Pineapple melon or Ich-Kzyl will surprise you with delicate aroma and juicy flesh

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Central Asia, Iran and Afghanistan is the birthplace of many world-famous varieties and varieties of melons, including the fruits of Ameri or Melo ameri. These are rather large mid-ripening melons:

  • with juicy, yellowish-cream or orange pulp;
  • with excellent sweet taste;
  • with a subtle vanilla-like scent.

Unlike early varieties, the fruits of which quickly lose their commercial quality, Ameri's dense, crispy melon pulp can withstand storage and transportation, which only increases the value of numerous varieties belonging to this subspecies with a growing season of 80–100 days. Among the most common and popular in Central Asia are Ich-Kyzyl melons.

In Europe and the territory of the former USSR, this name of the type is considered to be difficult, therefore, melons with a fresh aroma are called pineapple. Most often, the Ich-kzyl large-fruited and Ich-kzyl Uzbek varieties are grown in the melon fields of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and other countries of the region 331.

The Ich-kzyl melons can be recognized by large, less often medium-sized, spindle-shaped or elliptical-shaped melons. On the surface covered with gray-greenish stripes and yellow spots of the bark, you can see a weak segmentation. Ripe melons have a pronounced mesh pattern. Orange or creamy flesh is thick, not too thick, but very sweet and fragrant.

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Ich-kzyl Uzbek 331

In Central Asia, these melons are among the best existing summer varieties. During the growing season of about 90 days, the fruits of the variety bred by the Uzbek Research Institute of Vegetables, Gourds and Potatoes, have excellent taste, decent appearance and good transportability. Melons of this variety can be used not only in fresh form, they are beautifully dried.

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The fruits of the Ich-Kyzyl variety of Uzbek 331 reach a weight of 3 kg, have an elliptical shape and a smooth surface with a large-mesh mesh pattern. Solid bark is painted in light green tones, on which thin, often torn, darker stripes are visible. The average thickness of the flesh is orange, green under the peel.

The sugar content in ripe melon reaches 10–12%, which ensures the sweet dessert taste of fruits. Fruit aroma with vanilla notes.

Ich-kzyl large-fruited

The fruits of this medium early variety with a growing season of 85–95 days weigh from 3.9 to 5.0 kg. Melons have an elliptical shape, a smooth surface with a mesh pattern and a yellow-green color with narrow stripes. Melons have thick, flesh of light orange color. For a relatively short period of time, fruits accumulate from 10 to 12.5% ​​of sugars, which predetermines the excellent taste of fresh melons. In addition, the popularity of the variety provides the ability to store and transport fruit. This melon is required not only crispy dense flesh, but rather a rather firm peel.

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