Characteristics and description of potato varieties Zhuravinka

Holland has long been recognized as an exemplary state in floriculture and vegetable production. Not for nothing in the world are valued tulips and other flowering crops, as well as vegetables from this country. Potato varieties bred in Holland are also considered among the best in taste and in terms of simple growing conditions, crop yields and disease resistance. But not only Holland succeeded in potato growing. Belarus is also famous for its excellent potato varieties. In Belarus, potatoes - almost a symbol of the nation. Zhuravinka - varietal variety of potatoes, bred in Belarus, is recognized as one of the best varieties of .


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grade characteristics and features

Zhuravinka - srednepozdnievarietal variety. From the day of planting seeds to the digging of tubers, 100 days pass. The variety variety

is famous for its high yield .This is the main advantage of the variety. According to the characteristic, it is possible to collect up to 700 kg of potatoes per hectare.

One shrub capable of producing up to 25 medium sized tubers.

According to these figures, Zhuravinka can be put on a par with the best potato varieties of Dutch selection. Weather conditions do not have a strong impact on yield.

Up to 95% of tubers retain their appearance during transportation.

Tubers are well stored and tolerate transportation. More than 95% of the tubers retain their presentation until the spring of next year, without losing their nutritional qualities.

The Zhuravinka variety is highly resistant to diseases, among which are:

  • Potato cancer;
  • Golden Nematode.

Other diseases are also rare for the variety.

Characterization of

tubers. Tubers of a varietal variety have features, and all tubers are different from each other:

  • There are round tubers and oval-round ones. The surface of the tuber is smooth or rough, embossed;
  • Pulp - soft cream with a yellowish tinge;
  • The rind has a distinct red color;
  • Small eyes;
  • The average size of a tuber is 125 grams , but the largest tubers can weigh up to 300 grams;
  • The variety has a high starch content - up to 20% ;
  • tubers have good taste .Used for cooking, frying, and cooking chips;
  • In the process of heat treatment, the color of the pulp does not change, and the potato itself is well boiled soft.
Zhuravinki flesh - soft cream color

Distinctive features of shoots and root crops

escape reaches a height of half a meter .Shoots are upright, rarely deviate to the side. The thickness of the stem does not exceed 1 cm. The leaves have a rounded shape, the color of the leaf plate is dark green. The edges of the leaves are wavy. Along the central vein color is darker. Growth shoots fast.

Inflorescences on bushes appear closer to the beginning of July. They consist of several small flowers of purple color with a reddish tinge.

The average weight of the root - 125 grams .The surface is usually raised, but may be smooth. The color of the skin is red. The rind is thin.

Yield varieties

High yield - the main advantage of the Belarusian variety. From one bush you can collect up to 25 tubers.

Weather conditions are not an obstacle to a rich potato crop.

Proper care, fertilizer, soil composition and seed quality increase yields.

Productivity depends on the quality of the seed material

The history of the emergence of

Bred in Belarus together with farmers from Russia more than a decade ago. Patented varietal variety Zhuravinka in 2005.The patent belongs to the Research and Production Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Potato, Vegetable and Fruit Growing.

Recommended for cultivation in the western, central and Volga-Vyatka regions.

Now successfully grown throughout Russia, but grows better in regions where the climate is close to the Belarusian.

Features of cultivation of potato Zhuravink

Unpretentious varietal variety. Even with minimal care gives a rich and tasty harvest.


Landing dates depend on the climate in the region. The south, the earlier Zhuravinka ready for landing. In the southern regions, landing is carried out in April, and in the northern regions it is recommended to postpone landing until mid-May.

In the middle zone of Russia, is being planted in late April - early May .

Zhuravinka prefers a light, loose soil. Heavy soils are not suitable for planting. Prefers sunny areas.

Zhuravinka prefers light ground

Landing rules:

  • Tubers are planted to a depth of not more than 7 cm , if the soil is loamy. If the soil is sandy, the tuber deepens by no more than 10 cm ;
  • The distance between plants is about 30 cm;
  • Planting should take place in moist and loose soil;
  • Before planting, it is important to plow, level and clean the weed.
Before planting planting material, it is desirable to process it with a growth stimulator.

Features of care

When growing Zhuravinki follow a number of rules for care:

  • Although the variety is resistant to any weather conditions, it is necessary to water the potatoes periodically. However, is strongly discouraged from ;
  • Periodically is required to roll up the landing. Spud potatoes better when the soil is wet. The first hilling is done when the height of the shoots reaches 20 cm;
  • It is not recommended to abuse nitrogenous fertilizers;
  • In a very rainy summer period, it is desirable to process potatoes with an antifungal agent.
Hatching is necessary for growing zhuravinki.

Diseases and pests

Zhuravinka is resistant to most diseases. Rarely potatoes hit phytophthora. A common cause of late blight is waterlogging. However, in comparison with other varieties of potato, Zhuravinka is rarely affected by late blight. For the prevention and control of fungicides are used.

It is also possible the defeat of viral diseases that lead to the death of tubers and their rotting.

The main enemy of potatoes is the Colorado potato beetle. It is required to fight it with the help of insecticidal preparations.

Gardeners' reviews

Ekaterina, 38 years old, Moscow Region.

We have been growing Zhuravinka potatoes for over 4 years. Potatoes give a good harvest. Tastes are very good. The only negative is late maturation, since the zone is not black earth, but this is not a problem.

Valentina, 45, Saratov

Zhuravinka is one of the favorite potato varieties. Due to the high content of starch potatoes are well boiled soft. It tastes great too. Ripens late, but because of this, perfectly preserved until the next harvest.

Zhuravinka has an excellent taste and according to reviews,

Vladimir, 51, Volkhov does not boil soft

Zhuravushka is the only variety that has come to the harsh conditions of our region. Yield according to the description is good. Tastes are also great. In addition, Zhuravinka is resistant to many diseases( nematode, scab, black leg, late blight).

Potato Zhuravinka - one of the best varieties, bred by Belarusian breeders. Potatoes are characterized by good yield, good taste and unpretentiousness in cultivation.

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