18 best varieties of gooseberry

Gooseberry can be found at almost every site in the central region of Russia. Often gardeners think what sort to choose and plant. Let's try to understand together by reading the description of the most popular ones. Varieties are divided according to many criteria, for the Moscow region are most suited Kolobok, Grushenka, Russian yellow and Amber .The most frost-resistant are Beryl, Ural emerald, Consul and others. The largest fruits give varieties Defender, Cooperator, Leningrad and others. Possess excellent taste qualities - Honey, Captivator, Pushkin, Sadko, Affectionate, English, Masha and others. The gooseberry without thorns is the safest, besides, it is easier to care for it, the best and most popular varieties are the Eaglet, African, Gooseberry bushless and others.


  • Description of the most popular varieties for Moscow and Central Russia
    • Grushen'ka
    • Russian Yellow
    • Amber
    • Gingerbread
  • best large-fruited varieties of gooseberry
    • Defender
    • cooperator
    • Leningradets
    • Spring
  • best winter-hardy varieties of gooseberry
    • Beryl
    • Ural emerald
    • Consul
    • Belarusian
    • Krasnoslavyansky
  • Best Bearing Grades of Gooseberry
    • Eaglet
    • African
    • Northern Captain Uralsky
    • gooseberry bearing

Description of the most popular varieties for the Moscow region and central Russia


Gooseberry variety Grushenka

Medium-growth shrub with wilted branches. There are practically no thorns on the shoots. Small berries, on average, weighs 5 grams of , the shape is pear-shaped, and the color changes as the fruits of ripen( from pale red to rich purple).The variety is perfect for growing in central Russia, it can easily tolerate frosts, winter cold and drought. Immune to many diseases.

Russian yellow

Gooseberry variety Russian yellow

A low shrub with medium spreading, spiked throughout the entire area. Brings pear-shaped fruits of yellow color weighing up to 6 grams .Characterized by the presence of a thin wax coating. The variety has excellent tolerance to sudden changes in temperature, frost and drought. Self-infested, not affected by many common diseases.


Gooseberry Amber variety

A tall shrub can reach 1.5 meters in height. The crown is thick and sprawling, there are also many thorny thorns on it. But all these disadvantages are compensated by tasty and beautiful fruits. Berries are yellow-orange in color and oblong on average, weighing 5-6 grams of in .Amber gooseberry belongs to the early varieties and has a very high yield. Also, this shrub tolerates frost and drought.

Gingerbread Man

Gooseberry Variety Gingerbread Man

A medium-sized shrub with spikes that are single-spaced most often at the bottom of the branches. Fruits are large, their weight reaches 7 grams .The shape of the berries is slightly elongated, the color is pale red. The taste is pleasant, sweet and sour. Variety tolerates frost, resistant to anthracnose and powdery mildew.

The best large-fruited gooseberry varieties


Gooseberry variety Defender

A tall bush with strong branches and a straight crown. The mass of berries can reach 10 grams , their shape is ovate-pear, burgundy, almost black .The taste of the fruit is sweet and sour. Refers to late ripening varieties. The defender tolerates frost well, does not undergo powdery mildew.


Gooseberry Grade Co-Operator

This shrub has medium growth and sparse, slightly sprawling crown with a small number of thorns. On average, one berry weighs 7 grams , pear-shaped, color is dark red .Such fruits are dessert, they are very tasty and sweet. Up to 5 kilograms of crop can be harvested from one bush, the ripening period is medium late. Another feature of the variety is resistance to cold and fruit rot.


Gooseberry variety Leningradets

The bush is of medium height with a semi-sprawling crown, almost no spikes. Large berries, their weight can reach 10 grams , the shape resembles an inverted egg, the color is dark red .The taste of gooseberry sweet and sour. One bush can be harvested up to 7.5 kilograms of the crop, the average maturity. Shrub winter-hardy, medium exposed to powdery mildew.


Gooseberry variety Spring

Shrub medium height with a compact, neat crown. On average, fruits weigh 5-6 grams , but their weight can reach 8 grams , the shape is round-oval, color is dull, yellow-green .The taste of these berries is very pleasant, sweet, they are suitable for both fresh use and for all kinds of processing. The variety is resistant to frost and fungal diseases, is distinguished by its ability to reproduce the crop, even under adverse climatic conditions.

Best winter-hardy gooseberry varieties


Gooseberry variety Beryl

Medium growth shrub with a neat crown. Thorns are present on the bottom of the shoot. The weight of the berries can reach 8-9 grams , the shape is spherical, the color is light green .The taste of the fruit is dessert, highly appreciated by professional tasters. One bush brings up to 9 kilograms of crop and can survive the frost down to -36 degrees. Also, the variety is resistant to fruit rot.

Ural Emerald

Gooseberry Variety Ural Emerald

Medium sized shrub with a small number of spikes on the shoots. Berries differ in the absence of pubescence, their mass can reach 8 grams .This variety got its name due to the bright color of fruits with dessert taste and pleasant aroma. The first crop can be obtained for 3-4 year of life, ripening medium early. Frost resistance is high, such a shrub can withstand cold to -37 degrees.


Gooseberry Variety Consul

Another name for this variety is Senator. Medium sized bush with a thick crown, on which there are practically no spines. Berries are large, their weight can reach 6 grams , maroon, almost black .The peel of the fruit is very thin, so they do not tolerate transportation. Also in such berries there are very few seeds, thanks to which they make excellent jam. The shrub tolerates frost well to -37 degrees. In the first years of life, the Senator produces little yield, but over time, this figure increases by 2-3 times.


Gooseberry variety Belarusian

A small bush with a compact crown, on which there are a lot of sharp thorns. Ball-shaped berries weigh no more than 8 grams .The color is bright green. The taste is very pleasant, sweet, the peel of the fruit is thin, and the flesh is juicy and tender. The grade belongs to old selection, possesses very high frost resistance( to-39 degrees).The crop ripens in average terms.


Gooseberry variety Krasnoslavyansky

Shrub medium height, slightly sprawling, rare crown, there are thorns on the shoots. The berries are quite large, the maximum weight can reach 9 grams , the shape is round, the color is saturated - red .On the skin, there are practically no pubescence. The taste of this gooseberry is dessert. The first crop can be harvested in the second year of the plant’s life, but over time, this indicator becomes larger and reaches 6-7 kilograms. Also, the variety is very cold resistant, resistant to powdery mildew.

Best driftless gooseberry varieties


Gooseberry variety Eaglet

Medium sized shrub with a neat and small crown. The lack of thorns makes this variety one of the most popular among gardeners. On average, one berry weighs 4-6 grams , the color is almost black .Differs in the presence of a light military raid and a pleasant sweet-sour taste. The crop ripens in early terms, the bush annually and plentifully fructifers, is steady against frosts and fruit rot.


Gooseberry variety African

The bush is medium in size and lacks thorns. Berries are not large, round shape, dark purple color .The taste of the fruit is sweet and sour, with light notes of black currant. Shrub begins to bear fruit after 2-3 years after planting, has good winter hardiness and resistance to many diseases. There is a risk of infection with anthracnose.

Northern captain

Gooseberry variety North captain

One of the most popular varieties of gooseberry. Bush tall with a narrow, neat crown, the branches of which grow strictly upwards. Berries are dark, almost black in color, their weight can reach 4 grams .The taste of the fruit is pleasant, with a slight sourness. Crop ripening period is medium. With proper care, one shrub can remove up to 12 kilograms fruit. Above all, the Northern captain tolerates frost well, drought and does not suffer from many diseases.

Ural Bearing

Gooseberry variety Ural Bearing

A medium-sized shrub that produces bright green, large ( up to 8 grams) oval-shaped fruits. The variety is medium late, there is no pubescence on the skin, the fruit pulp is sweet and pleasant to taste. The variety tolerates frost well, but can start dropping berries early, which will lead to a loss of harvest. Gooseberries are recommended to be harvested a little earlier than its full maturity. In addition, the lack of thorns will make this process even easier and more pleasant.

Gooseberry Bearing

Gooseberry Bearing

The bush is a vigorous bush, but its crown is very compact, and the branches grow mostly upwards. On average, berries weigh 5 grams , have a drop-like shape and a light red color .The taste of the fruit is pleasant, sweet with a barely noticeable sourness. The variety tolerates winter cold and is not exposed to powdery mildew.

Gooseberries are very fond of both adults and children. A resident of any region will be able to choose the right variety for himself, you can also pick berries to taste, size and other indicators of .The modern market offers a huge variety of different varieties of gooseberry.

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