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, Flavored with plums without sugar, sterilized

  • is a yellow plum compote. Indeed, only one of its appearance can make a jar of a warm, sunny color aesthetic taste. Fragrant, sweet compote not only perfectly quenches thirst, but also becomes a vitamin barrier on the way to beriberi.

    Unlike drinks made from blue varieties of fruit, yellow plum gives compote a sweeter taste, so you should not put a lot of sugar.

    Plum Drink One of the simplest and easiest to prepare yellow plum compote recipes for the winter is a single pouring of fruit with sugar syrup. Despite the fact that the drink is not further sterilized, it is well kept and so, because the plums have their own necessary acid.

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    For the preparation of two cans of compote with a capacity of 3 liters each will need:

    • ripe, but not very soft plums - 1 kg;
    • sugar - 600 g;
    • water - 5 liters.

    Step by step preparation of yellow plum compote:

    1. Sterilize the bottle.
    2. Brute fruit, tearing off the tails, and wash. Let dry a little.
    3. Spread the cream over the cans, dividing them equally.
    4. Pour water into a medium saucepan on the basis of one can of about 2.5 liters. You can take a little more with a margin. When it boils, add sugar. Stir for 5 minutes.
    5. Pour plums with boiling syrup, roll up and cover with a warm blanket for self-sterilization.
    6. After the cans with the compote have cooled down completely, take them to a cellar or cellar for storage.

    A compote of yellow plums with stones is recommended to be stored no more than 1 year. Its further storage may be fraught with food poisoning due to special substances released from the bones.

    Plum compote using the double pouring method

    The principle of preparing a beverage is almost the same as in the previous recipe. On one three-liter jar to prepare 1 kg of ripe yellow plums with firm pulp.

    Overcooked, soft fruits should be left for making jam and jam. Upon contact with boiling water, the peel of such drains can burst - this will spoil the appearance of the yellow plum compote for the winter and give it a cloudy color.

    Put the plums in a jar and pour boiling water( about 2.5 liters).Cover with a lid and leave the workpiece for half an hour. From above, it is desirable to cover with a towel.

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    Drain the cooled water into a pan and cook sugar syrup on its basis, adding 250-300 g of sugar.

    Hot syrup re-pour a jar of fruit, roll up and wrap.

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    at home Compote of peeled yellow plums

    This drink is very rich in flavor due to the high concentration of fruits and sugar. For harvesting it is convenient to use one-liter jars - they will occupy less shelf space. But from one such can you can make a couple of liters of compote.

    If desired, a concentrated compote of plums can be diluted with boiled water immediately before use.

    The formulation is slightly different from the fill compotes:

    1. Wash three kilograms of sweet yellow plums, cut in halves with a knife and remove the bones.
    2. Place the peeled fruits in pre-sterilized jars, filling them to the top.
    3. Boil syrup from 750 g of granulated sugar and 1.5 l of water and pour plums over it.
    4. Put an old towel on the bottom of a large wide saucepan or basin and place cans of fruit on top, covering them with lids. Pour into a pan of hot water, bring it to a boil and from this point sterilize compote for 25 minutes.
    5. Carefully remove the glass container, roll up and wrap.

    Sugar-free plum compote

    Due to the fact that yellow plums have a rather sweet taste, they can be preserved without added sugar.

    Plums in the amount of 700 g per liter jar to wash, put in a colander and pour over first - boiling, and then cold water. After all the liquid has drained, put them in jars and pour the necessary amount of boiling water.

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    Put the jars in a wide saucepan, cover with metal lids and sterilize for 10 minutes.

    Roll up compote from plums without sugar for the winter, turn the jars upside down and wrap.

    Plum compote without sugar, boiled in a pan

    A special feature of this drink is not only the absence of sugar, but also the method of its preparation. Unlike the previous recipe, plums are pre-boiled.

    Wash dense ripe plums in the amount of 500 g, cutting off the tails. Do not remove bones.

    Pour 2.5 liters of water into the pan. When it warms up a little, lay out the yellow plums. Bring to a boil, blanch for 1-2 minutes, and then carefully, trying not to tear the skin, take the fruit out of the water and put it in the bottle.

    Give the water in which the plums were boiled, boil again and pour it into the bottle with the plums. Cork and wrap.

    Compote of yellow plum will especially appeal to children, because this is a “two in one” drink: you can quench your thirst and have a snack on fruit. And if the plums remain, they will make an excellent plum cake. In general, non-waste production! Therefore, a couple( tens) of extra jars just will not hurt.

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