Overview of the robot cleaner Polaris PVC 0826: features, reviews + comparison with competitors

Help home robots greatly simplifies the lives of busy people and housewives. Diligent machine automatic wash clothes and wash the dishes, cook dinner and cleaned.

I was no exception and the robot vacuum cleaner Polaris PVC 0826 - a neat household appliance, according to its shape reminiscent of a tablet. He copes with wet and dry floor without guidance from the outside.

The content of the article:

  • Automatic cleaner Polaris PVC 0826
    • Packaging and Packaging vacuum cleaner
    • The design and the amount of dust collector
  • Technical characteristics of the household appliance
  • Overview of functions and operating rules
  • Positive and negative feedback
  • Compare with similar models
  • Overview competing vacuum cleaners
    • Competitor # 1: iLife V5s Pro
    • Competitor # 2: AltaRobot B350
    • Competitor # 3: Wolkinz COSMO
  • The best offers on the market

Automatic cleaner Polaris PVC 0826

Current home robotic vacuum cleaners are similar in shape and size to each other, but some differences do exist. Sometimes even 1-2 centimeters of height or a private function when choosing a mate is a decisive factor.

To choose the right device, it is better first study the possibility of a vacuum cleaner and compare it with similar models.

Packaging and Packaging vacuum cleaner

Full model name - Polaris PVCR 0826 EVO. Polaris company's designers did their best and come up for a domestic appliance bright and compact packaging. It is quite roomy and easy to transport the vacuum cleaner.

All sides of the box are the payload: they contain information about the specifications and features of the model that the manufacturer considered the most important.

Packing robot cleaner PVCR 0826

Two distinctive quality of the model brought to the front plane of the package: information about the filter, which retains nearly 100% of dust, and a relatively long time of continuous work - 3 hours 30 minutes

Inside the box is an insert with compartments in them - he vacuum cleaner, charger, accessories and spare parts.

Immediately struck by the elegant design of the cleaner body, painted in pale pink metallic. Form of the device resembles a tablet, but it is not original idea - to such an ergonomic configuration came many robotics manufacturers.

The appearance of the robot cleaner

The plastic surface layer of transparent reinforced glass. The top panel is nothing superfluous, only the button "Start" and container release lever dust

Furthermore the device partially disassembled, the box contains the following items:

  • Rechargeable battery capacity of 2600 mAh with restriction 14,8 V voltage;
  • charging device;
  • Container vapor - dust collector and the water;
  • synthetic fabric for wet cleaning - microfiber;
  • 12 HEPA filter - a working and spare;
  • brushes for fastening to the housing;
  • brush for maintenance of the robot;
  • Documentation Package - a check guarantee card, instruction manual;
  • remote control.

Already at the first examination, you can see how it is compact and functional robot. Height - only 76 mm.

This option allows the device to easily climb under the bed and cupboards, tidy up there where before had pre-move furniture.

Model weight in the package and without

Weight package filled with more than 5 kg, but the vacuum cleaner itself weighs much less - only 3 kg, which positively affects its functionality

Wheel diameter - 6.5 cm. They are small, but at the same time very grippy. Due to the textured rubber tires and a spring-loaded hinges device easily overcome small obstacles in the form of a flat threshold or carpet edges.

The lowest part of the device is located at a height of 17 mm - the height of a barrier is not afraid vigorous assistant.

The vacuum cleaner can not be called fragile since quite durable plastic, besides the resilient front bumper organizes protecting buffer zone, softening blows.

Rubber bumper protection in a collision

Thin rubber layer both protects the edge device itself, as well as furniture with which it encounters during cleaning

The design and the amount of dust collector

The process of garbage collection provided by the interaction of multiple parts uncomplicated design of the vacuum cleaner. harvesting technique consists in that the two side brushes collect dust laterally and fed under the body, the central portion of the device.

Due to the suction effect of the dust through the hole from the air vortex flow inwardly misses in a special container.

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Container for collecting dust

Dust Collector - a small container for up to 0.5 liters of waste. Control the accumulation of dust easily through darkened translucent plastic. To detach the dust container from the housing, press the PUSH button

How the container cleaning process

When the container is full, the indicator lights up the signal. You need to get the dust bag, fold the lid and pour out the dust in a garbage bag. From time to time it is possible to rinse the plastic bottle with pure water

The two side brush cirri

Two brushes, each of which is made of thin elastic threads, but strong polymer, helping to organize the movement of debris toward the dust collector. If necessary, they can be independently removed from the body and wash

HEPA filter - effective cleaning

Maximal cleaning exhaust air provides a highly efficient HEPA filter, retaining even the finest dust particles. The manufacturer claims that by careful filtering of room air purification takes place on 99.97%

Container for collecting dust

Container for collecting dust

How the container cleaning process

How the container cleaning process

The two side brush cirri

The two side brush cirri

HEPA filter - effective cleaning

HEPA filter - effective cleaning

Besides the two main brushes, there are major, which is fixed under the hull. It can be used not only to clean the debris from smooth surfaces, but also clean the carpet with a low pile.

She carefully picks up sand, crumbs, hair and hair - all that then with a jet of air enters the dust collector.
As a full-scale review of the PVC model 0826 offers the details of the story and a video blogger, a housewife:

Technical characteristics of the household appliance

Whatever may have been attractive design of the vacuum cleaner, the choice you need to make a start on the specifications claimed by the manufacturer.

Among them are the exact parameters, eg, size, and average values ​​detected during the test, as the operating time. For ease of comparison, PVC 0826 model features with the competitive brands present table.

Table Performance

Shown here are the basic characteristics that are important to the user. For example, one of the main properties of the robot cleaner is as long as possible cleaning premises - PVC in 0826 it is about 200 minutes (+)

Incidentally, the battery capacity and long operating time made him the top-end and allowed to occupy the first place in the household robotics 2017 rankings.

Table Unknown parameter such as the noise level - it is equal to 60 dB. The indicator is the average for this kind of devices - on sale there are quieter and louder model. According to the perception of sound of 60 dB can be compared with the loud conversational speech.

The noise of the vacuum cleaner does not interfere with work

Since the noise is uniform and only occasionally change the tone, for example, when you change the floor covering or a collision with the furniture, it is the background and allows you to work calmly and do homework

Charging is done in two ways, as in most of the advanced robotic cleaners. The main charging device is a docking station - fixed device, typically having a fixed place.

Smart cleaner is programmed with the full battery discharge yourself back to the station. Consequently, it must be installed in a convenient location for the entrance equipment.

In addition to the station, complete a network adapter that is easy and comfortable to carry. You can use an ordinary wall outlet and charge the vacuum cleaner, if necessary, from 220 V.

This is useful when to clean the room in which you are not connected directly to the network station, or simply in a different house.

Overview of functions and operating rules

Consider the great features of the robot, which helps not only to properly perform its functions, but also to find a common language with the smart machine.

One of the main features that made the model popular - wet cleaning. If necessary, vacuum-wagon floor leads to an ideal state of purity.

Ability of various cleaning flooring

Smooth solid surface such as a laminate or tile, the machine washes to shine. However, wet cleaning of carpets it can not be used in this case can only dry cleaning

Inside the housing is inserted into the compact akvaboks. Its volume is enough to wipe the surface of the floor for half an hour. Poured into a container the water droplets to penetrate tissue, fixed in the lower part of the cleaner.

During the movement of the device of the moisture remains on the floor, but the napkin then become wet from the new portion of the incoming water. Wet track left on linoleum or laminate, disappears without a trace just a couple of minutes.

Adding detergent to the floor in the water is prohibited - this requirement the manufacturer. If you need some kind of plot to process more carefully, just include the "spiral" mode.

The existence of several programs simplifies cleaning. For example, the "local" implies not cleaning premises full-scale cleaning and tidying up only a small floor area, an area of ​​approximately 1,0h0,5 m.

Cleaning around the perimeter helps eliminate tangles hair, the usual cleaning is useful when you need to clean the whole room.

Moving the vacuum cleaner to the charging station

There is also a special program for a small room. It runs at a normal pace, but the robot is working instead of 3.5 hours, only half an hour, and then sent to the station

Driving assistant can both use the buttons on the housing, and the remote d / y. The second option is useful when the user is in the same room with the robot. Using the remote, you can change modes and at work.

feedback tool are security elements - sensors. The lower housing portion 3 disposed IR controlling device for purification and which must be constantly monitored.

Sensor determining steps

Sensors determining steps saving device, when it arrives at the edge of the surface - a floor, a table or other plane - and forcing it to turn in a different direction

A whole set of self-diagnostic sensors react to problems and stops the operation of the device, If the wheels are wound thread finishes or the maximum battery charge filled dust collector.

Also, the robot will not work "idle", will cease to function if an important detail, for example, a fan.

When forced to stop the sweep signals, demanding to produce one of the following:

  • empty trash;
  • recharge battery charge;
  • replenish water for wet cleaning;
  • correct the error;
  • help to overcome the obstacle and others.

Conveniently, that AUTO button lights and the display informs about the status of the vacuum cleaner: green - operation mode, red - error, orange - it's time to make a battery recharging.

Positive and negative feedback

Advertisement producer at times impressive and prompts to buy a new model, but modern buyer used to rely on the experience already experienced users of the device.

About robot cleaner Polaris PVC 0826 network can be found both positive and opposite responses. First, consider the features that have the greatest amount of good grades.

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Compact size and ergonomic configuration

We can not say that the model is the smallest and mobile. However, for detergent cleaner with a set of additional features different dimensions

The possibility of certain types of carpet cleaning

Often in children's rooms cold floor coverings replaced by soft and warm carpet. The vacuum cleaner cleans well the low dense pile, leaving almost no dust

Comfortable and bright LED

LED start button "talk" to the user through the color spectrum. To find out the problem, often just look at the vacuum cleaner

Remarkable orientation in space

Robot exactly comply with laid down the program moves along a marked course. In this case, carefully avoids all obstacles, as if stuck, beeps

Compact size and ergonomic configuration

Compact size and ergonomic configuration

The possibility of certain types of carpet cleaning

The possibility of certain types of carpet cleaning

Comfortable and bright LED

Comfortable and bright LED

Remarkable orientation in space

Remarkable orientation in space

Some disadvantages of producer also mentioned in the manual. Suppose, it is recommended to start charging the battery only after its complete discharge.

When sweeping is finished should empty both containers - with water and dust. If you decide to clean the carpet, the side brush must be removed. The rest of the unit is consistent with the price tag - 17-18 thousand. rub.

Compare with similar models

If the purchase of a home helper is allocated a certain amount, you need to look for competitors in the same price segment.

Approximately the same value of a robot cleaner Philips FC8776. Its positive side as compared with Polaris - compactness, but it is not intended for wet cleaning and can operate without recharging only 2 hours 10 minutes.

Robot vacuum cleaner Philips FC8776

A skilled competitor and a low height of only 60 mm loses capacity dust collector: a flat housing container placed calculated only 0.3 liters debris

Another analogue - iRobot Roomba 616. He quickly charge the battery, but the operating time is reduced to 2 hours.

Positive quality - a dust collector volume (0.9 l), but in general, a vacuum cleaner weighs about 6 kg, i.e. 2 times heavier Polaris.

Overview competing vacuum cleaners

Comparison - an excellent way to assess the real benefits and technical capacity to understand the article, the robotic vacuum cleaner. Consider three miniature circuit cleaner solving similar tasks, ie, performing wet and dry cleaning. In order to assess take the "representatives" of different price categories.

Competitor # 1: iLife V5s Pro

An inexpensive option for automatic processing of the floor does not strike a wide range of programs. However, it has all functional modes required for a good harvest. With the charged battery unit continuously works 2 hours, after which he returns and is installed in the charging station for energy recovery.

ILife V5s Pro Management is carried out using the buttons on the front of the unit and the remote control. It is possible to program a model to perform cleaning on the day of the week. Noise during the process by 55 dB.

The volume of the dust container is 0.3 liters, which means that it will have to be emptied very often. The model is attached napkin holder required for the wet floor treatment. Enclosed wipes themselves in an amount of 2 pieces, brush care and replaceable filter elements.

Competitor # 2: AltaRobot B350

Robot from the middle price class can operate without recharging for up to 2 hours, after which he rushes to the base to get a fresh dose of energy. Per session can handle the floor area of ​​80 m².

Managed AltaRobot B350 sensor electronics, the display is illuminated for convenience. The device can be programmed to activate on weekdays. To transfer the start there is a timer in the system.

Removed the unit is fairly quiet, the noise is only 45 dB. From shock protected chassis bumper, made of shock-absorbing material. The volume of the dust box for assembly 0.5 liter.

Competitor # 3: Wolkinz COSMO

The most expensive device among the fallen in our selection of models. The vacuum cleaner operates with a charged battery as much as 2 hours, after which itself is set to the parking lot for a fresh portion of electricity. Charging only 3 hours. If his actions were interrupted by the need to return to the charging station, then restoring the stock, it will resume cleaning of the completion point of the work.

On the front side of the display is backlit. It provides the function of mapping spaces and programming of the device for cleaning on weekdays. You can postpone the launch by using a timer. When a jam occurs and the charge depletion device beeps. Noise 60 dB.

Housing Wolkinz COSMO protected soft bumper. To determine the path arising fitments mounted ultrasonic and infrared sensors. Volume 0.8 L dust container, the vacuum cleaner is equipped replaceable filter HEPA 14.

The best offers on the market

Brand Polaris well established itself in the domestic robot vacuum cleaner market and have already released several popular models. In terms of sales detergent cleaner PVC 0826 was one of the most successful representatives of the company. Indeed, the functionality, appearance and technical capabilities of the vacuum cleaner makes it one of the best robotic devices for cleaning the floor.

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