Characteristics and description of tomato parake pink

Among the many varieties of tomatoes, Pink Paradise has taken a well-deserved and honorable place. Gardeners loved him for his unpretentious care and excellent harvest.

  • Contents:Bred in 2009 by Japanese breeders for cultivation in the greenhouse. In 2011, he was named the best variety among pink tomatoes. It refers to tomatoes average maturity .

    The height of the bush reaches 2 meters and requires mandatory formation. Fruiting period 72-75 days from the time the seedlings are planted in the ground.

    The yield according to the description is 4-4.3 kg per 1 sq. Km.meter. The fruits are round, the color is pink, the flesh is of medium density, the skin is thin, but dense, the taste is sweet. Fruit weight 120-220 grams .

    The average fruit weight of the variety is 120-220 grams.
    Use mainly for salads, but you can also preserve them.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the

    variety The advantages of the Pink Paradise variety are:

    • excellent taste;
    • good seed germination;
    • unpretentious care;
    • high yield ;
    • good disease resistance;
    • excellent presentation;
    • long shelf life ( up to three weeks);
    • good transportability.
    Advantages of the variety - long shelf life and good transportability


    The disadvantages include:

    • mandatory bush formation;
    • seeds are not harvested, since plants cannot be grown from them with the same declared characteristics;
    • transfers only insignificant differences of temperatures. When frost may die;
    • is not recommended to grow in open beds, since is likely to be infected with .

    Sowing seeds and further caring for seedlings

    The seeds of this hybrid are highly resistant to diseases, however, for better survival, they should be soaked for 12 hours in a growth stimulant solution.

    To sow the seeds should be in late February or early March .Prepare the soil before sowing. To do this in equal parts mixed garden soil, mullein and add a little river sand. For sowing seeds suitable oblong box.

    Before planting, it is recommended to water the soil with a strong solution of manganese and warm to 15 degrees.
    Pink Paradise Tomato Seeds

    The holes for seeds are made 1.5 cm deep. After planting, they are sprinkled with a thin layer of soil and moistened. Capacity with seeds covered with a film or glass to create a greenhouse effect, and carried into a dark room. The temperature in the room should not fall below +25 degrees .

    After emergence of shoots, the glass is removed and the seedlings are placed in a well-lit place. Watering them should be very moderate. For these purposes, a spray is well suited.

    After the appearance of two leaves, the seedlings should be to plant in separate pots and to fertilize with fermented mullein solution diluted in the following ratio:

    1. warm water - 7 liters;
    2. manure - 1 liter.

    Immediately after feeding, seedlings should be watered so that fertilizer is absorbed faster. The room temperature is reduced to +18 degrees during the day and +16 degrees at night .

    Insufficient lighting can lead to excessive stretching of seedlings of the variety

    It is also important to pay attention to coverage of , since its deficiency leads to excessive stretching of the seedlings. Pots with seedlings gradually turn to the light from different sides so that the stems do not tilt in one direction.

    The next step is the hardening .In the first days of hardening in the room for several hours open the window. After 2-3 days, containers with seedlings are taken out to the loggia in the daytime. Two days before transplanting in greenhouses, seedlings are left on the loggia for the night.

    Growing seedlings in the greenhouse

    Plant seedlings in the greenhouses at the end of April .The distance between the bushes should be at least 60 centimeters. The transplanted seedling is immediately tied to a support.

    After transplantation, the first watering and fertilizing should be done no earlier than after 7 days of .For good growth, you can feed the seedlings with nitrogen, and to form fruits use potash-phosphate fertilizers. Re-feeding is made not earlier than 14 days after the first.

    It is recommended to form this variety in one stem in order to increase the yield.
    Shrub Pink Paradise needs to be formed into one stalk.

    Shrub formed into two stalks will delay the harvest for two weeks, but in this case the fruiting will be more abundant.

    Steplings and lower leaves should be regularly pruned .After pruning to water the bush is not necessary. At the time of flowering, the stems must be slightly shaken in order for self-pollination to take place, and the fruits are tied better.

    For irrigation between the rows, you can dig shallow grooves and fill them with water. Then the soil will be uniformly saturated with moisture.

    Watering must necessarily be moderate .With a lack of moisture, the fruits will be small and the leaves will dry out. Excess moisture will lead to decay of the root system. Watering is best done in the early morning, the water should be at room temperature.

    weeding and loosening the soil are compulsory care procedures. Weed grass between the bushes must be removed so that it does not pull nutrients from the soil. Loosening is necessary so that oxygen can better penetrate to the root system.

    Diseases and pests

    Pink Pink Paradise is resistant to diseases and fungi. But disease prevention will not be superfluous.
    For the prevention of diseases, you can use the drug Fitosporin

    Experienced gardeners are advised to carry out a number of preventive measures:

    1. Ground decontamination with manganese .
    2. Treatment of saplings with phytosporin .
    3. With the appearance of bugs or slugs, pests should be removed and treated with sal ammoniac, plant shrub.
    4. Regular weed control.

    Harvesting Tomatoes

    The crop is harvested after 110 days from the time of sowing the seeds. The fruits are used fresh for salads, as well as for canning. Due to its excellent taste and good presentation it is in demand among consumers.


    Reviews gardeners about this variety are contradictory. Here are some of them:

    Aida, Krasnodar

    The variety is very fruitful, tasteful. I have been growing it for five years now and I think that this variety has no equal. I grow it in an open garden and take the crop before the frost. I recommend to everyone.

    Maria, Kuban

    The variety is very capricious. On the fruit stains rot. With the taste of our Kuban tomatoes, nothing compares.


    Cultivated this variety in 2016.I was very pleased with the taste, and appearance, and yield. I will grow this variety again.

    Despite the fact that this variety appeared quite recently, it has already managed to gain popularity. At observance of all recommendations it is completely not difficult to grow up this grade. It is worth trying to indulge yourself with a good harvest.

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