Rating the best vacuums without a bag according to users

  • Why are bagless vacuum cleaners so popular?
  • The best low-end models with cyclone filter
  • The most functional cyclone-type vacuum cleaners
  • The best models with aqua-filter
  • The best vertical vacuum cleaners with
  • battery The best vacuum cleaner 2 in 1 - vertical + manual
  • Let's summarize

, if you have, if you are in a good idea and you are in a good idea and you are in a good idea and you are in a good idea and you are in a good idea. But the very process of restoring orders few enthralls. That is why manufacturers of household appliances constantly replenish their range of technological and functional innovations for cleaning in houses and apartments. Vacuum cleaners have become important and reliable assistants, without which it is difficult to imagine our everyday life. General cleaning, restoring order after rearrangement or repair, daily maintenance of cleanliness - to perform these tasks, the device must be both comfortable and efficient. And how are things really? How much do manufacturers of machinery follow our consumer interests? Let's pay more attention to this issue and carefully “sort by bolt” top-best vacuum cleaners with containers for collecting dust.

Why are bagless vacuum cleaners so popular?

According to most users, vacuum cleaners with paper or cloth bags are morally obsolete. Cleaning a textile bag is not a pleasant pleasure, requiring some skill and preparation. And if a person suffers from allergies, it can also provoke health problems. In addition, the fabric bag is less durable when compared to a plastic container. As for paper waste bins - it is a constant waste, but it is not always convenient.

Vacuum cleaners with plastic containers work somewhat differently. Dust, dirt and debris that get inside the device are pressed, and this is not the most serious, but additional filtration of air in the room.

Yes, opponents of innovation pay attention to the increased noise of vacuum cleaners without bags, their cumbersome, and of course, a higher price. However, you can always find a good functional model, from a reliable manufacturer of household appliances for cleaning the house, whose advantages more than block the disadvantages.

Now let's consider the most popular models of vacuum cleaners with plastic containers for dust and garbage in 2018.

The best low-end models with cyclone filter

First of all, most of the buyers are interested in low-cost models of vacuum cleaners with cyclone containers. Is it possible to choose an inexpensive, but reliable and productive device? We were able to find 2 models that attract attention with low price and balanced technical characteristics.

Scarlett SC-VC80C03

A rather simple model of a cyclone vacuum cleaner in a “classic” version. Of course, a large spacious house to clean with the help of such a device would be quite problematic, but for a modest apartment, a room in a hostel, a country house it is better not to find a vacuum cleaner. Quite compact and not heavy( only 3.8 kg), low power consumption( 1400 W), work efficiency - 350 W.The model is equipped with a steel telescopic tube, complete with some of the most popular attachments( narrow, standard and for furniture).On the case there is a footswitch and power control, the usual cable autonomyWith its democratic value - from 2200 p.- quite decent model for the unpretentious user.

Samsung SC4520

A classic inexpensive device, quite popular, slightly heavier than the previous model( 4.3 kg), has a composite suction pipe, a floor / carpet nozzle, a function of winding the wire inside the case,vertical parking. The suction power, as in the Scarlett model, is quite decent - 350 W, but Samsung is “eating” 1600 watts of electricity. In general, the device is designed for simple cleaning of small rooms, consistently working for 4–5 years. At a cost of 3.5 thousand rubles.- more to expect from him and not have to. But if you are accustomed to a more functional and improved technology - go to the following models.

The most functional cyclone vacuum cleaners

Functional vacuum cleaners with cyclone filters - for those who want to use more expensive and efficient equipment, 2 models are also selected.

Bosch BGS 62530

One of the leaders on Yandex on the Bosch trademark. Powerful and efficient, quite comfortable, although rather heavy - 8 kg. Designed for dry cleaning. The power of work is 550 W, the garbage and the smallest particles of dust simply have no chance to stay in place. There is a fine filter, the dust collector holds 3 liters, complete - many different nozzles for convenient and efficient cleaning. In addition, all attachments can be stored in a special compartment. The suction pipe is telescopic; there is a power regulator on the body. With such a vacuum cleaner, you can reach the most remote corners of the spacious room, because the length of the cord and pipe allows you to vacuum everything in a radius of 11 meters. Agree, for such a model it is not a pity to give 10 thousand rubles! But if you are not a fan of German technology, we offer the following model in our rating.

Philips FC 8767

Cyclonic vacuum cleaner, originally from the Netherlands. Suppose it is not as powerful as Bosch( power - 370 W), but it is lighter( 5.5 liters).The device price includes nozzles for carpets, furniture, parquet and baseboards, and even a turbo brush; a special compartment is provided for their storage. The pipe is telescopic, which makes the device as maneuverable as possible. Plus, the manufacturer has taken care of the convenient and unimpeded movement of the device on any floor covering - well-thought-out rubber wheels provide easy sliding and do not create additional noise. The length of the wire and pipe ensures cleanliness and order within 11 m. During cleaning, you will not hear the smell of dust, as happens during the operation of a vacuum cleaner with a bag, because the Philips device is equipped with a HEPA filter. This model has long passed the test of time. The vacuum cleaner is praised for reliability, efficiency and durability. The cost of the model is from 11 thousand rubles.

The best models with the

aqua filter Continue our rating of the best vacuum cleaners without a bag model with an aqua filter for dry and wet cleaning. Aqua-filter allows you to carry out both dry and wet cleaning in the house, collect spilled liquid and additionally humidify the air a little, at least in the process of setting orders. Such devices will be extremely bulky and voluminous, perfect for large rooms. Therefore, the longer the cord, the better. Aquafilter vacuum cleaners require rinsing and drying after each cleaning.

Thomas SUPER 30S Aquafilter

Model with a constant suction power and 30 liters of dust collector( aquafilter + container).The model is universal, allows for both dry and wet cleaning of the room. A roomy dust collector, a tank for collecting liquids( 23 liters) and a tank for detergent( 10 liters) are great for large families living in a very spacious house. The suction pipe is composite, the length of the cord is only 6 m. But, in addition to the vacuum cleaner, there is a whole set of various brushes and adapters( 6 pcs.).Vacuum cleaner deserves a lot of enthusiastic reviews, it is considered productive, functional, reliable, carefully thought out. Of the disadvantages - a significant weight, especially after refueling detergent. But it is possible to carry out high-quality general cleaning of both smooth floor coverings and fleecy carpets in just a few minutes. For daily quick clean-ups are not suitable, because they can not show their full potential. The price of the vacuum cleaner Thomas starts from 14 thousand rubles.

If the recognized brand of vacuum cleaner models with an aqua filter is the Thomas brand, then for those who want a device with a steam supply function, you should make a purchase in the Polti store.

Polti FAV30

Multifunctional device for all types of cleaning and disinfection. Allows you to collect dust( 1.8 l) and spilled liquid in small quantities( 1.2 l), and is also capable of delivering a jet of hot thick steam( 1.1 l).Equipped with HEPA-13 filter, power regulator on the handle and telescopic suction pipe. A cord of 6 meters is basically enough for spacious rooms, the price of the model includes all the most popular and useful tips. Unit weight - 8.2 kg. On heating the boiler, it takes an average of 10–12 minutes, power consumption is 2.5 kWh. It draws the attention of consumers with its stylish and modern appearance, versatility, thorough study. Allows you to carry out quick cleaning and high-quality general cleaning. However, the cost of the model, as well as all steam cleaning vacuum cleaners is quite high - from 25 thousand rubles.

The best vertical vacuum cleaners with an


Our rating of the most popular vacuum cleaners in dust collection containers will continue to be the battery-powered vertical models. They are compact, lightweight and maneuverable. Dust collectors of such devices are not very spacious - such a vacuum cleaner is suitable for daily quick cleanings in a small area.

Tefal TY8813RH

Popular vertical vacuum cleaner, refers to the type of battery appliances. It is distinguished by low power and small capacity of the container( 0.5 l).But there is a power regulator, a turbo brush for high-quality cleaning, a charge indicator. The operating time is up to 35 minutes, although you can only use the vacuum cleaner next time after a very long charge( up to 10 hours).Maneuverable vacuum cleaner, lightweight( 3.2 kg), quite effective. And the price is not very expensive, only 10 thousand rubles.for devices of this category is a reasonable ratio of technical parameters and cost. In addition, the brand is trustworthy and happy with the durable performance of the equipment.

Bosch BCH 6ATH25

Another popular bagless vacuum cleaner with a cyclone filter. The dust collector in the model is more spacious - 0.9 l. The battery life is up to an hour, while the cost of charging the battery is about 6 hours. There is a three-stage power regulator, electric brush, charge indicators and the degree of contamination of the filter. The model is comfortable, functional, reliable. Weight - only 3 kg, cost - from 12 thousand rubles.nothing superfluous, everything in the case, carefully thought out and correctly assembled. German quality, in one word.

Philips FC 6400

Well, if it is the daily wet cleaning that is important to you, take a look at the FC 6400 model. This is a rechargeable, vertical vacuum cleaner. For half an hour of battery life can hold a quick dry or wet cleaning, and even collect a small amount of spilled liquid. Comes with a turbo brush and a microfiber cloth. The power of work - the average, the quality of cleaning - is beyond praise, especially if we consider the initial price of the model - 11 thousand rubles.

The best 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner - vertical + manual

Such models of vacuum cleaners cannot be ignored, they are appreciated by pet owners, parents of small hyperactive children, car owners and just people who appreciate the independence and autonomy of appliances. You can carry out quick cleaning of floor coverings, upholstered furniture, even shelves and cabinets, wall décor elements.

Dyson DC 62 Animal Pro - the leader of the category "price-functionality".Vertical vacuum cleaner 2-in-1, runs on battery( 25 minutes), has a power regulator, electric brush and fine filter. The time required for “recuperation” is only 3.5 hours. Weight - 2 kg. The suction power is small - only 100 W, but with a point effect and the correct selection of the nozzle, an excellent result is achieved without the application of considerable effort. For this model, the manufacturer wants from 18.5 thousand rubles. That to most users, it seems, is quite a reasonable price tag.

Let us summarize the results of

. As you can see, in 2018 there is plenty to choose from. Different in design and device, more expensive and budget models, popular brands, as always, tend to surprise with a variety of offers. We hope, in our ranking of the best vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter, you could find what suits you and now in your house cleaning will be a joy!

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