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wild variety of parsley is still found in the eastern part of the Mediterranean region, which makes this area of ​​this home to plants. The first mention of parsley came to us from the papyrus of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians seriously believed that parsley was growing from the drops of blood shed by the son of the god Osiris. Wreaths of leaves of the plant were worn at various mourning events. Parsley was also considered a symbol of loss by the ancient Greeks. Naturally, such a mourning plant was not eaten.

Only in the ninth century in Europe did parsley be used as a vegetable. Many historians are convinced that a compromise has arisen, they say, if you can not eat tops - we will use the roots. So it was, or not, but from that moment on, root parsley rightfully took its place on the European table.

Sowing the parsley root to the

garden Almost all the household and suburban areas of our country have gardeners growing root and leaf parsley of different varieties. Many housewives can not imagine cooking the best dishes without your favorite spices. Meanwhile, the cultivation of root parsley is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

Firstly, needs to take into account that root parsley is a root vegetable, and all root crops require loose and, at the same time, fertile soil for their development. A good result can be achieved by planting a root crop in a crop rotation after a crop grown on a bed rich in organic matter, for example, after pumpkin crops.

Root crops can not be grown on fresh organic matter, they are bent, stratified, lose their presentation and taste! !!

Secondly, parsley seeds are covered with a shell, protected by inhibitors, substances that prevent premature germination of seeds. To solve the problem of slow germination of seeds using the method of stratification. Its essence is in alternate tempering at different temperatures, as if imitating natural conditions. A month before the intended sowing, in the middle lane around April 1, soaked root parsley seeds are placed in a refrigerator on the top shelf. We keep here for a week, then for a couple of days in the freezer, then again in the refrigerator, and so on until sowing. Residents of private houses, or owners of open balconies, can simply bury containers with moistened seeds in the snow.

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Thirdly, it is important for not to miss the time when you should sow parsley in the open ground. Parsley, like carrots, parsnips and other umbellate, are sown in the garden by the earliest crops as soon as the soil allows. This is necessary so that the seed, once in the soil, caught all the snowy moisture. For better preservation of moisture, in addition, after sowing seeds, the ridges are covered with white non-woven material. In the narrow ridges used by us, this is very easy to do by pinning the “non-wrap” to the box with a stapler.

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Fourthly, must comply with the correct location of the landings. When targeting narrow, forty-five centimeters, ridges from north to south, we make two rows in width with a distance of between 20-25 centimeters. In a row, the interval should be at least five centimeters. If you sow more often, it is necessary to thin the plants to avoid chopping the root of the parsley.

If you follow these recommendations, the seeds will turn on the seventh or tenth day. After the emergence of friendly shoots, it is necessary to remove the nonwoven material and mulch the bed with chopped plant residues. Good for this purpose suitable grass from under the trimmer. If there is still little grass, fine sawdust can be used; they will not only retain moisture well, but will not allow the weeds to ascend.

Feed the parsley root

In the process of growing season, the question arises: what and when to feed the root parsley? The main question here is when? Root parsley, like carrots, should be fed after a week, maximum two fields of germination. Top dressing during the formation of root crops will lead to their ugliness and loss of quality. The roots of the plant will cease to reach deep into, and will try to find "food" on the surface of the beds. But at the beginning of the growing season you can feed once with "green fertilizer."

Green fertilizer - an infusion of finely weeds. Different grass is put into plastic or glassware, we mainly have nettle, and it is filled with water. After a week of fermentation, we water the plants with a solution of this "byaki" in water in a ratio of one to ten! !!

Full parsley root harvesting can be done from late September to mid-October, depending on the weather.

Sowing parsley for the winter

Root parsley can be sown for the winter. With this we provide ourselves with an early friendly harvest of root crops and free the hot spring time. Many wonder: when to sow parsley before winter? Sowing must be done at a stable negative temperature. In the autumn we make grooves in the beds and prepare ground or sand for backfilling. In the winter, we place seeds in the prepared grooves and fill it with loose substrate. Top falling asleep with snow.

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Root parsley is convenient to use in the winter for forcing vitamin greens. For this root planted in high capacity, leaving above the surface about two centimeters. We water and we put on a window sill. Soon our pot will turn green and provide the family with delicious seasoning.

Briefly about

varieties Root parsley varieties:

  1. Sugar - conical gray-white root crop, very tasty.
  2. Yielding - root vegetable up to 100 grams with good taste.
  3. Bordovik - a cylindrical root crop reaching a weight of 170 grams.
  4. Berlin is a late-ripening root vegetable with a length of up to 20 cm and up to 4 cm in diameter.

It remains to choose the parsley root variety you like, prepare the seeds and plant them in the garden. At emergence of shoots to begin care of young plants. The result of your worries will be a good harvest of healthy greens.

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