What to do if the water heater leaks

What to do if the water heater leaks


The boiler, like other household appliances, can not work without failures forever, especially if you do not carry out planned preventive measures. And what should the owner of an apartment or a private house do if the water heater has flowed, how to fix the malfunction?

It is necessary to understand that the leak is only the first signs of a serious breakdown, and it is worth to repair as soon as possible. After all, if you continue to use the boiler, not paying attention to the puddles of water under it, then in a few days the replacement of an inexpensive part will not help. Because for such a period the malfunction will worsen and it is possible that you just need to buy a new water heater.


  • 1Common causes of breakdowns
  • 2Wrong installation
  • 3Lack of scheduled maintenance
  • 4Ignoring the valve setting to relieve excess pressure
  • 5Corrosion of internal parts and walls of the boiler
  • 6Long service life of household appliance
  • 7Improperly installed earthing or its complete absence
  • 8Recognizing problems and ways to solve them
  • 9Preventive measures

Common causes of breakdowns

Malfunctions in the operation of the electric heater appear most often due to:

  • improper installation of the boiler;
  • lack of scheduled maintenance;
  • ignoring the valve setting to relieve excess pressure;
  • corrosion of internal parts and walls of the water heater;
  • long service life of the household appliance;
  • incorrectly grounded grounding or its complete absence.
An important aspect of using a water heater is its installation

Wrong installation

Since many people like to do homework on their own and save on it, often the owner installs the water heater. Moreover, the flow of a boiler is not such a complicated malfunction. But just inadequate qualification of the owner of the house or apartment when installing the boiler and is the most common cause of the leak.

What is wrong?Most often do not install the gearbox, which leads to excessive stress on the safety valve.As a result, one day, he can not cope with the tasks assigned to him, a hydraulic shock occurs, the tank body expands and, as a result, the integrity of the water heater skin is broken.


Yes, someone will object that nothing serious will happen from one hydraulic attack. This is true, but since it is a question of a constant violation of the rules of operation of the device, then the quantity once grows into quality, disabling household appliances.

Lack of scheduled maintenance

This means cleaning the heating element, the heating element, from scale. After all, the water that flows through the pipes leaves much to be desired. And, means, in time, scale will appear on the walls of the steel tank and directly on the pipes of the TEN.


In order not to bring the boiler to such a deplorable state, periodically it is necessary to do a cleaning of the reservoir for water and the internals of the water heater. Such events will surely save you a considerable amount of money.

Ignoring the valve setting to relieve excess pressure

Most often this happens because the boiler is installed by an amateur. Remember that the breakdowns that have occurred due to the fact that the valve has not been installed in time to relieve excess pressure, are not warranties, and repairs will have to be made at their own expense.

Corrosion of internal parts and walls of the boiler

Unfortunately, it is impossible to exclude corrosion processes, they can only be minimized. Do not forget that the susceptibility of metal to corrosion is enhanced by so-called "wandering" currents, the presence of which can not be controlled.

Corrosion - the enemy of many household appliances

Long service life of household appliance

Producers expect an average of 3-5 years, but water heaters work, as a rule, longer - for 5-7 years. It is clear that there are exceptions that shift the bar in one direction or another, but in general the figures are taken from real life.

Improperly installed earthing or its complete absence


Here again, a stone flies into the garden of home-grown craftsmen, who like to do everything quickly and simply. As a result, instead of trouble-free operation of the boiler, troubles can begin only a few months after its installation.

Recognizing problems and ways to solve them

The good news is that more often than not, water starts to flow, rather than pouring strong pressure. But already this should alert and force at least to penetrate into the problem itself or call the masters from a specialized company.


First of all stop using the boiler, disconnect it from the mains and carefully look where the water flows.If you have the appropriate skills, you can try to solve the problem yourself, the main thing is not to make it worse than it was.

It is quite easy to repair repairs with flushes from under the cover that covers the control holes, if there are tightly tightened nuts. In different situations, you can remove the protective cover and install it in the same place after troubleshooting. But be prepared, that this detail will have to be changed.


Remember that the water heater is a monolithic structure, and its disassembly is fraught with serious damage to parts. Especially if all this you will do for the first time in your life. So the advice here is the same: not sure - call the masters.

Well, the easiest case - when it flows not the body itself, but the junction of pipes, etc. Then you just need to find the point of percolation and carefully twist the nut, so as not to damage the threaded connection.

Preventive measures

Nothing so prolongs the life of household electrical appliances, like periodic prophylaxis.

If you want to enjoy the trouble-free operation of the water heater for many years, follow the simple rules:

  • regularly check the pressure in the system; Install the gearbox if it exceeds 3 atmospheres;
  • periodically clean the boiler of scale;
  • keep track of the state and change the magnetic rod in time;
  • Install a magnetic filter to soften the water;
  • do not heat water above 70 degrees.

Since the causes leading to water heater malfunctions may be different, you must be sure of success before starting a repair yourself. If the same education, and even more so, there is no desire, - contact specialists, they will definitely do everything quickly and reliably.

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