How to take watermelon oil to get the benefit?

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Concentrated supply of nutrients for the continuation of life is collected in the seeds of any plants. Watermelon seed is no exception. Its core contains up to 25% oil, which can be squeezed out. Together with the oil in the cold-pressed and go all the healing components of the product. Information on the benefits and harms of watermelon oil taken can be found in culinary, medical and cosmetic studies.

Treasure in a bottle

Watermelon oil has the second name Kalahari, it is found on product labels. Watermelon oil resembles in its properties almond, obtained from the seeds of fruit.

The basis of the chemical composition of the oil are fatty acids, and 60% of them are linoleic. It is indispensable for the prevention of angina and for feeding the cardiovascular system. Other organic acids also act beneficially, clearing the bloodstream from harmful cholesterol, reducing pressure.

The vitamin composition of the oil has a beneficial effect on the entire body, no matter how it is fed. The skin becomes younger, wounds are tightened, including a stomach ulcer. The oil saturation with vitamins of groups B, A, PP and C makes the oil healing during spa procedures and in a salad. One teaspoon of oil on an empty stomach in the morning, taken regularly, will help solve the problems of chronic constipation. At the same time, the body will receive a good percentage of the daily requirement, representing:

  • minerals and trace elements;
  • dietary fiber;
  • amino acids;
  • essential oils.
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Watermelon oil is used along with other medicinal cold-pressed herbal products in perfumery, cosmetics and medicine. Use for medical purposes due to the presence in the oil of the active vasodilator arginine. On the male sexual sphere, its effect is similar to Viagra. For medical purposes, the oil is used for:

  • for the prevention of kidney diseases and mineral deposits in the urinary system;
  • reduce inflammation of the internal organs and skin;
  • removal of fluids and poisons from the body;
  • improve metabolic processes;
  • for helminth output;
  • improves metabolic processes in the liver.

Oil has such a beneficial effect on all organs that contraindications are associated only with individual intolerance for various reasons. The main one is a disease associated with rejection of citrulline, as foreign to the body. Do not use oil in the diet for people who are overweight.

Excessive consumption of the product causes drowsiness and weakens attentiveness. Under thermal effects, the oil is deprived of vitamins and antioxidants, which makes it an unhelpful product.

Beneficial oil in the composition of cosmetics. As an active ingredient, oil is a component of tonic skin care products. The use of oil in the composition of the masks for oily and problem skin gives a cleansing effect. Any inflammation, acne on the skin under the influence of watermelon oil stop.

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The product has a particular effect on the hair structure. When rubbing oil into the scalp, the hair stops falling out, and fluffiness and shine appear. The presence of a vitamin complex is beneficial for the entire human body. In spas, a necessary component for massage is a cream with watermelon oil.

Watermelon oil draws other greasy deposits from oily skin and dissolves them. The oil is used in children's cosmetics, being a good moisturizing and anti-inflammatory product.

How to get and where to buy watermelon oil?

Get watermelon seed oil. They are dried, peeled, crushed. Mass is pressed. The first spin is the most valuable. Another method is solvent extraction. For medicinal purposes, only cold pressed oil is used. As a result of filtration, the final product becomes a clear oily liquid with a small sediment. The color is light, the smell of watermelon with nutty notes.

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The area of ​​industrial cultivation of watermelons for the production of marketable products in the form of oil, flour, juice and canned food is developed in the growing areas. In Russia, it is the southern European part and Primorsky Krai. In the world, watermelons are grown in the Mediterranean countries, in Japan, China, India and in America. Therefore, watermelon oil is easy to buy. It is often present in the windows in the “Health Stalls”, complete with other healing oils.

If it is offered to buy flavored watermelon oil, then this is an obvious fake. This product is not used for the extraction of herbal essential oils.

You can buy oil in pharmacies and in gastronomic departments in health food stores. In Russia, products from Ukraine are more often found. In Russia, watermelon seed oil is offered by 19 manufacturers in any packaging and at various prices. When buying a healing product, it is necessary to look for the oil of the cold first spin. Not bad to make sure that this is real oil, read the certificate of quality.

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