How to deal with spider mite on currants

A spider mite is a pest that parasitizes foliage and can live both on indoor plants and in the garden. A tick male reaches a length of 0.5 mm, whereas its female may be twice as large. These pests can have a different color. White, red, green and even orange insects are found.

The defeat of currant bushes occurs most often from the foliage of its lower part. The main symptom of the disease is the appearance of white dots on the leaves. Whereas over time the tick gets higher and higher, enveloping its currant with its web. How to deal with this pest, we'll talk in this review.


  • Signs of currant spider mites
  • Causes
  • consequences of defeat currant pest
  • How to combat spider mites
    • Application of special preparations
    • use of traditional methods

Signs of currant spider mites

Signs of currant spider mites

Recognize the appearance of spider mites on currants easy. Even taking into account the fact that the pests are very small, they can cause significant damage to the currant until its destruction.

In view of rapid reproduction, individuals of the tick in a short time spread throughout the plant , sucking the juice from it and thereby deforming the foliage structure.

Causes of

The main causes of spider mites include:

  • hot and dry weather. Such weather conditions are considered optimal for the reproduction of pests. Although some time ticks can wait out even the cold;
  • If the soil lacks useful organic compounds or other trace elements, this is immediately used by pests. They immediately attack the plants, in some way weakened by the lack of organic matter;
Spider mite
  • currant bushes can become infected with the spider insect from other plants in the garden. That is why it is important to localize the affected areas and try to get rid of the pests as quickly as possible, not allowing them to continue to multiply;
  • Over Dusty Plants is also a cause of mites. They like this habitat. It is recommended to constantly irrigate the currants to prevent the occurrence of pests.

It is worth noting that if you do not immediately eliminate all the causes of ticks, then there will be no sense. Since in one day the female can lay about two hundred eggs. It is necessary to fight in a complex, destroying not only adult individuals, but also their eggs.

Consequences of damaging currants by pest

Spider mite leads to dehydration and drying of currant leaves

If you do not get rid of spider mites before the ovary, you can not wait for the harvest. This pest is terrible also because it not only affects the ovaries on flowers, but also causes irreparable damage to the foliage. This significantly increases the chance of currant bush to get sick with other ailments.

Practice shows that black currant bushes very rarely get sick. But if they were struck by a spider mite and did not get rid of the pest on time. Powdery mildew defeats immediately. And already from this problem it becomes almost impossible to get rid of.

How to deal with a spider mite

In the process of dealing with a spider mite it is best to use popular methods. First of all, it’s free, because the recipes contain improvised tools or plants, which can be found in any garden or backyard. Secondly, these are safe methods of eliminating pests. Such infusions and solutions do not harm either the plants themselves or people.

Plain water is an excellent tool, which at the initial stage saves the bushes from ticks. This is because the pest does not tolerate high humidity. If you constantly water the bushes directly on top of the water or after watering envelop them with a film to significantly increase the humidity, the adults will quickly die.
To combat spider mites at the initial stage of a lesion, bushes are plentifully watered with clean water.

Whereas the use of specialized chemical compounds is recommended only in the most difficult situations when folk methods did not produce the desired result. Since the store preparations, falling into the pulp of currants, spoil it, causing harm to the human body. Chemistry with subsequent harvesting can be applied only if the agent is used before currant flowering begins. Otherwise, the harvested crop is forbidden for human consumption.

The use of spider mite control also depends on the temperature outside.

When the air temperature is + 21 degrees Celsius, it is advised to perform three acaricide treatments with an interval of 8 days. If the temperature rises to +30 degrees, the number of treatments increases to 4 times, and the interval decreases to 5 days. Otherwise, new eggs will have time to ripen, further spreading.

. Use of special preparations

. You can use acaricides only before the appearance of flowering, since hazardous substances can get into the berries and harm people. If, however, no one will harvest the berries at all, and the problem lies in saving the garden from a pest that spreads to other plants, has a sense and sense of acaricites at any stage of bush development.

Spraying currant bushes from spider mites

Method of use, more specifically, instructions for preparing the composition, is indicated on the packaging. You should not make your own adjustments to the solution, it is important to follow all the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Practice shows that is not easy to get rid of spider mites. And the first available chemical can not help. We'll have to change the drug on the basis of other poisons.

Use chemicals recommended 3-4 times. Since mite eggs exhibit increased resistance to all drugs, including "lethal chemistry."

For currants, it is recommended to pay attention to the following preparations:

  • Floromite;
  • Sunmite;
  • Oberon;
  • Flumayt;
  • Apollo;
  • Nisoran.

Using popular methods

There are some plants that can help to cope with a pest. Some should be used in dried form, others fresh. Consider the main options:

  • wormwood, dope, dandelion, yarrow, calendula, celandine;
  • can be prepared solution of finely chopped onion with garlic, diluted with water and infused for 24 hours;
  • showed itself well in the fight against tick infusion of potato tops.
Infusion of arrows of garlic will help you in the fight against spider mite
Use solutions recommended by spraying them on the surface of the shrub. And it is necessary to do this at least three times daily. That's because eggs are highly fluid resistant. And to destroy them is much more difficult than mature individuals.

Now it becomes clear that it is worth starting the fight against the spider mite immediately after its appearance. This is because, in the first place, pests can be simply washed off with a stream of water or treated with infusion of herbs. If you do not navigate in time, then after the appearance of the ovary, the tick can damage it, which means there will be no harvest. Moreover, the pest spreads quickly through the garden and can hit all other healthy plants, even reaching indoor plants. Everything must be done in a timely manner!

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