So, they attract ants with sweet secretions. Ants kill wasps that eat pollen from a flower. In order for the helicoid butterfly to not lay, dummies are formed on the leaves that replicate eggs. The butterfly flies away, as those who left earlier will eat the leaf, and the new caterpillars will face starvation.

Fungal and infectious diseases on the liana are difficult to treat, often passiflora dies at home. Of the pests for it are terrible red spider mites, aphid, mealybug, whitefly.

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The healing properties of a tropical plant

From long time humanity knows the beneficial properties and contraindications of passiflora, as medicines. The main effect of drugs liana - soothing. With its help improve sleep, relieve irritability. Use infusions and decoctions for the removal of seizures and feverish state. Most of the drugs are known in the treatment of drug addicts and alcoholics. Passion fruit has no contraindications, it has no side effects. Even the children's body is not endangered by the use of drugs. Passion fruit can be grown at home.


, known in home breeding. In room conditions, the species of passionflower passionflower is mainly bred. Their difference is that they grow in the form of vines, which can be fixed to the supports by means of a mustache, like cucumbers. As an example, passioned winged, bright red Brazilian passion fruit.

This species is popular in Brazil. Beautiful flowers in diameter up to 12 cm with long stamens after pollination create large orange fruits, with full maturity, they become yellow.

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