Why and how to make bath ground apartment

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Due to the fact that in the bathroom appliances are always in a humid environment, bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the apartment from the standpoint of safety. Any electrical device can cause "leakage" current.

And if the subject under voltage someone touches, the consequences could be dire. Grounding bath in the apartment - a simple procedure, but it can save lives and health. This question will be discussed in our article. We analyze in detail the reasons for which you must do grounding.

As well as detailed instructions for self-bath ground, adding photos and visual material videorekomendatsiyami.

The content of the article:

  • What is the ground and why is it necessary?
    • The explanation of the concept of "grounding"
    • Why do I need to ground the bath in the apartment?
    • Features baths ground of different materials
  • Instructions ground with their hands
    • Step 1 - Select the material before starting work
    • Step 2 - Preparation tool for electrical work
    • Step 3 - laying the ground for a flat tire
    • Step 4 - grounding of all devices in the bathroom
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic
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What is the ground and why is it necessary?

Before you get started, you need to deal with the theoretical part of the question. What do you mean the concept of "ground" is it really so necessary and why this issue is so acute it in the bathroom. This knowledge will help to find out whether you need to actually grounded bath of the apartment.

The explanation of the concept of "grounding"

Electric current - a dangerous thing, especially at inept handling. It is worth to mention that in combination with water is quite innocuous appliances go out of control and become deadly.

Of course in physics we know that the current is always the path of least resistance. The problem of ground - work so that even when an unexpected malfunction of the appliance a person who is at this moment beside him, was not injured.

electric shock

If you take one hand to "0", and the other - for the phase, the body becomes a conduit between different potentials and it will talk

Earth can serve as a ground potential. This property makes it possible to safely use electricity at home. "Grounded" - means to connect the wiring network with a suitable ground conductor.

Often in apartments rather difficult to carry out such an operation, particularly in high rise buildings. Use another method - vanishing.

The difference between zeroing and grounding

Vanishing performs the same function as the ground, but assigns no current to the ground, and to "0". That is, the housing is connected to zero, and in the case where the housing breaks the current, a short circuit occurs and emboss machine

It is quite a popular method, but there is a significant disadvantage. Machine can not occur instantly. That is to say between the theoretical electric shock and knocking RCD held for some time, even a matter of seconds. If the voltage is high, and the electric current path passes through the heart, even seconds can be fatal.

Much safer still grounded, though it is difficult in terms of implementation. Potentials in the resulting breakdown in the chain of time (between phase and earth) are equalized immediately, and the person is not threatened.

Why do I need to ground the bath in the apartment?

Based on the foregoing, the instrument grounding in the bathroom - this is a common security measure that should be made by default. Unfortunately, in modern apartments is rare proper grounding. Not all fully understand what it is and why it is needed in the bathroom.

Previously, when water pipes were extremely metal, earth question was not at all. Without exception, all baths were somehow connected to the pipeline, and that, in turn, went into the ground, thus creating the very ground.

Now from steel pipes abandoned in favor of plastic. Even if you still stands a metal pipe, you can not be sure that the neighbors have not changed their bottom portion of the riser, thus breaking the chain. Therefore it is better to be safe and protect yourself and your family.

grounding scheme

If you have decided to ground his bath, it is necessary to consider the option of connection and other dangerous surfaces and appliances to earth pipes, water heaters and other things

In addition, in those days, when built, many apartment buildings, electrical appliances in the bathroom almost was not. Even an elementary outlet was a rarity.

Now, in the average bath can count about 5 standing appliances:

  • an electric water heater;
  • Washer;
  • heated towel rail;
  • hair dryer;
  • shaver.

Any of these and other devices can cause stress on his body. The consequences can be dire. It is better not to neglect the grounding device before the occurrence of dangerous situations.

Features baths ground of different materials

Steel or cast iron baths - a great conductor. These models need to be grounded in the first place. old sample bowl connect a grounding wire for the metallic leg. To this end, in the last drilled hole and mounted special plate - grounding jumper.

More recent models are already equipped with a plate on the case - lobe - at the stage of production from the plant.

ground tab

Grounding jumper must be well screwed or welded to the bath. Poor contact between the grounding conductor and the surface of the bowl can lead to the fact that the ground does not work

Acrylic bathtub is made of a polymer material, which in itself is a conductor of electric current is not. However, the acrylic tends to accumulate static electricity.

Some models are designed in such a way that the bowl rests at the expense of a steel or aluminum frame, which definitely need to be grounded.

grounding scheme Jacuzzi

Acrylic bathtubs with or without hydromassage earthed by means of pre-ground jumper. Connections are made by means of terminals, as shown in Scheme

Hot tubs or whirlpool jets are equipped with the system, through which at different pressures is supplied with water. To bath to work, need a pump. And it is powered from the power socket 220 V.

In addition to the mandatory rules of the connection of this kind of baths, such as safe installation of sockets in the bathroom (no closer than two feet from the edge of the bowl and the ground level and the availability of protection not less than IP44), be sure to ground and the bathtub, just in case.

Instructions ground with their hands

When the theory of all fell into place, it is time to start the practice. Question grounding in an apartment can be a serious problem if the house there is a ground loop. But this is easily remedied if there is a desire and opportunity. Correctly pick up the materials and tools, and then be engaged in the installation of the wire.

Step 1 - Select the material before starting work

First you need to decide as to which materials to buy for electrical work. After all, be sure to choose the right cable cross-section, its type, not to be mistaken with the number of consumables.

ground wire

It is important to find the right wire. As a rule, do not need to reinvent the wheel. Finished copper earth cable of cross-sectional area of ​​6 mm. sq. yellow-green insulation sold at any home improvement store in the department of electrical

In addition to this basic element, you will need:

  • Manual adjustment capabilities;
  • RCD on the right amount amp;
  • terminals;
  • clips for pipes.

Box of potential equalization - it is plastic department, which combines all the branches of the grounding wire.

Since grounded objects sequentially prohibited from each instrument or pipe into a box equipotential (PMC) should keep a separate cable.


breaker device is completely cut off power to the circuit. Typically, each room is connected to a separate machine. In an accident in the bathroom knocks only appropriate site, and not the entire apartment

RCD (residual current device) is not installed in the bathroom. His place in the hallway or in another dry, safe place. It's wise to look at some charts and RCD connection rules.

For apartments often choose the RCD on 10 or 16 A, but if you have high electrical consumption, such as an electric oven or instantaneous water heater with a high efficiency, such protection may not be sufficient. We advise you to look sensible recommendations choice of RCD.

Using a clamp

Pipes, radiators, towel conveniently connected to the earthing system using conventional clamps. The metal ring tightly wraps the tube and provides good contact

above mentioned terminals - are special compounds that allow accurate and "culturally" to connect the wire to the petal bath. This type of connector is varied forms.

Clamps are needed for those cases where in addition to the bath, you may want to separate grounded conduit.

Step 2 - Preparation tool for electrical work

A set of essential tools for the construction of the ground in the bathroom is not very different from a standard set of electrician.

Nothing new and specific need to buy enough to take care of:

  • screwdriver;
  • wrench;
  • Drill and drill bits for metal;
  • flashlight;
  • tester or multimeter;
  • the welding machine (not required);
  • remedies (very necessary).

Most running tool box DIY - screwdriver. Electrical work perform better indicator screwdriver. The handle is hidden in her lamp, which lights up when touched with a screwdriver to the live element.

cast iron bathtub

Make a hole in the influx of a cast-iron bath can use the drill and metal drill. Do not forget about the increased brittleness of the metal, so you need to work with great caution

Wrench is needed to tighten the screws when connecting the ground wire to a metal plate.

The drill will be needed in the event that the manufacturer does not provide a special hole to take stock of the cable model or bath is too old.


Bathroom - the place poorly lighted. As with electricity only run when the power is off, work without a flashlight in a dark room will be extremely uncomfortable

Tester or multimeter - devices that measure the voltage value in the circuit. Especially important is the presence of one of these devices in the case where you do not know for sure, there is no ground or in your outlet.

Welder will need if you decide to install a grounding circuit on the street. Cook the steel structure is necessary to reliably if you have no experience and relevant skills, welding machine may not be enough, and will need a skilled welder.

accident prevention

Personal protective equipment does not tire of reminding all sorts of instructions, posters and documents on carrying out electrical work. Nevertheless, cases of electricity defeat during the repair or installation of a simple outlet RCD occur with surprising regularity

Before ground bath in the apartment, prepare the tools with handles made of dielectric materials, also check the availability of the voltage in the circuit even when the power is off, hang it on the switchboard ads warning about the work, someone inadvertently not included machine.

Step 3 - laying the ground for a flat tire

Ideally, the apartment building should have a common ground bus, to which can be connected to ground and any resident. In practice obschedomovoe ground - a huge success, it is very rare.

If you are lucky and the management company of your home, the builder or active residents who are aware of the danger and responsibility in the use of electrical appliances bathroom, installed ground loop, you can connect all their dangerous electrical appliances, metal pipes and a bath directly to him through the switchboard at floor.

Main earthing bar

Main earthing bar has views of the plate, to which the terminals summed up all the ground cables. This simplifies wiring, reduces the likelihood of tripping the wrong wires and other confusion. Since all the cables of the same color, mix up something quite simple

Now if your home is still no one bothered to have to do it yourself.

And then there are several options:

  • ask to make grounding of the Criminal Code or city government;
  • persuade other tenants and pay for the installation of his own pocket;
  • take care of your safety and to make an individual circuit ground on its own.

In the latter two cases, you will need to hold the copper wire at least 6 mm2 thickness around the riser to the cellar.

Then near the house in an open, preferably uninhabited and fenced portion is the pit depth of about 1.5 m. In this hole is placed vertically three thick electrode - often use steel or metal reinforcement.

grounding scheme

In fact, does not necessarily make the earthing in the form of a triangle. The three electrodes in strip form perfectly cope with the task. The traditional triangular shape takes up little space, simplifies the earthworks and provides good contact

Three racks connect the top steel strip by means of welding machine or a thick wire to obtain a closed triangular path.

Then outputs a ground wire, pave it underground in a special protective sleeve. The wire is connected to the metal structure. Thus it turns out the general rather reliable and durable ground loops that can be used by all residents of apartments on the riser.

Stages of ground loop device near high-rise building is similar to the installation of such a circuit in a private home. If you do decide to do it with your hands, be sure to familiarize yourself with helpful tips design and installation of circuit.

Step 4 - grounding of all devices in the bathroom

Once you've made sure that your house has ground and found how to connect to it, the further process will not cause difficulties.

  1. Select a location for potential equalization box. It must be placed on a dry wall, at a distance from the bath.
  2. If the bath is new, it should be turned for convenience. Often grounding remember when the bath is not just mounted, but laid tiles, hidden behind a screen or a decorative panel. Then carry out the work will be a bit more complicated.
  3. Decide where it will be connected to the cable. Find a place designated by the manufacturer. Typically, this orifice plate welded or screwed to the housing.
  4. If no special terms for the ground, you need to use a drill. Drill a small hole in the metallic part. If this iron is most likely at the bottom of the cup have nodules, which should ensure the sustainability of the design on the legs. These influxes can be used for grounding.
  5. Route the cable along the wall from the point of connection to the PMC.
  6. With terminals connect one end to the plate in a box equipotential, and the other - to the body bath through the drilled hole.
  7. Connect the PMC to the ground bus in a switchboard copper wire of sufficient thickness.
  8. Then you need to check the connection and hide the wire. This is done not only for aesthetic reasons but also to ensure that you do not accidentally damage the cable.

After installation is complete, you need to test the ground by using a tester. For this phase is connected and grounded bath. If the tester bulb burns brightly, it means that current flows on this circuit in the event of an accident, and will not touch the person.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Videos with the answers to the most popular questions will help finally close the issue for themselves need grounding in the bathroom. If it's easier to perceive the information is in video format, this collection is sure to help you.

Why grounded steel bath in an apartment:

How to organize a grounding in the apartment building:

How to make ground in the bathroom:

After all of the above, it becomes clear why the grounded metal or acrylic bathtub. Typically this work takes quite a bit of time, subject to the availability of general building earth. A few simple steps - and your bathroom becomes a safe location without the threat of electric shock.

Wondering about whether you need to ground the bath? Or already have gathered the ground connection, but you have any questions that we have not covered in this article? Ask them in the block under this article.

Or you have the theoretical knowledge in the bath ground and want to share them with other users? Can you spot inaccuracies or errors in this article? Please let us know in the comments.

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