Pleasant December troubles in the flower garden and near houseplants

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More recently, the summer cottage resembled a fabulous colorful kingdom. Trees and flowers pleased people with magnificent decoration, and now cold December has plunged them into a winter state of rest. At this time there is a small respite for the cottager, when he can sum up his work. If mistakes were noticed, it's time to think about how to avoid them anymore. In addition, in December it is best to prepare for the new season, making reasonable plans.

For plants to always benefit, it is important not to forget for them on cold winter days. Just in December, it makes sense to look into a flower garden and take care of indoor plants. First, let's deal with the works in the front garden to protect the flowers from the winter cold. Then, let's take the greenery in the house.

Taking care of a sleeping flower garden

When December comes, flower beds have already been cleared of dried branches and buds. But in order to protect them from severe frosts, it is advisable to work a little more. If the beginning of winter was not marked by snowfall, the flower bed can be covered with sawdust or mulch. This veil "warms" no worse than snow cover.

To create an optimal microclimate in a flower garden, you should regularly check the layer of snow or sawdust. If necessary, replenish it.

Winter flower cultures often suffer from rodents, who are not averse to feast on “sweet” roots or bulbs. Just in December, in order to fight them, poison is applied to the mink or near the roots of plants. Animals, of course, a pity, but if they are pests, then there is no other way out. Plants in front of them are helpless, so you have to go to extreme measures.

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Constant ornamental shrubs are often decorated with country cottages. So that their tender needles and shoots do not suffer from the snowfall, in December it is advisable to try and talk to them. To do this, perform the following work:

  • create additional shelter for the root system of shrubs;
  • to remove the crown of the plant with a string;
  • cover the branches with a thick veil.

Under such artificial protection, the plant is not afraid of severe frosts and heavy snowfall.

With the onset of winter, summer residents can start forcing bulbous plants. As a result, already in early spring, they will rejoice in blooming tulips. The process of forcing begins with the planting of the bulbs in a separate container at a distance of 1.5 cm from each other. For 3 months they are watered, keeping the container in a cold room. Watering interval - every 10 days.

Strong, healthy bulbs are suitable for forcing. They are often a bit heavier than other specimens.

In December, it's time to carefully check the bulbs, seeds and tubers prepared for the new season. So that they do not lose their germination, the room must be appropriate humidity and temperature. It must be regularly monitored. If necessary, take action.

Some types of flowers, for various reasons, germinate ahead of time. To delay this process will help the room with a temperature of about 4 degrees of heat, where the bulbs or tubers are placed. In a pinch, it is wise to use a refrigerator.

Care for indoor plants in December

When the greenery and the last flowers disappeared on the plot, you don’t want to say goodbye to such a landscape for a long time. Increasingly, it rains outside the window, and with the arrival of winter, and snow blizzards. At this time, the soul wants peace and quiet in a cozy home filled with potted plants. To always have greenery in the house, it is important to regularly and properly care for it. December is the right month for a summer resident who wants to create a floral oasis in the house.

Lush indoor plants give a person not only aesthetic satisfaction, but also uplifting and living mood. In addition, they perfectly moisturize the air and regularly replenish it with oxygen.

Studies show that with the onset of cold weather, indoor plants enter a period of rest. Therefore, they need help to adapt. On winter days, the amount of sunshine decreases, and houses use heating systems. This leads to a change in the indoor microclimate, which significantly affects indoor flowers. For plants to feel comfortable, they need to be cleaned regularly. Despite the fact that it is December, they need spraying and moderate watering.

If the house is cool, you should not wash the leaves of indoor plants. It is much wiser to wait until the onset of spring, and then carry out a "general cleaning" of green beauties.

Some indoor flowers hibernate with the onset of winter, so do not need care. Others need help. Starting in the fall, these plants cease to feed and water less. In December, they only need to watch.

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ColorsOn the surface of the soil in the flower pot sometimes appears white scurf. It must be removed immediately, and then carefully loosen the soil. In order to combat soil pests, well-washed sand is poured into the pot.

It is better to use fine-grained yellow or white sand.

For the beneficial growth of indoor plants, it is important to ventilate the room, even in winter. This should be done carefully so as not to harm the plant. Such loving care contributes to the healthy growth of green plants in the house. And when the December cold stands outside, the heart will rejoice, contemplating a great variety of indoor flowers.

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