9 materials for wall finishing in the hallway


  1. №1. Paint
  2. №2. Decorative plaster
  3. No. 3. Micro cement
  4. №4. Wallpaper
  5. №5. Plastic panels
  6. №6. MDF panels
  7. №7. Fake diamond
  8. №8. Flexible stone
  9. №9. Ceramic tile
  10. Finally

The walls of the hallway - one of the most vulnerable places in the apartment, because they are subject to a lot of negative influences. They get a drop of dirt and moisture, brought on shoes, clothes and umbrellas from the street, they can rely on when putting on or taking off shoes, the child can catch the walls with runners of sledges, and the animal - hold claws. There are many possible impacts, but the result is one. In order not to have to do repairs in the hall every year, you need to take care ofdurable, durable, wear-resistant and easy to cleanwall covering. What are the finest materials for the hallway walls?

№1. Paint

Painting walls is not only the most economical and easiest way to finish them, but also one of the most practical. For the walls of the hallway fitLatex, silicate, silicone and acrylic paints

, which quickly dry and have a sufficient number of shades. The surface colored with such compounds can be washed, which can be called the key advantage of this solution.Among other advantages is:

  • simplicity in the application, because even the beginner can cope with painting the walls;
  • a huge selection of colors. For the hallway, you can choose any desired shade, combine two colors or perform a simple drawing. Thus, you can create a completely boring interior in the hallway. On sale today appeared anddecorative paints, the main advantage of which is to create a unique visual effect: they can imitate any material, cast with silver or gold, change the color under different angles of view, have a quaint drawing, etc. In this case, decorative paints have excellent performance characteristics, allowing them to be used even in hallway;
  • durability and maintainability, because repainting the walls, updating the shade or applying a different color, is easy;
  • if in the hallway there are complex architectural elements, such as niches, arches, the paint becomes one of the simplest ways of finishing, because it can be applied even in the most inaccessible places;
  • budgetary.

Among the minusespainting only the need to carefully prepare the surface of the walls. They must be smooth and even, so that the coating looks neat.


№2. Decorative plaster

Decorative plaster allows you to create a rather interesting and unique finish: thanks to different Compositions and fillers can produce a smooth shiny surface (Venetian plaster) or relief. In addition to interesting decorative effects, plaster is often used in vestibules and thanks toother benefits:

  • solidity of the finished coating;
  • ecological compatibility and air permeability;
  • strength, durability and durability, because it will not be easy to scratch such walls;
  • antistatic and easy to clean;
  • Preparing the surface of the walls for plastering is not as thorough as painting, because the mortar can fill small holes and hide small defects.

Plaster is simply applied to non-standard architectural forms, while the hallway space will not be reduced, which is important for owners of small apartments. The only drawback is the high cost of some types of plasters, but this minus is more than compensated by the durability and practicality.

No. 3. Micro cement

Micro cement - a material that appeared on the construction market recently. On a number of properties it can be attributed to decorative plasters, but outstanding performance makes it necessary to consider it separately. The material consists of a polymer-cement mixture into which dyes are added.


The main advantage of micro cement- the ability to apply it to any substrate: on wood, concrete and metal, this finish will be equally strong. In addition, using micro cement, you can create a smooth, rough, matte or embossed surface. Due to the structure of the material, any color turns out to be natural, as it is slightly muffled. The wall made by the micro cement is strong, it does not lend itself to mechanical influences, so for the hallway this is just an ideal option, especially since it is cheaper to cost than conventional decorative plasters.

№4. Wallpaper

Despite the existence of many types of modern decoration materials, the wallpaper continues to be actively used everywhere, including. and in the hallways. Of course, paper wallpaper for this room is not suitable, but there are new types of wallpaper with interesting properties, and the assortment has expanded so much that it is not difficult to choose the material suitable for the characteristics and colors.

The wallpaper bribes ussimplicity in installation, low cost, a huge selection of shades and patterns. Among all the numerous types for the hallway are the following wallpapers:

  • glass wallslead in reliability, strength, durability, moisture resistance, they are not afraid even the claws of animals. Moreover, it is a safe breathable material, which additionally reinforces the walls. You can paint the glass walls several times, each time choosing a new shade. Thanks to the stencils, it is possible to apply drawings. Steklooboi withstand any solvents, so the paint can be applied any, but it is better to choose a washable paint, for example, latex;
  • liquid wallpaperare somehow average between wallpaper and plaster. They are distinguished by the solidity of the surface, soundproofing properties and wear resistance. Walls for such a finish do not necessarily lead to an ideal condition, since small irregularities can easily be disguised. Liquid wallpaper - an ideal option for arranging the hallway in the news, as when shrinking the house they will not crack. They can be repainted, wiped, they do not attract dust, and if the damage occurs, a small repair is very easy;
  • vinyl washable wallpaperalso not bad fit for the hallway, since the dirt from them can be easily removed, and some types of such wallpaper can even be rubbed with a brush. The assortment of colors is huge, the price is affordable, and the main disadvantage is that it is impossible to pass air, but more expensive solid vinyl wallpapers of this lack are lacking;
  • Fluffy wallpaper, which should not be confused with vinyl wallpaper on non-woven basis, air is skipped, they are moisture resistant and strong, and some of them can even be painted several times;
  • quartz wallpapernot so common, but for the combination of properties are ideal for the hallway. They are made by applying quartz sand to a paper or non-woven base, which results in a hard surface that is difficult to damage, but can be washed and cleaned. Such wallpaper have fire resistance, and their appearance is beyond praise. The material can be painted with latex paint, quickly updating the hallway and without worrying about the careful preparation of the surface;
  • cork wallpaperAlthough it is impossible to name the ideal options for the hallway, it is quite suitable for this room. Main advantages: naturalness, heat and sound insulation, invisibility of small scratches;
  • metallized wallpaperthey have good indicators of strength and durability, they are elegant, but they require a lot of nuances when sticking, and they are expensive, so not everyone will do;
  • desktop lincrusta wallpaperwith volumetric drawing will bring in an entrance luxury, and in respect of operational qualities this quite good material which can be washed and which with the years becomes only stronger.

By the way, with the help of color and pictures of wallpaper you can visually fix some disadvantages of the hall: if the area is small, use is light wallpaper, and for low vestibules the wallpaper with a vertical strip.

№5. Plastic panels

Plastic panels - one of the varieties of wall panels, which today are successfully used to equip the hallway.The main advantages are:

  • low price;
  • a huge variety of design options, and you can choose either monochrome panels or material with ornament or imitating wood, stone, etc. At a low price, you can achieve amazing visual effects;
  • easy installation and no need to level the walls;
  • Possibility of wet cleaning.

To consit is worth attributing the property to burn under the influence of sunlight. In addition, the material can not be called the strongest: a strong blow will damage integrity, but in the usual conditions of the hallway panels show themselves well and justify their value.

№6. MDF panels

MDF panels are more expensive than plastic ones, but they are more durable, environmentally friendly and look more solid. In fact, this is an alternative to a wooden board, and in its base is a MDF plate, which is veneered, laminated or painted to imitate some kind of wood, leather or stone.

The main advantages of MDF panels are:

  • a wide range of;
  • simplicity of installation and maintenance;
  • durability;
  • ecological compatibility;
  • affordable price.

When arranging the hallway in this way, it is worth considering the low fire resistance of the material, as well as its a solid weight and the need then to equip special fasteners, if you need something to hang on wall.

№7. Fake diamond

Artificial stone is made on the basis of gypsum, so you can talk about the environmental friendliness and safety of the material. Modern technologies allow you to create exact copies of such natural stones as marble, onyx, granite and many others, but they are made easier and cheaper. On the basic properties of an artificial stone is almost inferior to natural, andamong its advantages is:

  • moisture resistance. The top layer does not let moisture pass, which makes it possible to use this finish even in bathrooms, not to mention the hallway;
  • strength and durability. To damage a stone it is difficult, and all drops of a dirt are easily washed off by a damp sponge, thus decorative qualities of furnish remain former;
  • simplicity of installation;
  • durability;
  • fire resistance.

To disadvantagesstone is not considered to be the lowest cost, so often they are not issued by all the walls in the hallway, but only by their lower parts and doorways: so a decent saving is achieved, and the most dangerous parts of the walls will be reliably protected. Combine the decorative stone with paint or plaster.

№8. Flexible stone

The flexible stone appeared not so long ago on sale, therefore has not found enough popularity yet, and many simply do not know about its existence and advantages. This is a natural material that can be used even for finishing facades, which indicates strength, resistance to wear and moisture. It produces a flexible stone based on sandstone, which is applied to the fiberglass. Thus, the finishing material is obtained in the form of plates and wallpaper,the main advantages of which are:

  • environmental friendliness and harmlessness;
  • simplicity of installation;
  • resistance to moisture and fire;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • durability. Experts say that the material will last at least 35 years;
  • since the flexible stone is plastic, it can take completely unexpected configurations, so that you can realize the most unexpected solutions.

Of the minuses, it is worth mentioning only the price that remains at the level of natural stone, but for durability and exceptional operational qualities it is necessary to pay.

№9. Ceramic tile

Yes, we are all used to associate ceramic tiles with a bathroom or kitchen, but this material with a successful selection, perfectly fit into the interior of the hallway, and even about its excellent performance and say no it is necessary.Among the main advantages of ceramic tiles is:

  • a huge range, so it's not difficult to choose the material of the desired color and with a certain pattern;
  • practicality, resistance to scratches, to moisture and temperature changes;
  • strength;
  • durability.

Today, manufacturers offer a huge selection of ceramic tiles: it can even imitate wood, stone or leather, therefore, perfectly fit into the interior of the hallway. Moreover, for some interior styles tiles are the main element of decor. So, it will look great in the hallway in the style of Provence or country, it is not necessary that all the walls are trimmed with tiles - it is important that their lower part is well protected.


Since the hallway regularly suffers from the negative effects associated with street mud, it must be designed so that after any contamination it can be quickly put in order. First of all, this concerns the walls. The choice is complicated by the fact that the finishing material must also be attractive in appearance, to meet the chosen style of the interior. It does not prevent to think over several suitable options and will stop at the one that will suit the maximum number of parameters. Do not forget about the possibility to combine some materials with each other, while achieving interesting design solutions.

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