Overview of Ardo refrigerators: models, characteristics

If you chose the "Ardo" fridge for yourself, from our article you will learn about:

  • existing design lines;
  • the model range;
  • advantages and disadvantages.

High Ardo double chamber refrigerator in stylish black color for a modern kitchen

Content of the material:

  • 1Design
    • 1.1Vintage
    • 1.2Line Special
    • 1.3Hexagon Line
    • 1.4Evergreen Line
  • 2Advantages of Ardo
  • 3Disadvantages of budgetary models
  • 4Useful functions in refrigerators ARDO
  • 5Faults in ARDO refrigerators
  • 6Popular Models
    • 6.1ARDO Combi No Frost COF 34 SAE
    • 6.2ARDO Combi CO 1812 SA
    • 6.3ARDO COF 2510 SAC


Ardo (translated as "home appliances") is part of the big company Antonio Merloni, which receives positive feedback from customers around the world. Each refrigerator combines a large range of functions, elegance and beauty. The company has produced four designer lines that are distinguished by their originality and stylish appearance.


Ardo offers models with rounded doors, stylish curves and a wide choice of colors. Refrigerators with a retro design are equipped with chrome handles with a matte surface, this ensures easy opening and closing of doors.

Bright two-chamber refrigerators made by Ardo with a variant of the location of the freezer at the top and bottom

The line includes 6 series:

  • Gallery offers to admire the famous works of art right on the door.
  • Classica includes two-door, one-door and combi models, made in delicate colors: silver and pink.
  • If you dreamed about a technique with your own design, Onlyou allows you to choose any color, photo or picture for the door.
  • For fans of Mediterranean cuisine released a series of Mediterraneo, in which the body is completely covered with images of tomatoes, olives, basil or peppers.
  • Fantasia offers the buyer to choose a drawing or photo that will be recreated on the door and combined with the cream or silver color of the case.
  • Paint will help with the creation of an individual design for your kitchen. You can choose one-door, two-door or combined model in one of twelve possible colors.

A series of exclusive single-chamber refrigerators Ardo with a bright unpredictable design on the door

Line Special

In it, creativity has been combined with the latest technologies.

Home Pub. This refrigerator is released for fans of cold draft beer. Among the functions you can find the Eco mode, temperature control and super-freeze with automatic shutdown.

The line of Special two-compartment Ardo refrigerators with the function of serving chilled beverages on the facade

Special 70 - these are four coolers of impressive sizes, with a volume of 383 to 443 liters. In the series there are two types - two-door and combi.

Hexagon Line

The refrigerator, which resembles a polyhedron, combines simplicity, style and a large set of functions. Among them: protection from prints and control through an electrical panel.

Designer two-chamber refrigerator Ardo line Hexagon with sharp bevels on the door

Evergreen Line

Conciseness is the main principle of models from Evergreen. There are five options: Combi No Frost, Combi static, one-door, two-door and freezer.

Refrigerators are equipped with all the necessary functions: from the Easy Control system to the freshness zone.

Simple classic two-chamber refrigerator line Evergreen from producer Ardo in white

Advantages of Ardo

Among the advantages of refrigerators from the Italian brand is the convenient location of the shelves, they can be adjusted even under high pots. In most cases, the Ardo technique does not create discomfort with unnecessary sounds, except for some budget models.

It is worth noting that the company took care of the assortment. Under the area of ​​any kitchen, a model with ideal dimensions was created, it is quite convenient for small rooms.

Disadvantages of budgetary models

Even advanced manufacturers have their shortcomings. For example, a budget single-chamber refrigerator can produce noises that can disturb owners during sleep or rest.

In addition, Chinese compressors are installed in such devices. All the details of the more expensive models will be produced in Italy.

Useful functions in refrigerators ARDO

No Frost System

"No Frost" or dry defrost is aimed at preventing the appearance of ice and snow "fur coats". Unlike drip defrost, "No Frost" works by means of a cooler, which dries condensate, accumulating on the walls of the chambers.

The modern refrigerator Ardo company with the function of the know-how and the electronic display on the door

Important! The system is installed in refrigerated cabinets and freezers. Only freezers are equipped with a drip autodrainer.

Zone of freshness

In new models, there is a "zero camera which allows you to store products for a long time without losing their freshness and appearance. It is proved that the products retain flavor and useful qualities longer at a temperature of, ° C. The freshness zone has an optimum humidity and a temperature of about 0 ° C. Read more about the option in the publication"What is the freshness zone in the refrigerator?".

The refrigerators of Ardo company are equipped with hermetic trays for storing different kinds of products

Eco Mode

When going on a business trip or vacation, most often you turn off the refrigerator. Before turning off the equipment, it is necessary to carry out a number of actions, for example, to unfreeze and wash.

If you do not have time to clean and defrost, the "Eco" mode comes to the rescue. When this function is enabled, the technician maintains a temperature of 12-15 ° C. This allows you to save some products, protecting the refrigerator from mold and fungus.

The icon in the form of a green circle with the inscription guarantees a reduction of energy consumption by 20%

Faults in ARDO refrigerators

At any time, the equipment can fail. To prevent malfunctions, be sure to follow the operating instructions. Some failures can be detected and eliminated by each user, for example, to replace a blown light bulb.

For safety reasons it is forbidden to repair the equipment on its own if it makes noise, sparks or flows.

Brief instructions for problems

The technique does not turn on:

  1. Check the power connection.
  2. Check the cable for damage.

The upper chamber does not freeze:

  1. Make sure the door is firmly closed.
  2. Move the equipment away from heat sources.
  3. Check if the condenser is dirty.

Illumination does not work:

  1. Switch off the refrigerator from the socket.
  2. Remove the cover and check the light bulb.
  3. If necessary, replace the bulb and close the cover.

If the circuit does not help - call the repairman immediately, it will take all the necessary actions to return the device to stable operation.

Popular Models

Let's consider several options that will suit everyone.

ARDO Combi No Frost COF 34 SAE

Refrigerator ARDO Combi No Frost COF 34 SAE with a large freezer and blue design elements


  1. Dimensions: 5, х181х6, cm.
  2. White color.
  3. The total volume is 300 liters.
  4. The volume of the refrigerating chamber is 180 liters.
  5. The volume of the freezer is 95 liters.
  6. Energy efficiency class - A.
  7. The doors are outweighed.
  8. Superzamorozka with auto power off.
  9. Temperature indicator.
  10. LED indication of operating functions.
  11. Easy Control.
  12. Automatic defrosting of refrigerating and freezing chambers.
  13. Antibacterial and anticorrosion treatment.
  14. Adjustable feet.

ARDO Combi CO 1812 SA

The classic style of the ARDO Combi CO 1812 SA double chamber refrigerator with a large freezer


  1. Dimensions: 54x177x58 cm.
  2. The total volume is 303 liters.
  3. The doors are outweighed.
  4. The volume of the refrigerating chamber is 206 liters.
  5. The volume of the freezer is 78 liters.
  6. Energy efficiency class - A.
  7. White color.
  8. Super frost.
  9. LED indication.
  10. Easy Control.
  11. Automatic defrosting of the refrigerating chamber.
  12. Manual defrosting of the freezer.
  13. Antibacterial and anticorrosion treatment.


Two-compartment refrigerator ARDO COF 2510 SAC with comfortable handles and freezer in the bottom


  1. Two-chamber.
  2. Dimensions: 5, х200х6, cm.
  3. The volume is 327 liters.
  4. Color - beige.
  5. The volume of the refrigerating chamber is 252 liters.
  6. The volume of the freezer is 75 liters.
  7. Automatic defrosting No Frost.
  8. Energy efficiency class - A.
  9. A zone of freshness.
  10. Electronic control.

Choosing the technique, you should determine the size, design and functionality. If you have a small kitchen, then the built-in models will save space. Anyway, when buying a refrigerator, one of the first places is the price. Among the Ardo range, every buyer will find the equipment by means.

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