Planting fruit trees in spring requires preparation

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Every gardener wants to see his garden healthy, beautiful, and abundantly fruitful. The pledge of good growth, lush flowering and harvest is properly carried out planting fruit trees in the spring.

Unfortunately, the site owner is not always responsible for this procedure, choosing the first available place for a tree, somehow organizing a planting hole or arranging seedlings too often, not considering their growth. There is no need to wait for fast fruiting and a good harvest. How and when to plant seedlings of fruit trees in the spring? Are there any secrets that allow plants to take root faster and start growing?

Terms of planting seedlings of fruit trees in the spring

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the timing of planting. In the literature, it is often stated that the preferred planting is for tree seedlings, but it should be noted that this recommendation applies to the southern regions.

In conditions of long warm autumn, winter-hardy trees and shrubs have time to acclimatize and take root, enduring the winter quite well and starting to grow from early spring. The more to the north is the garden plot, the greater the risk of the tree freezing.

Therefore, in the northern regions, fruit trees are often planted in the spring. At the same time, it is possible to save seedlings of even the most heat-loving crops, as well as successfully transfer plants with an open root system to the ground. True, this landing has one feature. It should be carried out as early as possible so that the sapling can meet the beginning of the growing season in the soil at a permanent place of residence. Still "sleeping" trees are not sensitive to the active sun and possible frosts.

When in spring to plant fruit trees and shrubs, on which the foliage has already appeared? Indeed, today at spring sales you can buy planting material already with open buds and even leaves. Wait for such shrubs and trees can not. But it is best to land them:

  • at the onset of stable heat, when there is no, especially at night, the danger of frostbite of the shoots and root system;
  • in cloudy weather, when there is less risk of sunburn of the kidneys and foliage, not accustomed to the direct sun.
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Specific dates for planting spring fruit trees and shrubs seedlings depend on the climatic and weather characteristics of the region, soil composition and location of the site. As a rule, snow melting is less active in the lowlands, the ground dries out worse, which postpones landing.

Whatever the time for planting seedlings of fruit trees in the spring, preparation for work begins in the autumn, choosing a place for plants in advance and preparing planting pits.

Scheme of planting fruit trees and shrubs in the area

Looking for a place for the future orchard, you need to remember that not only soil fertility and watering, but also lighting is very important for plants. For young plants, the site is selected so that the seedlings are exposed to light for at least half a day. At the same time, for fragile trees, it is necessary to provide protection from the cold wind.

For speedy acclimatization, it is advised to plant fruit plants as they grew in the nursery. To determine the orientation of the tree to the cardinal points, starting from the age of two along the length of the lateral shoots. On the southern side, they are usually better developed than from the north.

But how to plant a seedling of a fruit tree in spring, if a plant of three years old or older with an asymmetric crown is brought from the nursery? In this case, it is more useful to deploy it so that the short branches look to the south. After a couple of years, taking into account the corrective pruning, the crown will become even and correct.

Mastering a new site, beginning gardeners often make a serious mistake. When planting fruit trees in spring, they do not take into account that the height, width of the crown and peculiarities of agrotechnics in the planted species can be very different. The young garden looks well-groomed and grows together, but after a few years it appears that a large pear has completely obscured low-growing apple-shaped apple trees, and there are no berry bushes visible under the crown of the cherry.

At the planning stage, an exact tree layout is determined. From this plan will later depend on the health of plants, and their yield.

How to determine when planting the minimum distance between fruit trees?

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When measuring the distance between seedlings, they are guided by the total height of the neighboring mature trees. For example, a fruiting cherry reaches three meters in height, which means that there must be at least six meters between neighboring trees of the same species and variety. This will allow to create all conditions for development, as a result:

  • crowns of grown trees will not overlap or shade each other;
  • Nothing will prevent pollination of flowering trees, growth and fruit intake;
  • is much easier to care for the crop and harvest.

In addition, with such planting of fruit trees and shrubs in the area, the risk of infection of the garden with fungal infections and insect damage is seriously reduced.

How to plant seedlings of fruit trees in the spring?

Few purchase quality planting material. Any seedling can die if the preparation for its planting was carried out "carelessly".Planting fruit trees scheduled for spring suggests that the pits under them will be laid in the fall. If this cannot be done, and the summer resident takes a spade in the spring, then it will take at least two weeks from the moment of laying the hole until the roots of the tree fall into it.

Two or three-year-old apples, pears, plums and other stone-seed crops differ little in size, so they dig a hole at least 80 cm in diameter and the same depth for them. When you have to plant a plant with a closed root system, it is convenient to focus on the size of the container, making the pit 15–20 cm wider and deeper.

For the garter of a new gardener, a solid support is immediately driven into the bottom of the pit, which will help the plant to remain upright in the coming years.

Oddly enough, the care of a fruit tree does not begin after planting, but before it with the application of fertilizers and the preparation of the soil into which the seedling will fall. From autumn, you can bring fresh manure into the pit, which will perepret during the winter and will not have a burning effect on the roots of the tree. If the soil at the site is too acidic, it is smelled or mixed with dolomite flour. If necessary, excessively dense soil is mixed with sand, and fertile black soil is added to the sandy loam.

- Toby during planting in the spring, the sapling of the fruit tree did not come into contact with the applied manure or granulated means; a layer of fertilizer is sprinkled with a small amount of fertile soil.

How are fruit trees planted in spring in prepared pits? Stepwise execution:

  1. . Open-root plant roots are straightened, if necessary, soaked overnight, in order to restore tone to faded areas.
  2. On a cone of fertile soil, the seedling is set so that the roots are freely located in the pit, and the root neck is five centimeters above the ground surface. You can check the installation of seedlings with a shovel.
  3. Tree sprinkled with soil, avoiding voids between the roots and under the trunk.
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Planting a seedling with a closed root system is much easier. It is only necessary to put a moistened earthen clod in a hole, check the level of the location of the cervix and cover the voids with the substrate. At the end of the procedure, young trees and shrubs must be watered.

A video about planting saplings of fruit trees in the spring will help you understand the intricacies of the process yourself. Careful attention to the needs of the plant and careful preparation will be a guarantee that the obtained theoretical knowledge will be useful in practice.

Planting Planting Rules - Video

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